One Paper MCQs Solved Preparation Material All in One for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

➢ Diamer-Bhasha Dam is constructing on river Indus in Gilgit-Baltistan, It will produce 4,500 megawatts of electricity.
➢ Maulana Zafar Ali Khan was the chief editor of “Zamindar”.
➢ Which Muslim newspaper supported the Nehru Report? Zamindar.
➢ Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulak prepared the points Simla Depotation.
➢ ‘Marala’ Headworks has been constructed on River Chenab.
➢ District Swat belongs to Malakand Division.
➢ The biggest market of Pakistan export and import is USA.
➢ The system of ‘Separate Electorate’ first introduced in Pakistan 1985.
➢ “Mohenjo-daro” (Mound of the Dead) is an archeological site situated in the Larkana District of Sindh, Pakistan,on a Pleistocene ridge in the middle of the flood plain of the Indus River Valley, around 28 kilometres (17 mi) from the town of Larkana. The ruins of the city were discovered in 1922 by Rakhaldas Bandyopadhyay. A bronze statuette dubbed the “Dancing Girl”, 10.8 cm high and some 4,500 years old, was found in Mohenjo-daro in 1926.
➢ “Harappa” is an archaeological site in Punjab, northeast Pakistan, about 35 km (22 mi) west of Sahiwal. The site takes its name from a modern village located near the former course of the Ravi River.
➢ The Red Fort (usually transcribed into English as Lal Qil’ah or Lal Qila) is a 17th century fort complex constructed by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the walled city of Old Delhi that served as the residence of the Mughal Emperors. It also served as the capital of the Mughals until 1857.
➢ Blind Dolphins are found in river Sindh (Indus).
➢ “Kilik Pass” is situated in karakuram range.
➢ The land which lies between river Indus and river Jhelum is called Sindh Sagar.
➢ The historic site “Mehrgarh” was discovered on the right bank of the Bolan River.
➢ When water accord between provinces? 1991
➢ Where Rawal dam constructed on river kurrang.
➢ Doab between river Ravi and Chenab is called Rachna Doab.
➢ Bala Hisar fort built by Babar.

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