Psychological Test for the Post of Corporals Counter Terrorism Department Government of the Punjab Eligible Candidates List for Psychological Test and Test Dates 19-01-2014 by NTS Pakistan

Psychological Test for the Post of Corporals Counter Terrorism Department Government of the Punjab Eligible Candidates List for Psychological Test and Test Dates 19-01-2014 by NTS Pakistan

Corporals Interview Call up Letter of Candidates Qualified for Medical Test of Corporals in CTD (Home Department) Government of the Punjab (Batch-1) Dated 15-04-2014 by NTS Pakistan 

Eligible Candidates List for Psychological Test 

Psychological Test for the Post of Corporals Counter Terrorism Department Government of the Punjab Eligible Candidates List for Psychological Test and Test Dates 19-01-2014 by NTS Pakistan

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  1. Psychological Tests
    1.Sentence Completion Test In Urdu

    25 incomplete sentences in Urdu are to be filled in by the candidate with in limited time.

    2.Sentence Completion Test In English

    25 incomplete sentences in English are to be filled in with in limited time.

    3.Word Association Test In English (100 Words)

    100 words are played on projector the time gape between two words is 9 t0 10 seconds and the candidate have to make a sentence with in time.

    4.Story Writing In English (2 or Three stories)

    Pictures are displayed on projector for 30 seconds and you have to think a story and 3 minutes are provided for story writing.


    The main goal of short time is to calculate the actual mental approach of the candidate so your approach should be positive while solving the test. Do not think negative or write down any negative sentence or word in psychological tests.
    Life is the name of competition.
    Competition end, life end
    i think it will be written throUgh oUt hUndred ov marks, a thin idea regardin’ psychological test if any one know more aboUt it then pUt the content here whiCh is most related to the topic, uU (all aboVe canidate who want to be maaah colleague in near fUture :p ) may add meh on f.b maaah i.d is roll nUmber 420213 n i scOred (AlhamdUlillah) 59 marks..
    First of all I welcome to all candidates who have reached in psychological test. It was rigorous set of exams uptil this stage. I pray for success of you all. I m sharing some tips for psychological examination on my personal behalf. I don’t exact know what kind of the exam will be, because it has been kept top secret, but according to my expectations,

    • bilal sab lagta ha ap issb not recmonded ho. ye sb issb main hta ha. its nts test (objective type test).

      • n boom boom mr. whateVer you are if you show ur negativity in test they will sUrely pUt you out (ALLAH na kre) so be positive n think that bilal resigned after recomended rather than thinking ov not recomended ;)

  2. Assalamualaikum frnz!Al Humdu Lillah i scored 63 marks,just want to know will it be a general test?no need of preparation?

  3. hey everyone. . hopefully psychological test will be easy as mentioned above. i have secured 70 marks in written,what should i expect in written?

  4. friends
    plz dont take tention, stay calm and cool
    during test. There is no pass or fail in this
    test. Be postive and straight in test and
    never tick extreme options at large. This
    test is only a methood to assess ur way of thinking and to assess ur mental aproach,
    thats it
    In my openion picture story writing is need
    some prepration and whatever the picture
    is showing go to simple and clear plot but
    postive one according to Dawn there is 800 seats for
    male and 200 for female
    Allah hum sub pe aasanian nazil kerey

    • Aysha Sarfaraz; InsahAllah, Same to you Ameen. I Really appreciate your good knowledge about this Psychological Test. Thanks.

    • hellow ayesha aap kahan ho aaj kl?aap busy han ya kisi or reason ke wja sy comments ni kr ri? plz give us any information about next procedure of atf. waiting for ur reply.

  5. there is only 1 centre for girls in rawalpindi division
    (rawalpindi,attock,chakwal,jehlum)that is punjab college

  6. koi bata sakta ha k total kitna candidate (Eligible for Psychological Test).or highest marks kiss k hain.or kitna number ka ya test ho ga

  7. Sir ap keh rhay hen k na writn na oral, its logical test. But sample paper to writen hai na? And plz tel me one word responce k lye ans 1 word e hona chahey ya sentense b dy sktay hen? Any1 tell me.

  8. And ayesha ap ny btaya k 800 males and 200 females. R u sure?
    500 crprlz all ovr the punjb, yeh news suni thi.

    • kia bataon.suchi yara hum tayare nai kar sakta ihs test ki.bus wahan ja k apni personality ko physiological means ma jo un ko pata ha rakni ho ge.simple choices like favorite animal or fruit can also define ur personality.just keep in mind k wo sirf ya janana chata hain k aap kis profession k lia suitable hain.aap ka mind police officer ki tara ha k teacher ya lawyer ki tara.they want to choice best minds who naturally able to encounter problems like an officer.

      aqsa apni id do.and dont worry

  9. dear aqsa plz read daily dawn dated 9.1.2013
    CM Shahbaz sharif increase the posts from 500 to 1500
    according to home department of punjab, due to poor performance of candates in written test, only 2948(boys+girls) canidates get 50 marks or above. Now 1000 posts are available(800males+200girls)

    • jania har dosara banda pass ha.or dosare bt pora punjab ma 2948 nai ho ga just pindi ma ho ga.o_0

  10. 48,600 applicants applied for initial 500 posts of corporals from all over the province.
    Out of them 41,000 were found eligible for physical and medical tests.
    As many as 12,101 cleared these tests and were allowed to appear in the written tests held all over the province on Sunday 5/1/2014.
    Out of them 11,835 appeared and only 2,948 could obtain over 50% marks (which is must for interviews).

  11. Be original, Be original, Be original, Be original, Be original…….

    ab to apny aap pe hi shak hony lag gea he:))

  12. Sample paper main jo picture he us ki kea positive story likh sakty hain hum, for example,

    Can anyone tell…..

  13. ok g nai batana kuch to aap ki marzi, best of luck for our Psychological Test, Tomorrow

  14. koi bata sakta ha k original documents lana ha k just CNIC or roll num slip he kafi ha ???? I mean its not interview

  15. Don’t worry dears! Be confident while giving test. Actually no one clearly know about this test because almost we all are gonna appear in this test for the first time. Allah will shower his countless blessing upon us so keep smiling.

  16. finally done with the test… it was amazing test bohat maza aya… puray lahore say 690 boys + girls thay aaj… 23 sections and every section had 30 candidates….. its so nice to be among the toppers:P

  17. Aslam o alaikum
    aaj test k baad mjy pata chala k govt ne seats ziada or selery kaam kr di hai …is it true ???

    Reply please

    • haseeb bhai kya aap salary ki wajah say yeh job kar rahay hain ?? salary chahay 20000/- ho is say kuch farak nahi parna chahiay… humain apna khoon dena hai is watan k liay…. be sure about that…. this job is not for the faint hearted and when i say this i literally mean it.. is job main zindagi kay aglay lamhay ki bhi khabar nahi …. aap terrorism ko counter karnay ja rahay hain.. kiya surety aap k ilaqay main hi koi terrorist rehta hoo… so please be cautious sir and chorain salary ki batain… is watan nay aap say kuch nahi manga siwaye hifazat kay aur wo bhi watan ki hifazat nahi bulkay aap ki anay wali nasal ki preservation kay liay…

  18. AbdUllah bro where were uU ?? i was at 15 nUmber roOm n how can it be possible that 2 canidate top kren so apna roll nUmber theek se enter kr k cheCk krna :p coz um the toppper at 1st…

  19. i attempted the test in such hilarious fashion :P

    in the sentence completion there was half sentence which goes as..

    I REGRET_________________

    what i filled in was :-

    I REGRET falling in love.

    hahahahahahahahah,… now i couldn’t stop laughing upon this sentence completion….

  20. wait a little boys
    1 thing is confermed i m the topper in rawalpindi division with 78 marks and no idia about other divisions
    and test bhi MashAllah theek reha baqi Allah se umeed he Wo behter kerey ga

  21. and friends i know 1 friend that is M.Asim with 79 marks. According to my research Asim got 1st position in test with 79 marks and i m on 2nd with 78 and 3rd position equqlly share by Saima, Faiza and Arooj with 76 marks. And a lot of boys and girl got 75, 74 and 73 marks

    • Hi, Ayehsa!!
      yaar, ap ne yahan pe q announce kr di meri position????
      anyway, Physical Verification ho hai apki??
      Agr ho gai to kis date ko hui the???

  22. friends next step is interview. Which
    held is very soon whith in 2 or 3 weeks.
    NTS handover the all passing canidates record(who
    scored 50 or above in written test) to Home
    department government of punjab on 8 jan 2013.
    Now Nts Psychologist checked all Psychological test sheets and send thier assessment to Home
    department Punjab, which is contains thier openion
    either the canidate is suitable for job or not and also
    postive or negtive sides of candates which further
    raise interview commeeti in canidate interview. So
    ur marks of written test+psychological test assessment and ur interview decide ur future.
    And 1 more thing interview commeeti contains
    highlevel security officials and officers i.e Chief
    Secretary of punjab, IG police of Punjab, Home
    secretary and other high level offecials.
    So friends prepare urself very well for a hard strike interview because its our full and final round to
    Allah hum sub pe reham kerey

    • ayesha please clear one thing.kya sare candidates jinu ne psychological test diya he un ko interview ke liye bulae ge ya sorting ho gi?

