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Furthermore, CPEC is also a safe option for China. Shanghai port is not only far away but also that route can hinder the smooth supply of fuel. Because of ongoing dispute in South China Sea between China and South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei. Therefore, clashes might occur in future and that route could be disturbed. Other than that, there is a constant presence of American ships in South China Sea. America in cooperation with the rivals of China may trouble China. TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) with these countries is pact of that strategy to counter the growing Chinese dominance particularly economically. Therefore, CPEC is cheaper and secure option for China for the long term goals.

It can also fulfill the needs of the regional states. It can provide transit trade facility to the landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asian States. Sea trade is comparatively inexpensive than the other modes of transportation. For that purpose, Gwadar port can facilitate to these landlocked states. Pakistan offered CPEC access to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan etc. They showed willingness to participate and benefit from the project. These states can access to CPEC through Afghanistan. It will be beneficial to these Central Asian Republics (CARs) and to Pakistan as well. CARs can get easy access while Pakistan will earn through transit fee. Landlocked Afghanistan would also be benefitting from CPEC. Afghanistan can access the port as well as earn transit charges from the goods moving to the Central Asian Republics. It can also change the fate of Afghanistan.

This project will integrate the region economically and create interdependence. It will make the region more connected and peaceful ultimately. In Europe, one country fought with another like in World War I and II. That continent was a theatre of war in past. However, after the application of theory of regional integration, European Coal and Steel Community was established which led to the creation of European Union. The idea behind that was once the warring countries became economically interdependent, it would compel the states to go for peace instead of war. Because, stakes would be involved. In the same way, CPEC would forge economic interdependence that will promote peace in the region.