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➢ Balban was son of a Turkish noble of the Ilbari tribe. He was captured by the Mongols and sold in Baghdad to Khawaja Jamal-ud-din Basri. Later in 1232 he was taken to Dehli and sold to Iltutmish.
➢ Tan Sen was a famous musician of Akbar’s time. He had introduced a number of Rags in the Indian music industry.
➢ Vasco-da Gama was a navigator. He was Portugees. He discovered first of all a direct route to India in 1498.
➢ Faizi was famous character of Akbar’s Court. He was the brother of Abul Fazl. He was one of the nobles of that era.
➢ Todal Mal was an advisor/wazir of great Mughal King Akbar. He introduced and implemented the Revenue system in the subcontinent successfully.
➢ Birbal was one of the Nobels of Akbar the great. He was one of the Nau Ratan of Akbar.
➢ Gautama Buddha was the founder of Buddhism.His real name was Siddharta.
➢ Ashoka was the greatest ruler of Maurya dynasty. Chandragupta was the founder of Maurya dynasty.
➢ Subuktigin was the Father of Mahmood Ghazni.
➢ The foundation stone of the Sikhism’s holiest place “Golden Tample” at Amritsar was laid by Hazrat Mian Mir.
➢ “Harilal” is the son of Gandhi, who converted to Islam but later reverted back to Hinduism.
➢ “WANA” is the main town of South Wazaristan; “Miran Shah” is the main town of North Waziristan and “Parachanar” is the main town of Kuram Agency.
➢ Muqtad-ul-Sadr organised the “Mehdi army”.
➢ “Khar” is a main town in the Bajaur Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan.
➢ Oldest Mosque of Sub-Continent is situated in Bhambore.( Sindh in thatta )
➢ Al-Firdusi and Al-Beruni flourished in the reign of Mehmood Ghaznvi.
➢ Badar-ur-Din tayyab Ji was the first Muslim President of Congress.
➢ “Badr satellite” program is the series of the robotic of spacecraft missions of Pakistan. It is the name of Pakistani robotic telecommunication and low Earth observatory satellites family. The first of satellites, Badr-1, was launched on 16 July, 1990.
➢ Area of Pakistan in Million (Square Kilometer) in round figures is about 0.8 Millions.
➢ “Transit Trade Agreement” between Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1965.
➢ “My Leader” a biography of Quaid-e-Azam was written by Z.A. Sulari.
➢ British occupied Punjab in 1849; Sindh in 1843 and Balochistan in 1839.