One Paper MCQs Solved Preparation Material All in One for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

• Amniocentesis is a method for determination of foetal sex.
• What is Steganography: Invisible ink writing
• Ichthyologists study what Fish
• What does a psephologist study: Voting – Elections
• What is studied in Aerology-Planet Mars
• Orthoepy is the study of what-Word pronunciation
• A philomath has a love of what- Learning
• What is a nidologist interested in-Birds nests
• What is philography- Autograph collecting
• Agronomy is the science of soil management
• The process by which plants take food is photosynthesis
• Reduction is the removal of oxygen atoms
• Oxidation is the combination of oxygen or removal of hydrogen
• Horticulture is the cultivation of flowers, fruits and vegetable
• Pastevurization is the protection of food by heating
• If temperature rises gradually up to 40 deg: C, the rate of photosynthesis may stop altogether
• Ibn baitar was a Botanist
• Kitab al Manazar on optical works was written by Ibn al Haitham
• Mamoon observatory was established during the reign of Caliph Mamoon
• Circulation of blood was described by a muslim scientist name Nafis Abdul al-Hasan.
• Al-Khwarizimi was first person who used zero.
• Muslim scientist Ali al Tabari is famous for his work on ___ (medical sciences)
• Al Beruni discovered that light travels faster than sound.
Knowledge about COMPUTER
• Half byte = 1nibble = 4 bits
• Bit means Binary Digit