One Paper MCQs Solved Preparation Material All in One for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

• Plant that eat insects are called Insectivorous plants
• Fruits that are formed without fertilization are called Parthenocarpic
• Plants that flower only once in their lifetime are called Mono carpic
• Penicillin is obtained from Mould
• Herpetology is the study of Reptiles
• Osteology is the study of Bones
• The botanical name for onion is Allium Cepa
• The study of heavenly bodies is called Astronomy
• Electric Lamp was invented by Thomas alva Edison
• The fear of crowd is called Ochlophobia
• The fear of books is called Bibliophobia
• The fear of going to bed is called Clinophobia
• Calcium sulphate is commonly called Plaster of Paris
• Sodium carbonate is commonly called Washing Soda
• Sodium chloride is commonly known as Common Salt
• The chemical name of Chloroform is Trichloromethane
• The chemical name of baking powder is Sodium bicarbonate
• The chemical name of bleaching powder is Calcium hypochlorite
• A fungus which can only survive on other living organisms is called Obligate Parasite
• A plant which lives in the dark is called Scotophyte
• Laser was invented by Dr.Charles H.Townes
• Thermostat is an instrument used for regulating Constant temperature
• The science of organic forms and structures is known as Morphology
• The fear of women is known as Gynophobia
• The fear of men is known as Androphobia
• The scientist who developed the Quantum theory was Max Plonck
• The acid used in a car battery is Sulphuric acid

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