    • ayesha you are seem like a good and intelligent ,you score good marks.please help me what i have to do for interview preparation.

    • Aslam o alaikum brothers and sisters i have also cleard tests of corporal i need little help from your side if someone feel happy by doing this

  23. yes 4nd if you want to clear the interview you did your best in it.and ayesha you score realy good marks in written congrats.
    ayesha have you any idea that what kind of interview we have to face?

  24. Bro .
    Kal jab tesytest dy k main aa raha tha to ELITE foforce k aik jawan ne yeh sab bataya tha k salary kam ho gai hai seats ziada or rank 5 ho ga …….
    Abdullah Bahi
    Kisi b job main Jany se phly har cheez daikhni parti hai.. Ab agr koi apny Parents ka 1 he beta ho to usy to yeh sab sochna pary ga na k ghar kesy chalana hai?? Bro baatain krna asan hai………… Samj gye na

  25. sir main ghar ka sub say bara beta houn, my family background is military and now i understand your condition…

    islam ki roo say aapka pehla jihad maa baap ki khidmat hai phir to.. agar aap kay walidaen ijazat daen to hi aap ko is field main ana chahiay… main sirf aap ko yeh keh raha tha k aap ki jaan bohat qeemti hai aur aap apni jaan ko salary main measure na karain… meri dua hai k seats ziada ho jaen and bhai pareshan na hon yeh grade 16 equivalent to inspector ki job hai.. cause humari selection ka wohi criteria hai jo css ki selection ka hai bulkay humara to un say bhi difficult hai…..

    for comparison
    >css kay liay 14 years of education chahiay
    > corporal kay liay 14 years chaihay

    >age css ki 28 sall tak hai
    >corporal kay liay sirf 25 saal hai

    >salary css kay baad normal jo start hoti hai wo 39626/- kay lag bhag hai
    >yahan corporal main aap ko 50000/- + allowance milay gaa which will equal it to 70000/-

    so agar css kar kay grade 17 ki job lagti hai to bhai corporal ki grade 5 kaisay ho sakti hai ?

    agar aap ka police main koi jannay wala ho to poochain police kay constable ka grade 8 hota hai aur janab grade 8 say grade 3 tak police main kaam mali, jharoo denay walon aur khana pakanay walon ka hota hai….

    hahahahhahaaha yaar yeh kaisay possible hai k selection criteria issb aur css say bhi mushkil hoo aur grade humain wo maalion wala day daen … its just so absurd and unfortunate k police walay is counter terrorism force say bohat jealous hain. :(

    to meray piaray bhai aap himat na haren aur aisy baton say pareshan na hon , aur its my advice beshak kisi deeni banday say pooch laen , agar aap kay maa baap ko sambhalnay wala koi nahi to is job say ziada aap ko wo job karni chahiay jis main aap apnay aziz walidaen ko time day saken. agar aapki apni marzi hai bhai jo aap munasib samjhaen….

  26. abdullah plz tell me did all students who appear in psychological are eligible for interview.

    • i think they will analyze the test result and then they will set a standard…. the standard will be set on average percentage and then those above the percentage might get the interview call. but this is totally my guess.. I’m not sure about this…

  27. Mr Haseeb Allah bless ur family but plz dont take tention, trust on Allah sub problems solve ho jayen gi. My father was in police and shaheed on duty way back in 90s. We sisters have 1 brother and he serve in Pakistan Airforce. When he joined PAF my Mother and we never think , never hesitate at all and send him for training with prayers and even i have no doubts in mind to join CTF InshAllah.
    Pakistan are facing a vital threats from terrorist and extremist even our solders, people, children, Mosques and Imambargahs are not safe and terrorist organizations oraganizing loot sale of our blood so being youth of pakistan its our prime duty to secure and serve pakistan.
    And haseeb plz remember no one escape from his destiny.
    Allah sub theek kerey ga

    • bhai g psychological main pass hony ka koi criteria b hy k nai ? if anyone have information then share with me

  28. hnsi ati hy mujhy soch kr k me bhi itni bahimat hi gai hon…. aaj to dil kr rha hy k foran ye job mil jaye q k rwp me blast k bad bht jldi hy force join krny ki dua kren

  29. Friends as i stated above interview held within 2 to 3 weeks because Filhal retd army officers k interview start ho rehy hen jo k key posts appointsment hon gi aur hamari turn bhi aaney wali he aur Mr Sialkoti disappointed na hon bulky mera maqsad ye tha k aap sub log khoob tiyari keren. According to Home department of Punjab jin canidates ne written test pass kia he un sub ka interview k liye call kia jaye ga but ye purani bat he kia pta koi new order aa jaye waisey bhi aaj kal CTF k barey men bohat sari rumours urri hoi hen jin men se 1 ye bhi he k 1600 boys aur 400 girls ko interview k liye cal kia jaye ga but its not confirmed yet. So wait and see aur tiyari dat k ker len
    Allah hum sub pe aasanian nazil kerey

    • hahahahah…….. I was just jocking………. thanks for such informative megs…….

  30. The interviews would soon be held by a sub-committee of a top committee headed by the chief secretary and comprising the IGP and the home secretary.

  31. plzz jaise hi kisis ko koi news mile pschycological test se related inform kar diennnn,that kis criteria p call aye g interview ki

  32. Result of the psychological test will not announce. It is directly linked with your viva voice/Interview. It was the test to check your mental approach. I think the questions asked during psychological test will repeat in interview and they will check your memory status, your truthfulness and your mentality. They will match your answers or written psychological test and your oral answers of any same question.

  33. Ayesha Sarfraz very nice information and very good way talking……..Good Bless you

    I am to bilkul vela:((

  34. yaar roona dhoona choro & start praying for your interview,psychologists will do their best to trap you in their crappy questions.
    once a guy was asked by interviewer,’see that hole”?(pointing towards table),guy replied,yes sir,I sure can.Interviewer,pass this hole & you’re selected….he didn’t get nervous,wrote his name on paper,rolled it & passed it through the whole saying,”loh sir main guzar gya”.he got selected,all this chanting about salary is pathetic,they don’t need salary seeking guys,if you want salary,go apply for this one
    salary will be 45k without allowances,IDK if they’ll add more allowances or not,I don’t care either….pity is,we got short listed,& it was my first N.T.S test,which gave me kind of experience…if not selected,please don’t give up,go for a job & study more….
    REMEMBER……..ALLAH kabhi bhi us shaks ki dua qabul nahi krta(khawa wo kisi buzarg ya mufti sy krwai gai ho),jb tk wo shaks khud ALLAH sy nahi mangta(NAMAZ)

  35. I read a comment,’Cops are jealous from these young people”.that’s right,I know 3 cops,One is getting trained by army commandos these days,it was his 2nd day,(reserve force of 500 cops,already serving).he tore his pant today which yesterday he bought,& was saying,”pury 700 di lai hai main”.idiot,who the hell wears a dress kinda pant for training?commandos are killing us as stated by him today when I saw him coming back from training lol.& these S.P,DSP paens are also jealous because of salary

  36. dear friends plz make ur habit to read daily
    Dawn, the news, the nation, tribune, jang,
    express and nawa-i-waqt daily becase all
    news and facts which i quoted above
    belongs to these papers and in news
    papers ko perna aap k inter view k liye bhi bohat faida mand ho ga.

  37. Ayesha Sarfraz,
    Abdullah, i m so impresd with u.
    Great thinking u have. Allah kray ap dono to laazmi select ho jayen es post k lye. Q k hmaray watan ko mukhlis logo ki zurort hai.

  38. i agree with you that kam az kam is post k liye to nai hona chahye refference but i cant say anything about our system. anything can be happen

    lets see if anyone have informatio about interview or psychological test reslt then plzzz update will be thankfulll

    my id is

    if anyone will update then plz notify me thanks.

  39. Interview is the most important part of I.S.S.B. I has a big pressure on the candidate but if you try to follow my(not mine:P) instructions and prepare these questions, chances of your success will b increased. 80% of interview is based on your family background 10% is based on mathematical questions and 10% is based on education. You should not worry about your education just prepare other things.


    1. Dress well
    2. Be calm
    3. Be obedient
    4. Be confident
    5. Do not move your legs or hands unnecessary
    6. When you answer or think always see in the eyes of the interviewer
    7. Never say sorry question asked about mathematics
    8. Never tell a lie about your family background

  40. excitement………..i was just searching the list of selected candidates of corporals for psychological test…….but i found this page and i get very precious info regarding this post…….thnxxxxx guys for sharing ur experiences , your views and especially the news u r providing………..keep it up ;)

  41. just heard a rumor,my friend said,a cop told him that those who have got 80% marks in written test have been called for interview……..I called my friend,no reply yet!!!!!

  42. sohail then wese e keh den k jo written test main pass hUwe hain wo sUicide kr len coz there is no person who aChieve 80 marks…. btw yes cops jealloUs kiUn ho rahe hain we deserve 75 thoUsand as we are gradUated not like cops constable coz they jUs passed the matric n n n n n n how can they compare urself with us……….

