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In addition to that, Gulf States are also creating problems for CPEC. Oman and Arab Emirates are particularly anxious about CPEC. Because once the Gwadar port starts operations, it will minimize the importance of their ports. UAE’s port which is the busiest port and it is mostly used for transit trade. Due to the strategic significance of Gwadar port in the region, it will impact the ports of Gulf States. Development of friendly ties between India and Gulf States are owing to these converging interests. Prime Minister Modi recently visited to these states in this regard. It was a rare occurrence. After many decades, an Indian Prime Minister visited the gulf monarchies.

Iran is also a challenging factor. Iran in cooperation with India is developing Chabhar port. India is investing around 20 billion dollars for the development of this port. It is in Seestan province of Iran at a distance of 72 Kms from Gwadar. India is investing in this port so as to neutralize the potential of Gwadar port. In fact, it is in competition to Gwadar. Indian objective is to connect Chabhar with the landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asia. Furthermore, Indian agent Kulbhushan admitted to have entered in Pakistan from Iran. Pakistan requested to Iranian President Hassan Ruhani to keep a check on Indian conspiracies hatched in Iran against Pakistan. India is investing in Chabhar to rival it to Gwadar. But, President Ruhani disregarded that Indian perception and said, “Chabhar is not in competition to Gwadar rather both will complement each other.”

In addition to that, America is aggressively pursuing the policy of “Containment” against China. China has become the second largest economy and an emerging superpower. America considers a rising China a threat to its global dominance. Gwadar port is part of “New Silk route”, America is creating hurdles for the Gwadar port. Besides, America perceives Gwadar port could be used for military purposes in future. As part of containment policy, America signed “Strategic and Economic partnership” with Indian. America has also established India Rapid Response Cell (IRRC) in Pentagon. That is a rare status enjoyed by any country. American support to India for the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is also part of that partnership. Their cooperation poses serious challenge not only for China but also for Pakistan.