TOP iPhone 15 Series were leaked a few weeks before its launch

California: Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone 15 series, has had important details leaked ahead of its launch on September 12th.

TOP iPhone 15 Series were leaked a few weeks before its launch. Industry insiders working closely with multiple Chinese leakers have revealed details about the new design, display, camera, and colors of the iPhone 15 in a post.

TOP iPhone 15 Series were leaked a few weeks before its launch

TOP iPhone 15 Series were leaked a few weeks before its launch in California
TOP iPhone 15 Series were leaked a few weeks before its launch in California

Regarding the design, Bio noted that this year’s phone frame isn’t very clear, and it’s unclear what material it is. However, it is composed of 90 percent titanium mixed metals. This move is possibly made to reduce the weight of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max compared to their previous iPhone models.

Bio further revealed that it’s not clear which motherboard Apple has chosen for the phone, but there is a strong possibility of a SIM card slot being present.

Regarding the display, Bio mentioned that there has been a slight increase in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max displays (6.14/6.15 and 6.73/6.74 inches respectively) compared to the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, which had displays of 6.12 and 6.63 inches respectively.

In terms of the camera, Bio disclosed that the periscope telephoto lens, which is the highlight of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is notably faster and the overall camera is lighter compared to the iPhone 15 Pro.

In an interesting revelation, Bio pointed out that unlike rival phones, the iPhone’s periscope telephoto camera is not square-shaped but circular, providing a deeper and larger appearance.

Regarding the colors, Bio drew comparisons to leaks about the iPhone 15 Pro from the past and provided more details. They mentioned that the Silver Gray finish has a back panel and sides that resemble silver. Furthermore, the new Black version is lighter compared to the Space Black finish of the iPhone 14 Pro, and the new Deep Blue color is deeper than Apple’s previous blue phones.

Apple iPhone 15: The innovations

The Apple iPhone 15 will probably be a little “softer” in the transitions between glass and frame, but this will not get an upgrade and it will probably remain with aluminum. The Pro switches from stainless steel to titanium, but the “better” material will probably always be exclusive to the Pro models. And it looks like the new “Action Button” is exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro, so there’s still the mute switch here. We also get two sizes again, 6.1 inches (iPhone 15) and then 6.7 inches (iPhone 15 Plus).

The notch is also disappearing on the normal iPhone this year and the Dynamic Island is moving in. It will probably stay for the next four years, but an LTPO panel is scheduled for 2025. This means that we won’t see 120 Hz or an always-on display on the iPhone 15 (and iPhone 16) yet.

Apple has to get rid of Lightning and is therefore switching to USB C on the iPhone for the first time this year. The Pro models probably get Thunderbolt, but the iPhone 15 currently has USB 2.0. I’m not so sure yet and I hope that there is at least USB 3.0.

We get a new main camera with 48 megapixels, which we know from the current Pro (unclear whether it’s exactly the same sensor), plus there are 12 megapixels for ultra-wide-angle photos. There’s probably nothing going on here (or not much) and there’s still no zoom camera. It is quite possible that the (in my opinion quite good) 2x zoom (digital) will be possible with the main camera, which we know from the current Pro models.

And the final “highlight” will be a new chip, but not the Apple A17, but the Apple A16. From now on, the normal iPhone will always be one chip generation behind the Pro models, which started last year. So we don’t see a 3 nm process here yet.

Wait, does this headline sound familiar? Yes, we have already covered the Apple iPhone 15 Pro in detail here . The “normal” iPhone tends to go down a bit, but there is a lot going on this year.

And because not everyone wants to spend over 1,300 euros on an iPhone and for many people the basics are completely sufficient, I took a look at what is expected to happen with the Apple iPhone 15 in September. Of course it’s all still rumors.

Apple iPhone 15: My conclusion

The announcement will probably take place on September 12th (or September 13th) and pre-orders will start on September 15th. The market launch will be on September 22nd.

I assume that the prices will remain the same, i.e. 999 euros and 1,149 euros respectively. The iPhone 14 was received worse than expected, especially the Plus, so I don’t expect a price increase. That would really be extremely counterproductive.

And if Apple does raise the price, it will be more symbolic, because the iPhone 14 fell surprisingly quickly for an iPhone and is now around 800 euros without an offer . In free trade, 1,000+ euros would be rather unrealistic.

Basically it sounds like a successful upgrade, my only real criticism would be the display. At 8.00+ euros, 120 Hz is a standard these days, but in the Android world you could no longer afford 60 Hz.

It’s a shame that Apple only offers this (and the always-on display) with LTPO and this step isn’t due until 2025 because these panels are expensive.

particularly excited about the first forecasts for the Apple iPhone 15 Plus, as the Apple iPhone 14 Plus was a bit of a problem child. The big Pro is a bestseller, but this tactic doesn’t seem to work with the basics. Neither Mini nor Plus has so far been able to overtake the normal 6.1-inch Apple iPhone.