PPSC Lecturer Zoology Past Paper MCQs

PPSC Lecturer Zoology Past Paper MCQs

Q1: At cytokinesis, in plants, a structure phragmoplast is formed from vesicles which originate from?
A) Lysosomes
B) Centriole
C) Golgi complex
D) Glyoxysome

Q2: An alpha helix is an example of ……. structure of protein?
A) Primary
B) Secondary
C) Tertiary
B) Quaternary

Q3: Central molecular diagram of Biology is?
A) DNA → DNA → protein
B) DNA → RNA → protein
C) RNA → DNA → protein
D) RNA→ protein → RNA

Q4: An enzyme …… the activation of energy of the reaction?
A) Lowers
B) Raises
C) Dose not affect
D) None of these

Q5: Which cell type you will prefer to take the nucleus of cloning?
A) B-cell
C) Embryonic cell
D) Sperm

Q6: Where you do transfer nucleus for cloning?
A) Enucleated cell
B) Enucleated egg
C) Egg
D) Sperm

Q7: With respect to outside, the inside of neutron is at rest is ……?
A) More negatively charged
B) More positivle charged
C) Same charge
D) Zero electrical potential

Q8: What is the normal resting potential of a neuron?
A) -70 mv
B) +70 mv
C) 0 mv
D) -90 mv

Q9: What are characters of stem cells?
A) Self-renewing
B) Can differentiate each other
C) Both A & B
D) None of these

Q10: Prions are made up of ……?
A) Viruses
D) Protein

Q11: Larva of a sponge is known as?
A) Planula Larva
B) Trochophore Larva
C) Glochidium Larva
D) Amphiblasula Larva

Q12: Sycone belongs to ……. class?
A) Calcarea
B) Porifera
C) Desmosspongia
D) Hexactinellida

PPSC Lecturer Zoology Past Paper MCQs