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Everyday Science MCQs Paper (Solved) for FPSC KPPSC SPSC NTS

17. Which gland in the human body is called the master gland?

A. Pancreas
B. Thyroid
C. Pituitary
D. Spleen

18. How many bones are there in a newly born infant?

A. 206
B. 230
C. 280
D. 300

19. Which of the following have maximum calorific value?

A. Carbohydrates
B. Fats
C. Proteins
D. Vitamins

20. Which of the following vitamins promote healthy functioning of eyes in human beings?

A. Vitamin B
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin A
D. Vitamin D

21. The average heartbeat per minute in a normal man is

A. 50
B. 70
C. 80
D. 100

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