  43. sohail if you are joking we enjoy……but reality is that there is only one candidate who score 81 marks. i think one corporal will not reduce the please don’t use these kind of rumor because who pass written test he/she deserve 75000 thousand. its not too easy to qualify.NTS received total application for this post was 48600 and now only 2948 candidate left who appeared in psychological.1000 vacancies and the selection rate is 3/ please dont heart these bright persons of this nation.

  44. Let me explain everything.
    #1:right now,as I mentioned above,the IG sahab has a problem,he wants “tehka”smjdy o?.he wants to run the affairs & everything of a corporal,who is earning 75k,like “I’m the boss bitches”
    but the spokesman of C.M has told him,”sorry mate,no use to cry now”.this force will work under safe hands & those who’ve experience of battlefield,those who’ve faced the terror in real life,not like you,sitting in your office till 2pm(I’m explaining,not word to word spokesman’s words)
    Retired army officers have been short listed & between all this tension,our interviews are being pending,I.G is crying like a baby for “CHARGE” but he won’t get it for sure.
    #2if you’ve passed the physical,then written,then you must know that you’re among those 48,000 ppl,who applied for this post & today we’re just 2948 left,fair enough?
    they’ll analyse your physical position,height,chest bla bla,then merit.they want mentally & physically strong ppl.& it all depends on one’s luck & will.
    I got 56,about 10 questions were those,about whom I thought later & said,I hurried & gave the wrong answer……bad luck,I had a dream to join army,now this is the last chance,I worked really hard in graduation & I got just 410 in 2nd part of…..totally unfair marking by university,main 5 bjy sota tha…& all papers were like “halwa” to me throughout the examination.well,thank GOD I’m here today

  45. Yaar i also think k yeh nai ho sakta…. Its just Rumor… Agr sach main 80 Walon ko bulana hota to written test main he 80 above ko clear krty…. Mjy lgta hai jitny psychological test main appear hvy thy un sab ko interview ki call aaye gi…. Sach main to hona b yahi chahye …..

  46. YaAR wese jo b hona hai jaldi jaldi ho jaye ab to raat ko Sony se phly…. Saara saara din or subh uthty he pehla khayal ATF ka aata hai or har guzarta din tension barha raha hai

  47. wow great conversation i have read over here…
    Yeah we r graduates, we have been through itny difficult steps now we ppl are here… Allah pak loves hardworkers.. Even for once ,but they defintly get golden chance in their life. May Allah help us all and put us on the way which is best for us. Ameen

  48. I’m going to share my life experience
    I got raped when I was 5 & that guy said sorry to me few years that time I was a cute kid & I forgave that guy for what he did to me because forgiveness is what I like the most.
    Matric,got supply in maths,2nd attempt ,failed again.3rd attempt,started prayer,prayed & worked hard,gave my paper,in 2nd shift,I gave another guy’s paper & at the same time,gave my friend’s paper who was sitting next to me,the examiner had got me suspicious case,but GOD saved me,when my friend came to me after exam,he said,examiner was saying,”ye lrka us billi ankhun waly ki jga paper deny aya tha lekin m ne nahi pkra”,economics’ double crossing paper at 2nd shift got me down & I passed in supplementary examination.
    later I went for hons & after 1 year,double crossed again by college,consulted my teacher who is professor in superior uni,he told me to quit,instead of wasting 4 years in future,it’s good to just let it go now…I had my 1st crush in college,but I never ever had balls to go & tell her,I like you.during all this time,I was praying,crying,GOD save my year please but things got worse & I lost one year,had to quit as per sir’s “mashwara” :p.during 2nd semester,my english teacher said to me,in my teaching career,I’ve never seen such self made assignment.
    you guys don’t know how much I prayed & cried during all these years & things were never on my side…your life is an exam,if you fail you get down,depression & all that kind of stuff I’ve been through was very painful.
    then on FACEBOOK,which I deleted few days ago because of lack of interest in it,I made 1st female friend,she had a fake a/c but later,she told me everything about herself,I used to tell him about my crush,on feb 14,2012 after 2 years of friendship I proposed her.baqi story baad main,lesson abi rehta hai :P

  49. i have been through this forum many times actually i was not getting the way to comment over here.. Well a really very healthy discussion… Dont worry at all… I have a precious suggestion for all. Allah loves us more than 70 mothers… Wherever he takes us,, i assure u that path wll b best for us. Let it be.. Just relax. Im also waitng for result. May Allah help us.ameen

  50. Then she said awww so sweet bla bla.but didn’t say “yes”,she’s completely my type girl,& I love her habit & everything,throughout these years,she helped me,& forced me to work hard,motivated me,but never said ‘I love u” to me,which is very embarrassing for you guys I guess,but I’m ok with it.I never heard her voice,just saw her one time when she forced me to come,I saw her for 5 seconds then I told her,I’m going,I can’t face you.she was with family…
    these are enough problems for one,then in it,got 3 shocks,stats,english,accounting.I started asking GOD,what do you want from me?????many more questions,shortening my all problems & questions to GOD,I worked hard & passed them,& in part II,I gave my 110% & got 410 marks….totally stupid …
    all those who say,never give up & other crap,”just say” ….I’m tired of this shit now,I used to offer special nafals for army selection,but I got 868 in graduation.
    in your life,sometimes even if you work hard,you fail,like me….overcome the failure,overcome the problems,if something goes wrong against your wish,just think,GOD has planned something else for you……this is a last chance for me,I strongly believe on GOD’s hard,be honest,respect you parents & all girls waiting for bus on bus stops,be a man.learn to respect others,live your life me,you’ll be happy in your whole life.You’re lucky you’ve an internet connection in your home while there’re some ppl who don’t’ve money to eat!
    Thank to ALLAH in every moment of your life,you can walk,talk,listen,feel,jump,see,sleep,eat.what else do you want.imagine if you didn’t have a leg,eye,ear,arm????
    stay blessed & please,never give up.if you’re honest & satisfied from yourself,no matter what happens,you’ll control it.
    now if me or you failed to pass the last hurdle of C.T.D,don’t stop & keep moving…’s very hard to say these motivational lines seriously…..
    I want to be something for that girl whom I last said “I love you” 1.5 years ago & my parents.I don’t have time to ear more than 50k in one year or so.
    & I don’t even know if she loves me or not,but I know she atleast likes me,she’s really an ideal girl.I love her,but she has stopped me from saying this,because she fears,oneday,if her father says no,this guy will get still hurts & will hurt at that time too.
    pray for me.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.Pray to ALLAH,Trust ALLAH.Everything will be ok!!!!!!!!

  51. sohail bro jUs concern on ur job as i listened that ‘jin officers ne hamare interview lene hain wo b yeh comments parh rahe hain so they would never recommend sUch a loOser so be positive n always think positive n make ur intentions positive as Hadees ” amaal ka daromadar niyyaton per hai” listen more maaah life’s Xperience i can do whatever i want as i want to do something the things become easy fohhh meh even i perchased the books before 10 days ov examination n maaaah mom was admit in hospital buhhh i managed the situation n serve her as well as i could , i passed the examination n in my each program i passed with good marks n han yaaar i jUs completed my llb part 3, i believe that niyyat aChi rakho hoUta aCha e hai apni soch n niyat ko acha kr lo n Allah per yaqin rakh lo as Allah says in QURAN, aur beshak her insan k lie woi hai jo uski soch main houta hai, so please dUn be senty n believe meh there are some faUlts in uU rather than ur lUck or God’s blessing… n ur story ov crUsh is not visible or acceptable being a mUslim so uU kese shikwa kr skte o us chEez kaaa which is not allowed in Islaaaam, in last i jUs say fohhh uU that God bless uU alot n uU will get sUccess in all the fields ov life ……

  52. i wanna say alot ov things buhhh i dUn know what i have to say n under what circumstances i have to type as somewhere uU used urslef a looser n somewhere opposed, somewhere uU are talking aboUt the love with a girl whiCh is strongly forbidden by islam n islam stated that all the boys n girls are sister n brothers until they get married n in other hand uU are talking aboUt Islam n the things which granted us by God, mr. please dUn try to show ur artificial face n show urself as genuinly uU are , dUn try to use sUch wording although which is effeCting buhhh infaCt it doesn represent ur real face kher i think i mUstaaa stop here n please if anything by meh hUrt uU then i apologize to uU,,,,,,

  53. Dude?officers don’t have retard time to google & click on a creepy link to check who is saying what kind of crap…
    Behan bhai thing,don’t give this to me,artificial thing,don’t give it to me.Read the story carefully,with a clean mind.I’m not a loser,& I love my GOD,I’ve said sorry for everything already,I’m not here to prove anything,I’m here to teach a lesson to a sensable ones around here.what’s prohibited in ISLAM & what not,I know
    I’m not here to impress anyone,how can you judge my intention dude
    ?& while giving interview,I’ll be smilling & I’ll talk positively.I’m not posting my facebook id links here saying,add me & I’ll give you tips like you’re in the selection committee…
    my words might look harsh to you but the way you judge others is very pathetic & selfish…..improve it,I’ve mistakes I know,but I’ll never lie,I’ll never try to be a “wanna be”,& I’ll never ever judge ppl like you do.make up your own thought & say to someone,you suck is very offensive
    I never touched that girl #1,never heard her voice,#2 I don’t like chasing girls,staring them.that’s just what I’m sharing,I have no negative feelings for her… sure are not recommended by ISSB pal…….I’ve to explain myself again for what I wrote above????
    Be honest,original,learn how to judge people.cheers mate,no fight.It’s just a way to express myself,might help you out!!!!!

