PPSC Lecturer General Information of Pakistan MCQs Solved 2017

PPSC Lecturer General Information of Pakistan MCQs Solved 2017

1=When Pakistan won the cricket world cup? (1992)

2=The National language of Pakistan is (Urdu)

3=The National Game of Pakistan is (Hockey)

4=Pakistan’s National tree is (Deodar)

5=Pakistan’s national juice is (Sugarcane juice)

6=National Bird of Pakistan (Chukor)

7=NATIONAL Animal Of Pakistan is (Markhor)

8=Which is the oldest airline of Pakistan? (Oriented Airways)

9=Who is the national poet of Pakistan? (Allama Iqbal)

10=Who composed the verses of the National Anthem? (Hafeez Jallandhri)

11=When Pakistan conducted its first series of nuclear explosions? (may1998)

12=WHERE THE Pakistan’s first radio station was setup?( Karachi)

13=Which is the most densely populated province of Pakistan? (Punjab)

14=Which is the thinly populated province of Pakistan? (Balochistan)

15=Which is the Largest university of Pakistan? (Punjab University Lahore)

16=The new name of micro finance band is (Khushhali Bank)

17=Who composed the tune of National Anthem of Pakistan? (Abdulkarim chagla)

18=The First Rocket launched by Pakistan was (Rahbar)

19=Which is the Largest jungle of Pakistan? (Changa Manga)

20=When was the first women bank established in Pakistan (Dec 1st, 1989)

21=What is the range of Ghauri 1 Missile? (1500Km)

22=What is the total length of Line of control (720 km)

23=When Pakistan’s Government approved the national Anthem? (1954)

24=Chief Election commissioner of Pakistan is appointed for the term of (3 years)

25=The Number of Judges of Supreme court of Pakistan is fixed at (17)

26=IMP the no of amendments in the Pakistan’s constitution r(22)

27=Picture printed of the Back of RS.5000 Note (Faisal Mosque)

28=A Senator is Elected in Pakistan for (6 years)

29=When, Jasmine, was selected as the national flower of Pakistan? (1961)

30=Blind Dolphins r found in which river of Pakistan (Indus)

PPSC Lecturer General Information of Pakistan MCQs Solved 2017