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11) Doab between river ravi and chenab———————-rachna

12) Bala hisar fort ————————–Babar

13) Who administrated th oath of prime minister to Liaqat Ali Khan——————–Muhammad Ali Jinnah

14) Copper deposits in————————chagi

15) Pakistan resolution supported from sindh province by—————–abdullah haroon

16) Banbhore site——————-thatta

17) Chandka medical college———————-larkana

18) Artificial forest are bieng maintained in————————–changa manga,

19) Pakistan’s 2nd largest foreign exchange earner crop———————rice

20) Ch Rehmat Ali coined word Pakistan in NOW OR NEVER pamphlet in———1933

21) C R formula prepared by————————–Rajagopalachari

22) Malaria parasite —————–ronald ross

23) Longest(largest) organ————–liver

24) Kidney disease due to overdose of——————-vitamin c

25) Largest Muslim country in Africa by population is——————-Nigeria