  54. & at the time of my exams,my father was in hospital,I kept books with me in hospital
    in intermediate ,I was hospitalized myself,apendix operation.I finished 3rd among 120+ guys in physical test’s 1st step which was running,I could’ve finished 1st but there was no position thing so my speed was average.I got 56 marks without any preparation .I was preparing for G.A.T.Am I a loser?today,I can get a job easily,but I don’t like desk job.that’s why I’m here,if you so passed the ISSB test,(dream of a young gun to pass),why did you leave ????why’d someone do stuff like this?????
    They way I ask to GOD according to you isn’t the way you think.I don’t ask,never did so.I always talk to GOD.Who’re we to ask something to GOD?

  55. main nay apanay ik dost jo k NTS main kam krta hi us ssay poucha hai psychological test and according to him “humein nae pata, hum nay test lay kr Police Department ko bajva dein hain”
    mehray kyal main ab Police Department k rahm o karm pay hain hum lock,,,,

  56. it seems as that uU are changed after reading oUt maaaah comments n um happy with this that i have changed one toward positivity Thank God …

  57. try to make urself that much deep,, so u could nt tell a single secret of ur previous life to any one except Allah… N we dont need to tell Allah,, he already knows us. Make ur life a mystery for others.

  58. Sohail, i read abt ur life history, u r not a looser, ur trust on ALLAH, and ur hope 4 suces, are appreciable, but u shd nt mention ur secrts,
    And Bilal , waqae ap sahe judge nae krtay logo ko. Dont mind.

    • there’re no seats for a specific area.they’ll pick the ones whom they’ll prefer.

  59. you’re so right @aqsa but bilal,your comments irritated me,nothing can change me…I was regretting whole day why I said all this here,I don’t share anything with my friends,it was the hype that forced me to do so I guess.
    & jahan tak raha interview,I’ve given 3 interviews so far,one was very very hard kinda interview.& that interviewer hugged me before saying bye,I was shortlisted but later I left that job without telling that guy who took my interview.
    make your judging think positive please!!!!!
    Bilal p.s if you so love your country,why didn’t you join “Rescue 1122″,police,army????????why this job with 75,000????

  60. Govt so gai hai???…..Terrorist attack py attack kiye ja rahy hain ……yaar kab lain gy interview???

  61. Guyys plzzzz bb calm……sohail bhai Aala thought i like it… nd bilal bhai u r also right that sohail need not to share this kind ov info at this forum…
    u all jst pray for success…this iz the time to pray…

    • Mahnoor Khan; Inshallah Test ka Result acha aye ga. And then Preparation for Interviews, it’s not a simple interview, its just Like ISSB Interview, Inshallah App sub ne Himmat kari hey. I hope; All Candidates will be Succeeded. (Ameen) Because it’s your Big Efforts in All NTS Test of Corporals Post.

      Good Luck with Best Regards to all members;
      From Admin;
      Malik Muhammad Younis

  62. Abi abi aik news pata chali hai k jitny candidate psychological test main appear hvy sab ko interview ki call aaye gi or February 12 tk govt ne final list zaroor banani hai……….. Agr kisi k pass koi or update ho to plz share…..

  63. mr. i want to sUrvive maaah coUntry as well as i want to be a martyr aCcording to maaah mom’s wish buhhh i prefer this job because i want to save maaaahself from bribe n in other fields i cant bear maaah expenditUres, meh ki family k maamlaat aise hain k meh kUch naa b kroOn to life ko easily n aChy se spend kr skta hon buhhhh mje mUlk ko survive krne k sath sath apne parents ki expectations ko b pora krna hai n ik kaamyab insaaan b bun’na hai n life ko aChy se spend b krna hai physically fit b rehna hai n n n n n n there are alot ov things which forCe meh to stand up fohhh this post, n if uU take maaaah anything in wrong sense or it create anything worse fohhh uU then please forgive meh n may b meh ghalt keh raha hon coz i think at maaah own perception n uU are on ur so one is sUrely right n wrong either uU or meh……….

  64. n listen life is the name that , how we sUrvive upon difficUlties , becaUSe everyone either he is president ov pakistan or a slave have to pass throUgh alot ov problems. n if we passed throUgh problems yeh hamari jeet nai hai buhhh jeeet yeh hai k hUm problems ko solve kr k khUsh rehte hain n satisfied rehte hain rather than hUm log dispointed ho jayen n shikwa shikayat start kr den, n uU ne apni life ka koi ik positive point nai btaya k jisko dekh kr koi ap per rishk kerta infaCt uU showed each n everything whiCh forCe us to show our sympathy fohhh uU, remember onething that hamesha logon se hamdardi show kroO n kUbi b aise naaa bUno k log apse hUmdardi kren coz haaarey hUwe logon se log hUmdardi krte hain , kher um really very sorry n apologize fohhh sUch wording which is irritating fohhh uU buhh believe meh i did’t ever want to distUrb any person so please aCcept maaaah sorry , i have nothing to say on this matter, do best in interview n pray fohhh meh please n God bless us n believe meh main to yeh soch kr halkaan ho raha hon k jo seleCt nai hon ghey mean 2948 main se 1000 select hon ghey n baaqi reject so um not happy with sUch kind ov interview as some will be rejeCted n some will b recommended n i was praying whole the time that may GOD enter anything in c.m’s mind that he will increase the seats to 2948 mean wo kahe k jinho ne n.t.s written test pass kiyaaa hai wo recommended hain n agr ik larka b rejeCt ho ga chahe main rejeCt na b hon to believe meh mje uska utna e dUkh ho ga jitna mje khUd ka dUkh hoUta :o so please pray fohhhh all . . . . .

    • Bilal ap ny kaha k koe b lrkha rejct huwa to yahi lgay ga k ap huway, oar lrki rejct honay ka koe afsos nae hoga?
      Any way thumbs up. Very great thinking. Best of luch. ALLAH kray ap selct ho jayen. Mery lye b dua krna sb plz, mera jun0on hai pak k lye kuch krna.

  65. plz jst shrare th info acording th atf only. dnt detrack othrs frm th main line. jst stick to th point.

  66. uff.a lot of conversation done on non relative issue. please come those
    guys on front who had previous experience of interview and inform those issues who will have to face a new guy in interview.
    please dont un secerat your personal life.and bilal&sohail you seem like experienced.please share the points of interview.
    ayesha sarfrraz we are missing your infos.

  67. i think ayesha naraz hi gi hai,,, koi update nei kr rhei,,,,,
    or koi hal jul b nei ho rhi hai interview ki,,,,,,,, agr tohra or time guzra or hel jul na hoi tu morral b down ho jahy ga,,,,,,,,

  68. Yr corporals job result ya koi b new update is number 03456865262 per sms kr diya kro plz ma net nai hr waqat istmal kr sakta qk idhar backward area hai hmara

  69. degree verification aisy kesy ho jay g when they dont know our rool numbers and other degree details……

  70. Haan yaar degree verification kesy ho skti hai…. Main ne to sirf un ko form he send kia tha with 2 pictures and NIC copy……… Haan yeh baat theek hai k 2948 candidates ko he call aaye gi

    • ham ny roll nmbrs form pay likhy thy apny instituitions b or marks wgera b. Wha se hogi verification.

  71. Salam to all
    Nice conversations, I have a news that vacancies have being increases to 1500.1000 for the new comers and 500, they are hiring from Elite squad…..if any one have authentic information regarding interview, than please do share it over here with reference.Thanks

  72. A three-member committee has been constituted to look after the matters pertaining to Counter-Terrorism Department. The committee was formulated during a meeting held here. Provincial Minister for Environment Protection and Chairman Police Reforms Committee Col (r) Shuja Khanzada was in the chair.

    Home Secretary Punjab, Inspector General Police and others were also present in the meeting. Talking to the participants, the minister said the government would not tolerate any obstacle in the establishment of Counter-Terrorism Department and would complete this task very soon. He said this department would be the first of its nature in Pakistan. The briefing on training and administrative matters regarding first counter-terrorism course at Elite Police Training School was also given to the minister. The minister directed to prepare a brief report on all these matters which could be presented to the chief minister for approval as soon as possible.

