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Apart from domestic, international challenges are also hindering the progress of CPEC. Since partition, India left no stone unturned to hurt Pakistan. Both the countries fought wars in 1965, 1971 and 1999. In 1971, India supported “Mukhti Bahini” and fought alongside the rebels. Resultantly, Pakistan was dismembered. It was confessed by Indian Prime Minister Modi during his visit to Bangladesh that “it was Indian support which helped the creation of Bangladesh.” In the same fashion, India is trying to subvert CPEC. Army Chief General Raheel Sharif during his visit to the victims of the Civil hospital Queeta blast said, “attacks in Baluchistan are the activities to undermine CPEC.” Indian illegitimate demand is Gilgit-Baltistan is a disputed territory. Therefore, CPEC’s route passing through it is illegal. Prime Minister Modi authenticated the doubts in his address at Lal Qila, Delhi, “Baloch leaders thanked him for his support.” It was a reference to rebel leaders who are in self-exile. Moreover, Print Media reported, “Modi expressed his concerns about CPEC with China that were disregarded by Chinese leadership.” India is apparently not happy with that development. Arrest of Indian agent Kulbushan Jhadev testified to the fact of Indian involvement in Balochistan in particular and in Pakistan in general.

Afghanistan, our western neighbor, remains a problem due to its internal instability. Besides, Afghanistan claims sovereignty over the region of the Durand line region. However, that claim has no credence. That is an integral part of Pakistan. Even though, the people of that region are as happy as ever with Pakistan. Afghanistan always tacitly supported anti-Pakistan activities. The roots of almost all terrorism related activities are traced to Afghanistan.

For CPEC, Indo-Afghan nexus remains an arduous challenge. India in collusion with Afghanistan is creating security problems for Pakistan. India has made a base in Afghanistan from where it carries out terrorist activities. Former American Defense Secretary Chuck Hegel admitted in a leaked video that “India has financed to create problems for Pakistan.” Furthermore, the then Commander of the ISAF forces in Afghanistan General Stanley McCrystal also advised his government to refrain India from interfering in Pakistan that afflicted American interests in Afghanistan resultantly. This Indo-Afghanistan nexus is particularly troublesome because of the porous border. Infiltration becomes easier since Pakistan shares the longest border with Afghanistan.