PPSC General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC SPSC Exams Paper

PPSC General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC SPSC Exams Paper

1. Which word is wrongly spelt in the following set of words:-

2. Every wise man should save for…
Rainy days

3. Sleeping partner means:-
One who has invested in business but takes no active part in its management.

4. UN was established to:-
Settle political disputes.

5. Yellow journalism refers to:-

6. Law is never law unless:-
It is enforced by a sovereign authority

7. A computer derives its basic strength from:-

8. If a car drives 25 kilometers on two liters of petrol, how many liters will be needed for trip of 150 kilometers?

9. Find 60% of 70:-

10. Vitamin C is essential for:-

11. Sound cannot travel through:-

12. A good tax should:-
Encourage growth in all sectors of the economy.

13. A system which results in a rigid one-party dictatorship permitting private ownership but not management of the production is:-

14. The tax levied on the import and export of commodities is named as:-
Customs duty

15. We see the flash of lightning before we hear the sound of the thunder because:-
The light rays travel much faster than the sound waves.

16. The Ozone layer plays ________ role for the organic life on earth.

17. Bonded Labour is:-
Forced labour

18. If you write down all the numbers from 1-100, how many times would you write 3?

19. Complete the series.
6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, _______.

27, 30

20. A seventeen years old is not ________ to vote in elections.

PPSC General Knowledge MCQs for PPSC SPSC Exams Paper