  73. You’ve written your id card number
    The university from where you were graduated
    kia budhu samaj rkha hai inko,apna khali num e dy do us sy be sab kuch pta lagwa laingy k liye koi masla nahi hai,thanks to one who posted this link
    interview frequently asked questions:
    Tell us about yourself,family
    how many sisters?what if I raped your sister?mother & all kind of questions,jis sy ap temper lose kr jaeen,for girls IDK what kind of questions will be.
    you’ve internet,use google
    why you want to join this force?never ever reply with “I love my country & I want to die for it or any kind of emotional reply”
    pick your own answer today by thinking why ?
    your 3 strengths? weakness points?& many more unexpected questions
    do not move your hands again & again without any reason
    your legs,relax.I’m searching for a link I read 1 year ago,let’s see if I can find it to help you & myself…

  74. The first impression you make on a potential employer can make a big difference. The first judgement an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. That’s why it’s always important to dress appropriately for a job interview.
    Be attentive, listen patiently and let the interviewer finish hi question. Do not interrupt in between. And if you have any doubts or you did not understood the question, clear clear about it first.
    Be precise and accurate with regard to dates and other such references. Answer in brief and to the point and need not explain a lot. Use proper and relevant words and phrases and try to keep the conversation friendly.
    Be open and clear, while answering. Your answers represent your personality and thoughts and so be sure how you represent yourself.
    Be focused while answering and adhere to subject-matter and do not deviate trying to be impressive or to showcase your knowledge.
    Be calm and patient and answer when asked to. Do not get too exited knowing the answer cutting the interviewer in between the question at once and dropped in silent at the other question not knowing the answer.
    Keep optimistic approach while giving answers, this will help you get a good impression. As positive thinking helps you foresee the situation and formulate solutions and spot the opportunities and strengths in tough times.
    Be analytical and logical in your answers, and back your answers with examples and facts, as that would establish your authenticity.
    Do supplement your answers with appropriate body language and posture. Keep smiling but do not laugh unnecessarily or move your hands awkwardly.

  75. friends,

    i just emailed to NTS and they replay me this ” Dear Candidate,

    Please wait soon the updates will be uploaded on NTS web site.Please keep visiting NTS web site.”
    you can also email them or cal them,, the email id and num say availible on NTS home website.

    its mean the result of psychological test will announce by NTS. and may be some candidate will short list for interview.

  76. Duniya news wala link download nae ho rha oar bohat bareek hai, i cant read it. Kya koe outline btaeyga k us link mai kya news hai?

  77. aqsa dUn woryy yaaaar 2000 boys agr seleCT hone k lie meri pray hai toU un k lie atleast 1000 larkiyaaaa to zroOr honi chahie nai to larkionper pressUre zaada parh jaye ga :p kaaam ka pressUre naUghty boys n girls pata nai kiyaaa kiyaaa soChna shrow kr dete o uU log b :p :*

  78. there is nothing to tell us coz Ayesha hUmy sUb kUCh bta chUki hai abi kUCh new news aye gi to btaye gi naaaaa so dUn worry i strongly expecting ayesha’s entry here buhhh with some aUthentic news n info regarding corporals :)

  79. she told you to keep reading e-papers,& the dunia news link says it all,my friend’s friend at p.m house said,they’re verifying personal infos of candidates,criminal background,authentication of marks/degrees’s not a big deal for agencies to find this stuff today.early 2 weeks of february will be interview days….
    27jan,army retired officers will give interview,11 will be selected,later our interviews will be held,there’s no pass/fail in a psychological test.
    you must be intelligent & physically short “Merit”
    keep praying guys,GOD bless you all!

  80. ahan… Ok lets see whats gonna b happened nd whats waiting for us … :) 1 suggestion for all.. Apni traf se preparation keren but Allah ki zaat pay yqeen intihaai pukhta kr lain jb ye yqeen pakka hota ha then we ppl get a sort of confidence k Allah ki zaat sath hai koi tensn wali bat ni. Tc :)

  81. Sb baten chor kr ye socho k In-Shaa-Allah nxt month me hm sb ak sath hu gy….training k silsily me….wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooo boht khushi hoti he ye soch ki sb se bari wish he ye meri…..Allah tala hm sb ko kamyab kary. Ameen

  82. excUse meh mr. AbdUllah i want ur roll nUmber as uU got 86 marks, aCcording to maaah perception uU are lying so uU ko apna nUmber post krne main koi problem nai honi chahie n Ayesha madam uU b apna roll nUmber post kroO with a bundle ov sorry aCtually fakers ko pakrne k lie uU se b demand ki coz yahan boht log jhooth bol rahe hain aboU their marks ?? n sohail thanks fohhh sUch a valued news n noOr uU k marks kitne hain as well as uU ka roll nUmber kiyaaa hai n uU ka f.b adreSs ooh sorry sorry f.b adreSs jaldi main poCh gaya so pehle jaldi se iska ans kr do baaqi baaad main dekhte rahen ghey :p

  83. a.o.a my name is ahmad mujtaba currently working in core 4 pak army . mera question ye hai k kia sb log jinho n personality test dia un ko interview call aye gi ? sorry mein n sb comments nai parhay ap sb logo k . kia kisi ko is k baray mein info hai . thanx

    • VERIFICATION OF MARKS/DEGREES & CHARACTER,EVER INVOLVED IN A CRIMINAL ACT OR NOT.Those who gave fake info in forms plus ever involved in criminal activities will not receive interview call!

    • Ahmad, abi kuch cnfrm nae, kaha to yahi ja rha hai k sbko cal ki jaey gi. Lekn 1 news mai yeh b hai k NTS pycho test mai b shortlist kray gay candidates ko. Ab agagy ALLAH maalik

  84. Mr Bilal. do i look like an idiot who can just give his important details such as father name and CNIC to a total stranger… you must be disappointed but for your verification i can simply post my picture of result.. and i think it would be enough.. and brother sohail is right. stop being judgmental sire !!!

  85. i wonder if i can ever be a ” super cooool dude ” using maaaaaah (at first i thought it was a mis spelled version of Maa [mother] only later to realize that the gentleman is using the Maaah to express “My” [So cooO0lL isn't he :D ] ) …

    soooo where was I .. aha yess… in order to be a really smart guy i think that i am actually in need of a teacher…. some one who can teach me to use Fohhh for “FOR” and a (double) u> uU for you.. i will be soo lucky to have a teacher who can teach me such Martian, Oh Nooo, i think this is Mercurial language of Mercury…. You know what, i was actually thinking of advertising in daily jang for such mercurial teacher but then i thought that i should first consult my reverend fellows.. should take their precious advise for any such teacher… so folks please help me with learning this Extra Terrestrial Language and recommend me a Funky, super cooool teacher… thanks for your help and God bless You All :)

    PS. GUYS !! I’m SERIOUS !!! :D

  86. why everybody around here,sorry not everybody trying to bend the neck of other candidate down?????why is jealousy prevailing around here?what is the problem?& admin if you’re reading this,I’d be very very thankful to you if you delete my 2 idiotic comments about myself posted on 23/01/2014 at 11:50 pm & the one after this one.I can’t delete them.thankyou
    If he says he got 86 marks & anyother person says I’ve got 90,there’s no big deal,I don’t like to investigate his marks because it’s my should mind his own business,that’s a positive thinking if I’m not wrong & I can’t put a “taveeeeez” in my comments to show that I’m not being feel bad,kthanksbye
    S T O P F I G H T I N G

    • Pagal ho gay ho sb log? Q larh rhay ho? Bilal kisi k marks beshk 100 hon, aisay nae krtay, oar Abdulah
      koe martian language uze kray ya plotian, hamen es say kya?
      Plz sb k lye dua kren,

  87. i got 69 marks, but i agree wid sohail why we ppl r trying to pull the legs of each other??? If i have told about my marks u should blv on that bilal cz itni choti bat main jhoot na to mjy koi faida dega na apko koi nuqsan. Bilal i have read ur all comments and i think u need to b positive… Try to think beyond the thinking level of general ppl my dear.

  88. Ek doosray ko criticize krnay sy betr hai k well wisher bnay sb k.
    ALLAH kray agr hm sb esi batch mai select ho gaey to ap log tb b lrhtay rho gay kya? Oar mai bichari apko smjhati rhu gi :-) :-)

  89. Oh Yesssssss!all prospective corporals are here….I m Javed from kasur.. lggy rhy o munna bhai..I got 59 thore hen mgr kam k hen

  90. Guys best of luck.
    U will soon get interview call
    Either on nts web or directly at ur home address.
    Be patient.
    And prepare well for interview.
    Be orignal in interview and ans by your own mind not with the help of material on web because majority will ans in the same way(cram answers)
    Ur own thinking is unique…

  91. Collection of most common interview questions and answers. Review these typical common interview questions and think about how you would answer them.

    1. Tell me about yourself?

    It is the common and the most important question in every interview. This question is very crucial for the interviewer to have the first impression of the candidate. Most effective way is to prepare your self for several times. If you are well focused on the skills, the interviewer will concentrate on the accomplishments done by you and you will feel comfortable while saying answers. If it is a campus interview then start describing your schooling, college and professional studies in a sentence or two, then talk about family members and then switch over to achievements in your college in a systematic way.

    If it is an executive or managerial position you may introduce yourself briefly and then describe your experience in the industry and detailed explanation of your success in the last company. If gives a chance tells about yourself, what will you do in this organization and how will you do things much better. Use these words I am a self starter, highly motivated, energetic, result oriented, good communicator, co-operative and a team player as this will creates a good impression.

