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➢ In 1945 elections Muslim League won 428 out of 492 seats.
➢ In 1946, Quaid decided to join Interim government in India.In interim government Muslim League got portfolis of Finance & Liaquat Ali was Finance Minister.
➢ J.N.Mandal was the non-Muslim member who became a minister in interim government on ML behalf.
➢ Unionist’s Ministry was in Punjab. Founder of Unionist Party in Punjab was Sir Fazal Hussain.
➢ Real name of Gandhi was Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi.
➢ Burma separated from India in 1937 and was made independent in 1947.
➢ Sindh asssembley passed the resoluation for the creation of Pakistan firstly on June 26, 1947.
➢ “Divide and Quit” is wtitten by Penderel Moon.
➢ Liaquat Desai pact was concluded in 1946.
➢ On 18th July, 1947, British parliament passed Indian Independence Bill.
➢ Inquilab Zindabad slogan was given by Mohammd Iqbal.
➢ Population of Pakistan at its birth was 34 million.
➢ Jinnah Awami league is the first opposition party of Pakistan. It was founded by Abudl hameed Bhashwani in 1950.
➢ Ayub khan laid down foundation stone of Quaid’s Mosulem.
➢ On 27th August, 1947. Pakistan admitted as Member of the Food and Agriculture Organization of UN.
➢ U.S. embassy in Karachi was established August 15, 1947.
➢ Last Governor of the undivided Punjab was Sir Even Jenkins.
➢ Hafiz Abdul Majeed was appointed as Chief Secretary, West Punjab on 18th August, 1947.
➢ Friday was declared as half working day on August 22, 1947.
➢ Iran&Pakistan established diplomatic relations on 22nd August, 1947.
➢ AThe Secretary of the Indian Ministry of States? V.P. Menon
➢ Liaquat visited India in April 1950.
➢ Quaid-e-Azam died on September 11, 1948 due to Cardiac Arrest. Jinnah passed away at 10:20 p.m in G.G House Karachi and buried on 12th September, 1948 A.D.Funeral prayer of Quaid-e-Azam by Shabir Ahmed Usmani.
➢ Basic Principles Committee set up by the Constituent Assembly to frame a draft Constitution. Basic Principles Committee presented its report in September, 1950.
➢ Planning Board turned into Planning Commission in 1951.
➢ Liaquat Ali Khan visited USA in 1951. Liaquat Ali Khan spends in USA three weeks.
➢ Title of the published collection of Liaquat’s speeches meant to introduce Pakistan to the West was “Pakistan, Heart of Asia”.