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➢ Privatization Programme began in Pakistan in 1991.
➢ From Peshawae to Landi Kotal there are 34 tunnels.
➢ Dera Adam Khel is called gun factory of the tribal areas.
➢ “Kishan Ganga Dam” of India is building up on river Neelam in Kashmir.
➢ “Gomal Zam Dam” is a hydro-electric power and irrigation project in northwest Pakistan. It sits on the Gomal River in the South Waziristan Agency.
➢ “Makli Hill” is supposed to be the burial place of some 125,000 local rulers, Sufi saints and others. It is located on the outskirts of Thatta, the capital of lower Sind until the seventeenth century, in what is the southeastern province of present-day Pakistan.
➢ Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (also referred to as GIK Institute or GIKI, pronounced JeeKee) is one of the top ranking engineering institutes in Pakistan. The university is situated beside the river Indus in the mountains of Tarbela and Gadoon-Amazai, in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa near the town of Topi and in proximity to the lakes of Tarbela and Ghazi.
➢ . “Margalla Hills”—also called Margalla Mountain Range are the foothills of the Himalayas—are a series of small-elevation hills located north of Islamabad, Pakistan.
➢ Moulvi Munishi Mahboob Alam started Paisa Akhbar.
➢ UAE is the second largest buyer of Pakistan’s exports after USA.
➢ “Sapta Sindhu” —- In fact Word Sindh is derived from Sapta Sindhu which means seven rivers. They form delta for PakistanThese seven rivers were the source of irrigation of a very large area of Indian sub continent.As Sindh River gave a name to areas located beyond Indian Gujrat and Punjab.It is an absolute reality that in the old Indian History Hindh and Sindh were two separate countries which were divided by natural boundries created by SAPTA Sinhdu comprising upon seven rivers.
➢ “Pasni” is a medium-sized town and a fishing port in Gwadar, Balochistan.
➢ Jiwani or Jwani is a town and commercial port that is located along the Gulf of Oman in the Gwadar District of the Balochistan.
➢ “Majma’ ul Baharain” or The Mingling of Two Oceans was authored by Muhammad Dara Shikuh.
➢ Ameer Sadiq Muhammad-v was the last ruler of Bahawalpur State.
➢ Pakistan recognized People’s Republic China in 1950.