    2. What are your strong points?

    It looks like a simple question but employer checks whether your strengths are matching the profile. The answer to the question how you will meet the challenges if that job is given to you, will decide more than 20 percent of success in the interview. In General strong points are: Ability to deal with the people, Technical expertise, Organized, Efficient, Good listener, Confidence level, Initiative, Creative mind, Friendly nature, Computer skills, Analytical skills, Communication skills, Problem solving skills, Positive attitude, I esteem depends on the job profile you have to decide which one is suitable for you. Be honest, if necessary elaborate it with the example. It makes better impression.

    3. What are your weaknesses?

    It is the most dangerous question in the interview whatever you say just try to convert the negative point to positive way. You always focus on the positive while interviewing. For example:If you are a software engineer, I was completely addicted to the programs whenever I start coding. I would sit on it until it executes the perfect output. If it was not executed perfectly I would keep on working on it and I do not talk with anybody. I refer to books and consult superiors. Even some times my friends scold me because of this reason. So you can frame your answer in this way.

    4. What are your hobbies?

    This question is to check the area of interest and how much knowledge do you have in that. Please do not mention Internet browsing, trading in stock market, late night parties which can influence him negatively. Be careful while telling hobbies because if you said reading books then he will ask which type of books, who is your favorite author why do you like him, questions will go in depth. If you say tennis, question that follows: Who is the latest French open winner, What is the length of the court. So tell the hobby over which you have good knowledge, then it creates good impression. Morning walk, plantation are good hobbies.

    5. Why were you not better in school/college?

    My school/college is one of the best in the city. My school/college is strict when compared to other ones. I participated in the cultural activities, sports etc. I even won awards for punctuality, attendance, science, projects and seminars. I realized value of education and my marks have always been above average in my school/college.

    6. Can you explain about the gaps in your career or in your studies?

    Generally interviewers will think that the candidates with gaps do not have capabilities to do the job. So you have to provide convincing answer for the interviewers. You can say: Long illnesses, if you have any proof just keep it with you. Whenever interviewer ask for it just show it to him. Extra courses you have done to improve your skills, certificate of that course should be with you while going for the interview.If you had done any projects in that time keep your project work with you only. It will add a plus point to you. So be honest and tactful.

    7. What you have learned from your mistakes?

    Great things are learned by mistakes. If you do not commit mistakes you will not learn new things. I take risks to ensure that work is done. If I failed then it is a mistake. I will concentrate on the mistakes to recover it as soon as I can and I will gain knowledge from that so I can suggest it to my workers also. From my childhood I have learned so many things how to take risks. I have learned how to respond when problem suddenly occurs, problem solving techniques, confidence etc. It makes me a successful person in life.

  92. noor main uU per believe ki baaat nai kr raha aCtually ik aur website per abdUllah ne ayesha ka mazak urraya hai by showing himself superior than ayesha n yeh baaaat mje aChi nai lagi coz ayesha guides us alot so we shoUld defend her, n wese b abdUllah jo ayeshaaa jesi larki se taUnt way main baaat kr skta hai mera belief hai k us k itne marks nai aa skte so i want his roll nUmber specially…

  93. Mene ik news suni he k kuch logon ko police or isi department se calz a rhe hen js me unki details aur un k area k 2 se 3 log jo unhe jante hon un k num lie ja rhe hen.un k marks 65 plus kia ap me se kse ko asi cal ai he?agr ae he to tell me.

  94. noor dekha uU ne k abdullah ne jhoothy resUlt se ayeshaaa se taUnt way main baaat ki n shyd wo isi lie comment nai kr rai so let meh know kiyaaaa abdullah ki waja se hUm ik aise shakhs se door nai ho gaye jo hamare bright fUture k lie boht zrori thi kher bright fUture seperate hai wo hamare lie voluntarily sub kuch kr rai thi n Abdullah k is act ne mje hUrt kiyaaaa hai buhhh still i apologize to him if i hurt him n in the meanwhile i advise him to stop sUch kindaaa fake info at this page which will decide our fUture ….

  95. sorry AQSA main injUStice dekhte huwe b chup nai reh skta so is jurm ki jo saza bunti hai wo mje de do , kisi ko koi huq nai bunta k without struggle kisi ki position per fake ways se qaabiz ho i will not allow anyone to do it, kher mr. Abdullah i.d card main uU ka abi search out kr k post kr skta hon then what will uU do n i.d card ka no. nadra ki website se b out kiyaaa ja skta hai buhhh …… kher let it go n maaaaah nUmber is 420213 everyone may do whatever with this i allow every person….

  96. this is sooo hilarious… i can’t help myself but LMAO…. hahahahahahaha….. admin you are absolutely right … you are correct :)

    okay Aqsa , maann li aap ki baat.. chill yaar, i was not quarreling but shugal hai yaawwrr :P … khair i am calm :)


    khair Anyone watched this Serial > Arrow ? ?? if you haven’t then do watch this its the best Drama…

  97. BTW brother bilal i respect Ladies but those who show attitude should be shown attitude… regardless i apologized her …

    assuming that i don’t have the numbers i claim and i am lying, viewing these words of yours :-
    “n wese b abdUllah jo ayeshaaa jesi larki se taUnt way main baaat kr skta hai mera belief hai k us k itne marks nai aa skte ”

    would you be kind enough to tell me how much marks i have got ? now that you are judging my education by assuming my words then please tell us. i am eager to see my marks which you think i have got..

    no offense sir but after my comment to sister ayesha, she did commented for some days. now if she is not commenting then you think i am the cause of this… get a life man …you mentioned this page will decide our future…. with all due respect i beg to differ and say ” pages don’t decide future, its the person who decides his future….”

    PS. i will be glad to know my CNIC ..please dig it out.. i assume an advocate has the authority to dwell into interrogative matters…

  98. ye cheeni japani name wala kon hai bhai jisny intvw k questions diy hain. Thnx for the info.

  99. i am really sorry if i offended someone…

    but i think instead of becoming informative someone has provoked distraction from the main objective.

    • kch logon ko clz ae hen malsi(vehari).un ki verifacation ho gae he.mere 54 hen per mje abi tk cl ni ae.kya koi vehari se he jise cl ae ho?

  100. suna hai kuch larkoo ki varification hoi hai,,, but kitnay num walo ki hoi hai ye nei pata,,,, allah hum sub ko kyabyab kry,,,,

  101. I got 58. Today I received a call from special branch I went to my home town police station. They checked my documents as well as cnic n passport n take a recent pic.
    Best wish for all. :-)

  102. mera aik friend hai us k marks 54 hain or baki aik 2 or b larkyy hain un k 54 se b kam hain un ki verification k liye un se milny koi police wala aaya tha un k gaon … un se kaha apny gaon k Numbedar se verify karwa do…………

  103. kiyaaaa yaaad kroO ghey ap log main ab nai larhta kisi se :0 saaady nal rahwoO ghey te aish kroO ghey….

  104. yr ye ab verification wala kia chaker shoro ho gia hai,,,??????????????? rolay hi roaly hain yahan

    • but mera original bsc ka result card to uni men submit hua wa hai.. Ab kia photocopy show kr doon agr mjhy call ay to?

  105. abi kisi ki b verification shuru nahi hui. subha monday s verification ka process shuru hona h . and abhi degrees ki verification nahi horahi just character ki and family background ki ho rahi plz be calm

  106. yaaar kis nUmber se call aa rai ha8 fohhhhh interview ki call actually main wrong number pick nai krtaaa n aj mje 2 3 wrong numbers se call ayi b7hhh i did not pick it upn also let meh know if anyone fail to pick their call to kiyaaa usy dobara call ki jaye gi k nai ??

  107. or 65 plus walo ko hi bulana hota to 50 criteria na rkhty… 65 hi rkhty. Or calls wala kia chkr ha?? Nts ki site pay result ana hai unko mail kro to wo yai khty hain.

  108. what the hell is going on yaar.ALLAH py barhosa rakho……agr rizq likha hoga to pur dunia b lg jae tmse wo cheen nahi sakti,riaq tmhare hisy ka jo hai,wo mout sy zayada tmhara peecha karta hai,mout baad main aegi,pehly rizq mily ga.
    all’re lying,trust me.don’t go on these unknown ppl,they never commented here,aj aa k comments kr ry hain,wo bhi us link py,jispe hm sb galati sy aa gae

    • what you roll num?first two digits if you don’t want to expose your identity,well no one of us will be going to your home.guess if they are verifying according to rollno order.123456?maybe?

  109. kal main khud jaunga dudh ka dudh aur pani ka pani karny.aisi ki taisi.I’ll post the info I’ll get & don’t ask me whom I’ll meet,I’m not going to meet I.G LOL

  110. 55 marks han or un ke pas detail ha jo form pe di thi hm ne baki wo detail pochein ge or 2 person ka nam add or number lein ge verify k lie

  111. ya to order wise horhi hain calls ya area wise.. Cz yhan kisi ko call nhi ai… But wo log jo aj yhan commntng kr rrhy hain unko ai hai. Jb k hm b very commn cities se hain. Ya phr scnd option yhi ha k its a new rumor, hmary marks b unk criteria k accordng sufficient hain ,koi criminal bakground nai hai. There is nothing to deny or ignore us.. So wait for some time, jo b hona hua samny ajayga.

