822 Jobs Sindh Rescue 1122 Top 25 Solved MCQs Paper 2023 PTS Written Test Syllabus Paper PDF Apply Now

822 Jobs Sindh Rescue 1122 Top 25 Solved MCQs Paper 2023 PTS Written Test Syllabus Paper PDF Apply Now. Join Sindh Emergency Rescue Service 1122 to Save Lives. Sindh Domiciled motivated, young, eligible and dynamic professional in the field of Uniform Cadre Emergency Services contractual Jobs. Females are encouraged to apply and given preference for which 15% seats are reserved. Its services at District level of Sindh.

Sindh Rescue 1122 Solved MCQs Paper 2023 PTS Written Test

What is the emergency phone number for Rescue 1122 in Sindh?

a) 911

b) 112

c) 999

d) 1122

Answer: d) 

In case of a fire emergency, which type of fire extinguisher is suitable for electrical fires?

a) Type A

b) Type B

c) Type C

d) Type D

Answer: b) 

What does “EMS” stand for?

a) Emergency Medical Service

b) Efficient Medical Support

c) Essential Medical System

d) Emergency Management Strategy

Answer: a) 

What is the first step in assessing an injured person’s condition?

a) Administering pain relief

b) Checking for responsiveness

c) Notifying family members

d) Checking the temperature

Answer: b) 

What should you do if you suspect someone has a spinal injury?

a) Move them to a more comfortable position

b) Keep their head and neck stable and wait for medical help

c) Begin CPR immediately

d) Apply pressure to the injured area

Answer: b) 

In CPR, what is the recommended compression rate?

a) 50 compressions per minute

b) 60 compressions per minute

c) 70 compressions per minute

d) 80 compressions per minute

Answer: b) 

What is the primary purpose of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)?

a) Administering pain relief

b) Checking blood pressure

c) Delivering an electric shock to restart the heart

d) Measuring body temperature

Answer: c) 

When providing first aid for a severe bleeding wound, what should you do after applying pressure?

a) Remove the bandage to check the wound

b) Elevate the injured limb

c) Apply heat to the wound

d) Clean the wound with alcohol

Answer: b) 

What does “RICE” stand for in the context of injury treatment?

a) Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

b) Rapid, Invasive, Cold, Elevation

c) Rehydrate, Immobilize, Cover, Elevate

d) Running, Ice, Compression, Examination

Answer: a) 

What should you do if you encounter a chemical spill?

a) Pour water over the spill to dilute it

b) Leave the area and notify authorities

c) Use a broom to sweep it up

d) Ventilate the area with fans

Answer: b) 

In a wilderness emergency, what is the best way to signal for help if you don’t have a whistle?

a) Yell as loudly as possible

b) Start a small fire

c) Use a mirror to reflect sunlight

d) Clap your hands rhythmically

Answer: c) 

What should you do if you find someone unconscious and not breathing?

a) Begin CPR immediately

b) Check for a pulse and call 911

c) Take their blood pressure

d) Wait for them to regain consciousness

Answer: a) 

What should you do if you encounter a car accident with injured individuals?

a) Take pictures for evidence

b) Check for danger, call emergency services, and provide assistance if safe

c) Move the injured to the side of the road

d) Exchange insurance information with the parties involved

Answer: b) 

Which of the following is a symptom of hypothermia?

a) Excessive sweating

b) Rapid breathing

c) Confusion and slurred speech

d) Flushed skin

Answer: c) 

What’s the first thing you should do when entering a burning building to perform a rescue?

a) Call for backup

b) Put on your oxygen mask

c) Evacuate immediately

d) Feel the door for heat before opening it

Answer: d) 

What does “SAR” stand for in the context of rescue operations?

a) Search and Rescue

b) Save and Respond

c) Support and Relief

d) Secure and Restore

Answer: a) 

When responding to a water rescue, what should you use to help reach a drowning person?

a) A rope

b) A floatation device

c) A loud whistle

d) A flare gun

Answer: b) 

What is the primary purpose of a KED (Kendrick Extrication Device)?

a) To transport injured individuals

b) To immobilize the head and neck

c) To provide oxygen to the lungs

d) To administer medication

Answer: b) 

What is the recommended method for removing a tick from the skin?

a) Squeeze it with tweezers until it releases

b) Use a lit match to burn it off

c) Grasp it with fine-pointed tweezers and pull upward

d) Apply nail polish to suffocate it

Answer: c) 

What should you do if you encounter a collapsed structure during a disaster response?

a) Enter the structure immediately to search for survivors

b) Stay clear of the structure and report it to authorities

c) Shake the structure to check for signs of life

d) Attempt to lift the structure to free trapped individuals

Answer: b) 

In a wilderness survival situation, what is the top priority for finding water?

a) Finding a river or lake

b) Collecting dew from leaves

c) Melting snow or ice

d) Drinking from a muddy puddle

Answer: c) 

What is the primary function of a swiftwater rescue vest?

a) Providing warmth in cold water

b) Aiding buoyancy in swiftwater conditions

c) Protecting against insect bites

d) Enhancing visibility in the dark

Answer: b) 

What is the recommended way to treat a minor burn injury?

a) Apply ice directly to the burn

b) Cover the burn with a clean, dry cloth

c) Immerse the burn in cold water

d) Apply butter or oil to the burn

Answer: b) 

When should you use a fire blanket?

a) To extinguish large fires

b) To shield yourself from heat and flames

c) To smother grease fires in the kitchen

d) To wrap around an injured person in a fire

Answer: c) 


Sindh Emergency Rescue 1122 Service Jobs Vacant Position: Total Posts = 822

  • Emergency Officer (PPS-07) = 15 Posts
  • Station House In-charge (PPS-06) = 13 Posts
  • Accountant (PPS-05) = 10 Posts
  • IT Officer (PPS-05) = 10 Posts
  • Shift In-charge (PPS-05) = 26 Posts
  • Transport Maintenance In-charge (PPS-05) = 10 Posts
  • Lead Fire Rescuer/ Fire Fighting Officer (PPS-05) = 12 Posts
  • Control Room In-charge (PPS-05) = 10 Posts
  • Office Assistant (PPS-04) = 13 Posts
  • Computer Operator/ Data Center/ Wireless Operator (PPS-04) = 100 Posts
  • Emergency Medical Technician EMT (PPS-04) = 150 Posts
  • DERT Rescuer (PPS-02) = 200 Posts
  • Driver/ Operator HTV/ Heavy Machine Operator (Excavator, Fire Fighter, Dumper Truck etc) (PPS-02) = 50 Posts
  • Auto Technician (PPS-02) = 10 Posts
  • Technician Helper for Heavy Duty Vehicles (PPS-01) = 25 Posts
  • Driver (LTV) (PPS-01) = 75 Posts
  • Office Attendant (PPS-01) = 13 Posts
  • Security Guard (PPS-01) = 80 Posts

How to Apply:

  • Download the Application Form and Deposit Slip from PTS website www.pts.org.pk
  • Pay the prescribed test fee in any of the country wide Online branches of HBL and UBL and fill up the Application Form Properly.
  • Filled-up Application Form including paid copy of PTS Deposit Slip in Original send to PTS Headquarter Islamabad.
  • Last Date for Submission of Application Form is 12-09-2023.

822 Jobs Sindh Rescue 1122 Top 25 Solved MCQs Paper 2023 PTS Written Test Syllabus Paper PDF Apply Now