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➢ Pan Islamism introduced by Jamaludding Afghani.
➢ Sindh was annexed by Birtish in 1843 and was separated from Bombay in 1935 vide India Act 1935.
➢ Sheikh Ahmed Sirhandi is known as Majaddid Alf Sani.Sheikh Ahmad Sirhandi was born in 1564 and died in 1626.
➢ Mausm Khan, soldier of Titu Mir was sentenced to death.
➢ “Hajatullah al-Balaghah” written by Shah Waliullah.Shah Waliullah born in 1703. Shah Waliullah died in 1762.
➢ Haji Shariat Ullah was born in 1781. Haji Shareetullah of Bengal was the founder of Farazi Tehrik in 1802. Farazi Tehrik meant to pay more attention on fundamental of Islam.
➢ Sir John Marshal ordered digging of Moen Jo Daro in 1922..
➢ In Indai English education was first initiated in Bengal in 1835.
➢ Madressah Rahimiya was established by Shah Abdul Rahim.
➢ Islamia High School Peshawar was founded in 1890.
➢ Kashmir was sold to Gulab Singh in 1845.
➢ Lord Minto came to India as viceroy in 1905. Minto Morley reforms came into India in1909. In Minto Morley reforms, Minto was Indian Viceroy and Morley was state secretary for India. Rowlatt Act was passed in 1919 by Sir Sydney Rowlatt.
➢ Montague-Chelmsford report was published in 1918 & became law in 1919.
➢ Muslim League demanded principle of self rule for India in 1913.
➢ All India Central Khilafat Committee was formed on 23 Sep. 1919.Khilafat Delegation met Lord Chelmsford in 1920 under Dr. Ahamad Insari. Migration Movement (1920) 1800 Muslims migrated.
➢ Non-cooperation Movement was started during the days of Khilafat Movement. Maulana Azad and Maulana Abdul Bari issued the Fatwa in favour of Khilafat Movement.Gandhi announced the end of Khilafat Movement.Tragedy of Chora Churi happen on 4 February 1922.
➢ Shuddi and Sangathan movement was started at the end of Tahreek Khilafat.Sangathan movement was started by Pandit Malavia.Treaty of Lausanne was signed in 1923.
➢ Lord Rippon is associated with the Hunter Commission. Lord Dalhousie is associated with Wood’s Dispatch. Lord Cornwalls is associated with permanent settlement of Bengal.
➢ Moulana Shoukat Ali, the elder brother of M. Ali was born in 1872 and died on 28th Nov 1938 and buried at Jamia Mosque Delhi.
➢ Jinnah got admission in at Gokal Das Teg primary school Bombay at the age of 10 he studied for 5 ½ months. Jinnah went to London and got law degree at the age of 18 forms LINCONINN.
➢ Ratna embrassed Islam on 18th April 1918 and married Jinnah on 19th April 1918. Before that she was Parsi. She died on 20th Febrary 1929 and was buried in Aram Bagh Bombay.Dinna; the daughter of Jinnah was born on 14th August, 1919. Dinna married a Parsi boy named Navel Wadya.
➢ Jinnah left the lawyership after 23rd March, 1940.
➢ Pakistan national movement was founded by Ch. Rahmat Ali.
➢ In 1945, Labour Party came to power.