  112. I think being original , honest and showing a golden heart along with your devotion to your self is the key to be successful in any arena.

  113. To accomplish great things,
    We must not only act,
    But also dream,
    Not only plan but also believe,
    Best wishes for your interview.

    May Allah Pak make your dreams true and accomplish your all wishes (Aameen)

  114. Salam friendz, Mai rwp sy hon, kul special branch sy aik bandy ki call i adress confirm ker k gar aaya tha sirf id card check kiya or family ka pucha bus or chala gya.

  115. oye kashif wo mobilee number e send kr do ta k hum us se mazeed detail b le saken ??

  116. Dont worry guys u all will receive call from special branch.
    I ask frm a personal when i went for verification.
    They have list of all candidates passed in written and probably will call each n every candidate

  117. G verification k ly m gaya unhuny one copy of character certificate one pic and copy of I.d card ..300 rupee kehta h beta nadra s ap Ka record nikalwana h is lay …pyara Pakistan..

  118. Kasur k 57 candidates just for interview bcoz thy hv passed nts test .don’t upset everyone would b called for interview.. b ready 4 interview all guys nd girls…

    Fresh ho jao

    Blue eyes,hypnotise tri krdia menu

  119. Admin sab confusion door kr den, k kya khichrhi pk rhi hai? Verifcation ki? Agr apko reality pta hai to?

    • Salam;

      Dear All visitors, Hamain abhi aik khufia zarai say information mili hey, from Home Department of Corporals Punjab, keh 5 Times Security Clearance har candidate ki ho gi jo Psychological test main clear hain and then Interviews will be held on approximately Sunday 23-02-2014. Sab People confusion main hain keh Asal main kiya ho raha hey. Yeh real information hey. Agar app Allah per yaqeen raktey hain.

      Thanks with Best Regards,
      Muhammad Younis

      • WalaikumASslam
        really thanks sir admin m.younas sab for ur kind reply, plz news/info update krtay rha kren. Thanks

  120. any update about verification call for lahore candidates…..

    m from lahore cantt and roll number is from 2622…..

    if anyone from lahore get call call plzz update

  121. Aoa..mere dost umair ko call i aj,he got 52 marks.and i think area wise ho raha ha.his residence is in humak.mere 64 marks thae But still not get any call from SB.or mostly rawalpindi saddar k kisi ko b call nahi i abi tak

    • Bhai mjay kul mgrb time call i or location confirm ker k banda aaya fir. Rialto chowk murre road Rwp

  122. salam.soMe personnals from special branch came to my home,n asked detail about faMILY,BACK GROUND,ETC,ETC………BUT THEY DIDNT CHECK ANY OV MY MY DOCUMENTS…THey said that security clearence for the post of corporals is going on…

  123. Matt! !
    Remember one thing we cannot send our documents to NTS HQ. Am i ri8 so what type of verification ??????
    And these process adopt when final Selection is clear ?? Stay Calm and Remember JO B HU HUMRY Haq ma behter Ho ! ! ! :-D

  124. mery 60 marks hai, rwp sy hon. Kul mgrib time special branch ka banda aaya tha gar, family information li or sirf orgnal id card dekha bs.

  125. Mai Rwp sy hon, NTS k test mai 60 marks thy kul mgrib time special branch sy aik banda aaya tha mera I.D card dekha or detail puchi or bus chala gya.

  126. Salam
    I am from Rawalpindi and not yet received any call from SB.I got 62 in written. There are confusions, like the security clearance process starts after recruitment and how the documents can be verified, even we didn’t have submitted them.The strategies are yet to be decided,nothing is clear, in some areas, security clearance is going on roll number wise and in some location wise.I have an info that every one would be called for interview.Might be possible, among these 2950 candidates, excluding the selected ones, would be preferred in next group of recruitment, in an other batch, why because the ongoing security clearance processs. Thanks

  127. mje b call ayi n verify k3r liyaaa hai unho ne yaaar ik formality he pori ker rahe hain n hawaldaaar level k officer just yeh verify kr rahe hain k koi criminal record to nai hai aur kisi taliban tanzeem se raabta to nai n family k baarey main pochey ghey n its enough formal that wo meh ko keh raha tha that phone per he verify krwa do coz its a formality buttt mene kaha k nai jeee nai uncle mene to apse mil k e verify krwani hai so need not to be worry coz jin k pass call yaa koi police wala naaa aye unka wo khud e fill out kr len ghey magr jo pass hain wo ointerview zror den ghey

  128. Tou zahir hai lrhkiyo ki parhay gi.
    Fsd mai abi kisi ki nae hui wo to thek.
    Mai ovral bat kr rhi hu k jin areas mai lrhko ki verif. Ho ri hai? Kya waha kisi lrki ki b hui?

    • 2 feb ko final clearance report home department ko send kerni hey. Soon u will receive a call…

  129. no.. Only bilal got da call yhan pay commnt bht difficulty se hota hai cell se dats y ma ny usy msg kia ha fb py … Shayd koi info ml jay..

  130. Anyone from lhr???????? i got 70 but not yet received any call……contact me 03124051075

  131. this is usman and I was called by police official CID for the varification of my record
    I was good in it
    hopes u all guys will summon soon

    • AOA.
      I have a confusion that everybody who has secured more than 50 score and attempted psychological test will be called for interview..?
      tell me plz with authenticity..

  132. a.a , maine nts ma jo cel no dya tha woh sim he gum hogai hai .kya mje koi guide kr skta hai please i got 68 marks , roll no 140134 , cell 03470525853

    • aap apne area k larkon se rabta rakhen jab unki verification k lie call aye aap usi number par back call kar k pooch lena k apna name bta kar wo aapko bta den gay k aapka name hai ya nahi

  133. i think jin ko b call i ha un k 55 se kam number hain.ya per wahan ki police active ha :P

    • Nae bhai mery 60 or mery aik frend k 62 hai dono ko calls i hai. Im from Rwp he is from isb.

      • new town police station se ??? ma gujar khan se hn abi tak nai ahe.abi to berti he nai hoi interview rahta ha phela he mashoor kar raha hain nts wala toooo

  134. Assalam-o-Alaikum
    ufffff friends my final term exams of msc(it) held on 6 feb to 12 feb and punjab education foundation test also be conducted in 2 feb and also preparation of interw . what i do ? plz tell me friends how i prepare myself? i dont understanding him yar …………. aur meri verification ho chuki hai special branch waly karhy hain yeh verification…..

  135. Yar agar koi sialkot ka he to wo mujy wo phone no send kary jis se call aye he kun k meri abi verification nai hui my no is 03234991942

  136. yar koi gujrat ke bary me bi bata do ke kab shuru ho gi v f c.any one helppppppppppppppppp me.o gujrat waleoooooooooo


  138. I’m going to get info today if my friend comes to pick me.nobody has been called in lahore for verification so far I guess

  139. guys ap log written k marks ki bat q kr rhy ho ye to psycological test k result pe ho rhi he selection

  140. Admin I need your help

    Last 4 years I lived in China. .before go there I was living in district Sahiwal… So my ID card is from that district…. But one year before my whole family migrated to district Layyah… Now if someone will come for verification.. He will come there… But he would not find anything there……. Now what should I do???

  141. jin logo ka psycological test acha hua just unki varification h rhi hy.. mean result announce ni kia gya jusst next process start ho gya secretly.. I guess

  142. Assalamualaikum frnz,kisi lahore k bnday ya bndi ko verification call ae hai kya????

    • yes it is true aur verification nts test ki base py ho rhe hai jo 5th january ko hua tha aur un ko verification ki call aye gi jin k 50+ marks thy


  144. verification ki call un ko aye ge jin k nts k paper main 50+ marks thy jo 5th january ko hua tha

  145. im from Muridke.Distict i recieved a call from special branch 2 people come to my home and verify to me and got 2 contact no of my friends.unhon ne mujhe btaya tha ke ye jo psychological test ma clear huwe hain sirf un ki verfction ho rhi a
    dont worry ye hr kisi ko cal ae gi jo clear ha

  146. herat ki baat hy ksi b larki ko verification call nhi i,sirf larkon ki he verification q ?
    kya ksi ko sheikhupura m b i call ?

  147. finally two persons from special branch came to home 2 hours ago…..they ask different questions and gathered some information and some refernces…
    now waiting for interview and then training………
    best of luck guys

  148. Meri frnd ne nts k ct department me call ki to get some info about interview,,unhu ne kaha k security clearance ho re hy aik week mazeed lagy ga …..n i think sabh ko e interview call aay gi bcz widout interview selection possible nahi ,,,,,

  149. Adeela madam kot abdUl maalik k ik larky ki verification hUwi hai n kot abdUl malik ki ik larki ki verification b hUWi hai n ik ferozwale larky ki verification b hUwi hai n meh k pas is circle ki jo verification ker raha hai uska cell nUmber b hai if uU did’t get the call yet then tell meh i will send uU his cell nUmber :)

  150. n zaniyaaa madam they are getting the info of boys as well as girls so 1st uU have to think aboU ur verification rather than anything else :o

    • verification of what ?????apne documents submit krain thi during registration ???? its jst security clearance process ,,,

  151. koi keh rha jo psychological test me pas hua us ki hogi verification koi keh rha sab ki, kisi k pas wd proof koi news hai??

