Primary Healthcare Sindh Top MCQs Sample Papers OTS Written Test PDF

Primary Healthcare Sindh Top MCQs Sample Papers OTS Written Test PDF

Section 1: Basic Concepts of Primary Healthcare

What is the primary goal of Primary Healthcare in Sindh?

a) Providing specialized medical services

b) Delivering comprehensive and essential healthcare to all

c) Managing emergency medical situations

d) Focusing on tertiary care

In the context of Primary Healthcare, what does “PHC” stand for?

a) Primary Health Center

b) Public Health Clinic

c) Primary Healthcare

d) Preventive Health Care

Which of the following is NOT a core principle of Primary Healthcare?

a) Accessibility

b) Equity

c) Specialization

d) Community Participation

In Sindh, what government department is primarily responsible for the delivery of Primary Healthcare services?

a) Ministry of Education

b) Ministry of Defense

c) Ministry of Health

d) Ministry of Transportation

Section 2: Primary Healthcare Services

What is the main purpose of immunization programs in Primary Healthcare?

a) To treat infectious diseases

b) To promote healthy eating habits

c) To prevent the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases

d) To conduct medical research

Which of the following is NOT typically provided by Primary Healthcare facilities in Sindh?

a) Emergency surgeries

b) Maternal and child health services

c) Preventive care

d) Treatment of chronic diseases

What role do Lady Health Workers (LHWs) play in the Primary Healthcare system in Sindh?

a) Administering vaccines

b) Conducting surgeries

c) Providing home-based healthcare services

d) Managing hospitals

Section 3: Challenges and Future Directions

What are some of the challenges faced by Primary Healthcare in Sindh?

a) Insufficient funding

b) Lack of trained healthcare workers

c) Limited access to rural areas

d) All of the above

What is the importance of community engagement in improving Primary Healthcare services?

a) It helps reduce the cost of healthcare services

b) It promotes transparency in healthcare delivery

c) It ensures healthcare services are culturally sensitive and locally relevant

d) It only benefits urban areas

What are some potential future directions for improving Primary Healthcare in Sindh?

a) Increasing the number of specialized hospitals

b) Expanding telemedicine services

c) Reducing the number of healthcare workers

d) Privatizing all healthcare services

Section 4: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Which of the following is an example of a preventive measure in Primary Healthcare?

a) Providing treatment for diabetes

b) Promoting healthy lifestyles to prevent diabetes

c) Performing heart surgery for a heart attack patient

d) None of the above

How can Primary Healthcare facilities contribute to health education in the community?

a) By offering cooking classes

b) By providing pamphlets and workshops on health topics

c) By selling health-related books

d) By organizing sports events

Section 5: Access and Equity

What strategies can be employed to ensure equitable access to Primary Healthcare in rural areas of Sindh?

a) Building more specialized hospitals

b) Increasing healthcare fees

c) Establishing mobile healthcare units

d) None of the above

In the context of Primary Healthcare, what does “equity” refer to?

a) Providing the same services to everyone

b) Ensuring that healthcare services are distributed based on need

c) Offering specialized care to some communities

d) Prioritizing urban over rural areas

Section 6: Policy and Planning

What is the role of government policies in shaping Primary Healthcare services?

a) They have no impact on healthcare services

b) They guide the organization and delivery of healthcare services

c) They only affect private healthcare providers

d) They focus solely on specialized care

Which organization plays a significant role in setting healthcare policies at the national level in Pakistan?

a) World Health Organization (WHO)

b) United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

c) World Trade Organization (WTO)

d) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

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Primary Healthcare Sindh Top MCQs Sample Papers OTS Written Test PDF