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▪ Generators convert mechanical energy into electricity.
Nuclear energy is a cheap source of abundant electricity.
Why is one’s breath visible in cold but not in hot weather? Because the water vapours present in breath condenses while breathing incold weather and therefore are visible.
▪ Epiphytes is a plant that grows upon another plant.
▪ Joseph Aspdin is the inventor of cement.
▪ Neurology is the science of nervous system.
▪ Biochemistry is the application of statistics in the study of Biology.
▪ A sheet of muscles called diaphragm separates the chest from the abdomen.
▪ The pattern for building protein molecules is stored in the messenger RNA
▪ Anvil and stirrup are names of bones present in the EAR
▪ The young plant inside a grain of wheat is called the embryo plant
▪ In born behaviour that involve only one part of the body are called REFLEX ACTION
▪ Animals which obtain their food from dead organisms are called Scavengers
▪ Riboflavin is not affected by cooking.
▪ The number of chromosomes in the spermatozoa is twenty-three
▪ The energy possessed by a water fall is kinetic energy.
▪ Rainbows are produced by the reflection of light through raindrops.
▪ Light switches in our homes are connected in parallel series.
▪ Oil bulbs cleaner and is less damaging to the environment than coal as a fuel.
▪ Enzymes are biological catalysts which have multiple function in the body.
▪ The difference between electrical charges at the two ends of a conductor is called Potential difference.
▪ The branch of zoology which deals with the study of insects is called Entomology
▪ Fuels formed from animal and plant matter that lived thousands of years ago are known as fossil fuels
▪ Cryptograms is a coded message; a text or message that is in code or cipher
▪ Reserve food material is usually stored as starch in plants.Reserve food material is usually stored as glycogen in liver and muscles of animals.
▪ Purest form of iron is wrought iron