  152. verification aboU our religioUs aCtivities, personality, friends, family baCkgroUnd, relation with banned tehreek-e taliban or any other party, criminal reCord, living style in soCiety, family members n siblings, parents occupation, n some other neCcesaries , n after than they will aprove ur statement from ur related poliCe office n its a formality in maaaah views baaaqi letsss sEee what will have to happen coz no one knows aboU fUture …

  153. sir aCtually hamare department ki existenCe e vagUe hai as department poliCe k under hai n retired army offiCers ki recrUitments k lie interviews chief seCtary n other seCtaries kr rahe hain there is a war between home department n poliCe fohhh control over the department , initially it stopped by the intervention ov c.m buhhh now onCe again it raised by poliCe to take it under poliCe’s jUrisdiCtion so nothing is last in this department…

  154. yahan kch logon se id card ki copy or photo bi special branch walon ne li hai mgr mujh se ni li jb ke mujhe verrify kr gae hain kya koi or b hai jis se naa li ho photo unhon ne?

    • any one from FSD who recieved the call? aur koi ye btay k call sb ko karen gy jo nts test main pass hoay ya phr psychological test ki base pe????????????

  155. zanya g ye verification sirf faimly back ground aor criminal record chk kren ge tmare police station se

  156. verification un logo ki ho rai hai jin ka psychological test clear huwa hai, its not enough, counter verification b hogi us data k jo special branch walo nay retrieve kia hai, for that wo respective police office(thana), neighbourhood wghaira say malumat hasil karaingay secretly.Interview hoga then and interview will be a formality.This is what I came to know from an officer of special branch.

  157. jinki initial verification ho gai hai, congratulations and jin ki nai hui wo patience rakhain, INSHAHALLAH ajayai gi call.

  158. jin logo k address ka ya contact number ka issue hai, wo friends say rabtay ma rahain, agr apkay elakay ka jan nay wala koi aur candidate ap kay sath rabtay mai nai hai tau aik do din wait ker ka, 2 ferury say pahly apnay area ki special branch say rabta karain.

  159. agar psychological test main pass walo ko hi call kar rahy hain to tb b kitny candidates ko call krni hai??? whats the criteria???

  160. there was no marking system in psychological test so all imposters saying “those who cleared psychological test are getting calls,shut up & sit back.don’t say anything unconfirmed on your own…get a life

  161. LAHORE: A four-member committee on Monday began interviews of retired army officers for `nucleus staff` against 11 contractual posts being created under the proposed Counter-Terrorism Force.

    The provincial police chief has already raised objections to the recruitment of army officers on certain grounds.

    A police source close to the de-velopment told Dawn that 60 candidates with ranks of major, colonel and brigadier appeared before the committee headed by the chief secretary and comprising home secretary, services and general administration secretary, the provincial police chief and the additional IG Counter-Terrorism Department.

    He said as many as 230 candidates, who were short-listed out of 477 candidates applied in current month, would appear in interviews to be lasted for four days.

    Punjab Minister for Environment Protection and Police Reforms Col (retired) Shuja Khanzada told this reporter that the final list of candidates wouldbe presented to the chief minister after a week for selection of 11 candidates.

    He said he himself, the chief minister and Law Minister Rana Sanaullah would select 11 candidates, adding the selected ones would be issued call letters around Feb 10, 2014.

    The minister said corporals being recruited against 1,000 posts would likely to join training after March 30.

  162. sohail sahib yeh boht pUrani news hai so get one new n latest that all 11 offiCers seleCted by chief sec, i.g.p n other officials n finally sent to c.m for its approval n it is very likely said by same soUrces that our interview will held between 12 n 22 feb…..

  163. han jEe yeh 1000 tk extend kr di gai hai by beloved c.m Mian Muhammad Shehbaz sharif ….

    • mohtaram,mery pichly army main nahi,na hi siyastdan hain apki strong family ki trha,I read it in today’s e-paper,you’re even fast & genius than media,jin k pass i.g ka bhi number nahi

  164. zohaib ap mje wo no de do js se tmare dost ko call ai hai olz.i m ur neighbr near satyna

  165. sohail bro aisi koi baaat nai hai um a layman n we all have right to know aboU eaCh n everything whiCh related to us so i dUn have any kindaaa seCret relations buhhh need to read as ayeshaaa said, daily jung, dawn n other news uU will get the info

  166. I m frm Sheikhupura ferozwala I got 72 marks.Recently i am selected as ASI in Highway Police so what u people suggest k kis ko join karu ager Carporal ki b ho jaye ???

  167. Adeela, mujay cal nahi i, 2 bnday direct ghar aey thay. Family infoz li unho ny

  168. m 4m kot abdul malik n got verified on 27th ov jan…three guys othr thn me got verified by the same personel ov special branch..

  169. now what will be next step,,,, mehry kyal main sub k interview Lahore main hon gay,,,
    aap sub ka kia kyal hai??????????????

  170. bro verification sub ki ho chuki hia jin ki nei hoi un ki uno nay kud clear kr k behj di hai,,, now please leave this topic,,, sir duknay lag gia hai verification verification par par k,,,
    Now please discuss Next step and that is interveiw…..
    abb interveiw,,,,, ko pakroooooooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  171. you both guys ahmad and aamir you should connect with Bilal Chohan,, here is his num,,, he is from lahore may b give you detail…

  172. ali bhai sarey comments parha kren uU are gonna appear before interview n showing sUch kindaaa immaturity as above i wrote aboUt the gUys who appeared before s.b n maan is a gUy from muridkey also appeared before them n we both post at top buhhh uU are ignoring the comments n asking again n again its strange yaaaar do pay some time to be mature coz its a essential fohh interview :) n um sorry if i wrote or uU took anything in wrong sense .

  173. bilal chohan wht about the interview now,,,,,, what do you think what kind of questions thay can ask from us,,,,???? had you any experience or any body had experience of ATF ,,,,,,

  174. im frm lahore.. Meri b nai hui abhi aj call ki thi sp.branch.he said lahore ki abhi pori trha start nai hui jaisy hi forms ayngy hm apko btayngy. :(

  175. mere ghr aae the aj bt mn ghr nhi tha wo mere bahi se kr gae verification.. phone pe bat ki thi mjh se unho ne

  176. its a chances that those who got verified by concerns they will be selected without interviews because in reality verification just ap ki job confirmation py oti hai … kbi b kisi b federal/province k force ya police k verification interview sy phly ni oti .. as mostly knows. Good Luck.

  177. its a chances that those who got verified by concerns they will be selected without interviews because in reality verification just ap ki job confirmation py oti hai … kbi b kisi b federal/province k force ya police k verification interview sy phly ni oti .. as mostly knows. Good Luck.

  178. Hmaray ghar jamatu dawa k stikrz lgay hen. Wo un sy relatd Qustnz pochtay rhay. Lekn real mai jamat u dawa sy hmara koe lena dena nahi

    • AQSA dont worry.ya un ka kam ha ihs ma tention wali koi bt nai.agar talaq nai ho to per to such ma tention ki koi bt nai.Inshaa Allah aap ki b comfirmation clear ho ge

  179. lo g ye kya bat hui. itni c bat se kya tention Allah krm kre ga . wese hmare ghr jo aaya tha special branch wala wo mere dad k frnd e the

  180. sgd se,nd hogai,s.b se pata karwaya tha or mere uncle ne wahin kar di thi meri verification,ap bhi s.b se apna name pata karwao

  181. Zohaib, thnx for pray and thnx a lot 4 caling me sistr.
    Gv me ur cel #, i like to have brthrz

  182. wo ha hi hmare elaqe ka us k pas jst 2 name the. mn ne kl 1 or se poocha tha apna us ne kaha k ap ka mjhe nhi pta ap ka ap k elaqe ka koi hoga inhe jst name aate ha wo bs unki verify kr skte ha othrs ka inhe pta nhi hota

  183. or jis bat ki ap tention le rhi ho ye tention wali bat ha nhi itni. jis jmat ka name ap ne btaya us me kch msla b nhi ha i thnk

  184. Nahi wo jamat bannd hai, jamat u dawa ban hai,
    hmara unsy koe taluq nae lekn verf krnay walo py bad impact parha, i thnk

  185. Aqsa kya unhu ne koi refernce cntcts ni lie the 2’3 logo k?agr lie the to unse cntct kr k cnfrm krn k unke pas koi aya ..agr aya to kya pcha..agr un k mind me jamat se related koi concerns hoge to us type ki questioning ki hoge..agr ni to no hopeful ..

  186. nai ho gi reject bachi. and if u realize ur mind that u will must be selected then it will gonna be happen. be positive

  187. no call till in lahore…I’m so tensed,because it’s PAKISTAN’S GOVERNMENT .Maybe they’ll call only the verified ones?america to hai ni ye jahan sb kuch iman dari se ho…….2948 candidates hain pury punjab sy,itna time verify krny main?bulaya hi na mjy to?keep offering prayer & keep praying for everyone .anybody gets call from lahore,or anywhere,plz ask them about whole process going on,will all be called for interview?