Latest Ground-Breaking Current Affairs Topics 2017 Frequently Asked in PPSC FPSC CSS Current Affairs Papers Must Prepare Now

Latest Ground-Breaking Current Affairs Topics 2017 Frequently Asked in PPSC FPSC CSS Current Affairs Papers Must Prepare Now

The Current Affairs is considered as a low scoring subject and it becomes very difficult for one to secure more than 50 marks easily, however, it is not a dream which cannot come true. First of all, being honest there’s no specific book for current affairs preparation but Read DAWN Newspaper extensively as DAWN is the bible of current affairs also read Jahangir World Times magazine if possible. Moreover,
a) Following Topics to be covered while reading The DAWN and Competitive Monthly Magazines (Jahangir World Times, Press Review, Quarterly Journal of Institute of Strategic Studies – Any One)
b) If possible aspirants are suggested to take down daily notes on the basis of topics covered here.

1) National
1. Newly launched Government schemes
2. Newly constituted committees on national issues.
3. Newly appointed heads of important offices
4. Central Issues and problems in the Educational and Industrial Systems
5. Relations of Provinces with Federation and Interstate disputes
6. Major Supreme court verdict in national issues

2) Bilateral Relations
1. Pakistan’s relations with its neighbors and big powers.
2. Recent trade pacts like FTA, trade targets, items of trade, grouping in WTO
3. Bilateral defence deals and military exercises.
4. Bilateral visits by heads of nations
5. Bilateral summits (Place, theme of summit, issues discussed in summit)

3) Economics (Structure of Pakistan’s Economy)
1. State Bank of Pakistan – Monetary Policy Changes – CRR, Bank Rate, Forex reserves, inflation rate etc.
2. Finance Ministry – Fiscal policy-tax rates, tax holidays, committees appointed to review exciting tax structures.
3. National income, Per capita income, GDP growth rate, Base year, Poverty rate etc.
4. Social Welfare – Federal Government Schemes of Employment Generation, Poverty Eradication , Infrastructure Development
5. Trade – Export items, Import items, export targets of various sector, trade pacts
6. Planning – Plan period, GDP target, priorities, sectorial allocations

4) Pakistan’s Role In Regional And International Organizations
1. WTO – Summits, discussed issues, groupings formed for trade dialogue.
2. IMF, WB – development agenda, loans and grants
3. UNDP – Theme, HDR, HDI rankings, ILO, UNCTAD reports.
4. International summits – theme of summit, major agenda, total membership, observers, Declaration issued, recent members, venue of next summit.
5. International forums and NGO’s – WEF, WSF, TI, Greenpeace etc.

5) Constitution
1. New amendments to the Constitution
2. National issues – Any related article in constitution
3. Important committees related to constitution

6) Major Economic, Social And Political Issues Of The World
1. International Economic Issues and Pakistan.
2. Nuclear Politics in South Asia.
3. Superpowers and the Issues of World Order
4. International Disputes – Territorial Claims, Civil Wars, Non Proliferation Issues and related treaties.
5. Terrorism – Organizations, funding, recent attacks and assassination, international efforts to curb it (UN resolutions, treaties.)

Study Material And Online Resources For Current Affairs

1. Dailies
a) The DAWN*
b) The NEWS
c) The Express Tribune

2. Magazines
a) Jahangir’s World Times*
b) Press Review
c) Strategic Studies Digest Quartely Digest issued by Institute of Strategic Studies
d) Islamabad Policy Research Institute
e) Economist Magazine
National Development and Security Quartely Digest issued by Friends Association Of Mirza Aslam Baig

3. Books
a) Jahangir World Times All in One (Yearly Book)
b) Advanced Contemporary Affairs by Imtiaz Shahid
c) Current Affairs by Dr. Safdar Mehmood

4. Economic Survey*

Efficacious Tips To Crack Current Affairs

1. There are no hard and fast rules available to cover the Current Affairs Paper. You have to focus on your surroundings and the contemporary world for that “Har Khabbar Pay Nazar Rakho”.
2. Don’t waste your time purchasing piles of books for current affairs. Choose any one (or 2 if you have time, stamina and money) and stick to it i.e. be a regular viewer of it. My sincere recommendation and choice for you people is The Daily DAWN, read it extensively as DAWN is the bible of current affairs. Make habit to read it daily at least you should read the 1st page, opinion pages and the international news page daily with the economic review on Tuesdays. Click here to explore the link explicating How To Read The Newspaper (DAWN).
3. For those who don’t possess a sharp memory It is recommended to take down daily notes on the basis of topics and keep yourself updated.
4. In all the papers generally and in current affairs particularly you need to have an analytical approach. There is absolutely no need to cram anything. Just go through the news and try to formulate your own opinion on various issues because examiner hungers to check the knowledge of the candidate for world affairs and of current scenario and his grasp over the subject

Latest Ground-Breaking Current Affairs Topics 2017 Frequently Asked in PPSC FPSC CSS Current Affairs Papers Must Prepare Now