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➢ According to the agriculture Reforms announced in January 1959, maximum limit of non irrigated lands was fixed at 1000 acres. 902 land farm holders were affected by the Ayub Reforms.
➢ Pakistan launched an operation in Kashmir in 1965 which was called operation Gibralter.
➢ India mounted upon a three pronged attack against Pakistan along Lahore on September 6, 1965.
➢ Sheikh Mujeeb Ur Rehman presented his 6 points for the first time in February 1966 at the house of Former premier Ch. Muhaamad Ali in a meeting of All Parties Conference.
➢ In 1967 five parties formed an alliance against Ayub Khan which was called PDM.
➢ The old name of Round Garden was changed into Nasir Garden in 1966 after the visit of Egyptian President Nasir.
➢ Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar died in 1958; I.I. Chandaraker died in1960; Soharwardy died in 1963 in Bairut, And Muhammad Ali Bogra died in 1963.
➢ Ayub Khan took oath as President of Pakistan in February 1960.
➢ Musa Khan was C-in-C before Yahya khan. Yahya khan became C-in-C in March 1966.
➢ In April 1969, Yahya regime announced Labour Reforms.
➢ Elections could not be held on fixed date and had to be postponed till 7th December due to Floods in East Pakistan.
➢ Agartala conspiracy was about Kidnap and murder of Ayub Khan.
➢ Kashmir Mujahideen hijacked an Indian plane “Ganga” in 1971.
➢ Army action was started in East Pakistan from March 1971.
➢ A commission was appointed by Bhutto to probe into the 1971 crisis. It was called Hamood Ur Rehman commission.
➢ In his agricultural reforms Bhutto put ceiling to land holding at 150 acres of irrigated land. Bhutto announced second package of agricultural reforms in 1977.
➢ Mr. Bhutto announced to dissociate Pakistan from the Commonwealth of Nations in 1972.
➢ Martial Law was imposed in Balochistan in May 1973.
➢ Elections to the National Assembly were held under Z.A. Bhutto in March 1977.
➢ NADRA was setup in February 16, 2000.
➢ The master plan of Islamabad was prepared in 1960 by MIS Constructinos Doxiades of Greek.
➢ National Institute of Oceanlogy established in 1982 in Karachi.
➢ Pakistan test fired Ghauri missile on April 6, 1998.