Top Essay of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC Review 2017-2018) Challenges and Prospects Test Preparation FPSC CSS PPSC PMS NTS PTS OTS

For the smooth operationalization of CPEC, peace is imperative for the country. In spite of the improved security, it remains a challenge for the long term. Terrorists still manage to carry out attacks like the recent violence in Queeta. For achieving that objective, comprehensive National Action Plan (NAP) was formulated to wipe out extremism and terrorism. It helped to tackle the menace of terrorism. Today, there is a tremendous decrease in terrorism related incidents. However, except few points of NAP, others remain unimplemented. There has always been a gap between devising and implementation of strategy in our country. It is need of hour to review the NAP and implement all of its 20 points.

Porous border with Afghanistan has always been a trouble for Pakistan. Terrorists after training are launched through that border. Afghanistan does not recognize the Durand line region so the western border remains unsealed. People move across the border even without visa. Effective steps should be taken to manage border so that terrorists’ infiltration could be stopped inside the country. Now, Pakistan has raised 29 wings in paramilitary forces for border security. This is the first time border management has been considered seriously along with a workable plan.

In Pakistan, political stability remains an internal challenge. Political stability is important for the success of CPEC. Because it is political decision-making which impacts the behavior of institutions. For achieving political stability, the three pillars of state legislature, judiciary and executive should work in harmony. Media should also play its vital role. Furthermore, all the institutions should work within their domains. Political interference in institutional functioning should be discouraged for internal stability.