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62. Mashkaat Sharif belongs to which subject? Hadith
63. Write the name of first collection of Hadith? Sahifah Sadiqa
64. Write four basic pillars of Islamic Laws?
Quran, Hadith, Ijma, Qiyas
65. Which is the Mazahib Arbab?
Hanfi, Shafie, Malaki, Hanbali
66. What is meant by Hadith Mutfiq Aly?
This Hadith is explained in Bukhari and Muslim both.
67. Which is the first age of editing of the Hadith? Ehd-e-Nabvi
68. Which is the second age of editing of Hadith?
Sahaba Tabayeen’s Age
69. Which is the Third Age Of editing of Hadith?150 Hijri to 450 Hijri
70. Literally the word “Islam” means Submission to Allah
71. Which religion is the favourite of Allah according to the Holy Quran? Islam
72. Which two Prophets prayed to Allah to become the “Ummati” of the last Prophet (PBUH) and whose prayer was granted? Hazrat Isa (A.S) and Hazrat Musa (A.S)….Hazrat Musa’s Prayer was granted
73. Religion of Hazrat Adam (A.S) was Islam
74. Fundamentals of Islam are Five
75. What is the name of 1st Kalima? Kalima Tayyaba
76. Kalima Shahadat is the Kalima number 2nd
77. Kalima Tamjeed id the Kalima number 3rd
78. Kalima Tauheed is the Kalima number 4th
79. Kalima-e-Astaghfaar is the Kalima number 5th
80. Kalima Rad-e-Kufr is the Kalima number 6th
81. Number of types of faith is…….Two (2)
82. What is the meaning of the word Allah?
Only being worth worship