FBISE Releases 2024 Matric Tech (SSC 1) 1st Annual Exam Date Sheet

FBISE 2024 Matric Tech (SSC 1) 1st Annual Exam Date Sheet Download Now

FBISE Releases 2024 Matric Tech (SSC 1) 1st Annual Exam Date Sheet. The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has announced the much-awaited date sheet for the 2024 Matric Tech (SSC 1) 1st Annual Examination! This is a landmark moment for all registered students across Pakistan and abroad, marking the culmination of their hard work and dedication throughout the academic year. As exam nerves start to buzz, let’s take a closer look at the schedule and provide crucial information to help you ace your upcoming assessments.

FBISE 2024 Matric Tech (SSC 1) 1st Annual Exam Date Sheet Download Now

Exams Commence March 1st, 2024:

Get ready to kick off your examinations on Friday, March 1st, 2024, with English Compulsory-I (001) and English Compulsory-I (HIC) (201) papers. The detailed schedule, available on the FBISE website, outlines the subsequent days and subject-specific timings. Remember, arrival at the exam center is at 8:30 AM, with entry closing at 8:55 AM sharp. Papers begin promptly at 9:00 AM, so ensure you arrive on time and fully prepared.

Embrace Your Technical Expertise:

This year’s Matric Tech (SSC 1) examinations encompass a diverse range of technical programs, including Cosmetology, Introduction to Tourism, Applied Electrician, Applied HVACR, Professional Cooking, Graphic Designing, Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System, Dress Making, and Internet of Things Software Development. Whether you’re passionate about beauty, hospitality, electricity, construction, cuisine, art, engineering, or fashion, these exams are your opportunity to showcase your acquired skills and knowledge.

Preparation is Key:

While the date sheet announcement might trigger a mix of emotions, let’s focus on the positive! Utilize the remaining weeks to solidify your understanding of key concepts, revise thoroughly, and practice answering past exam papers. Utilize FBISE-provided resources like model papers and sample e-sheets to familiarize yourself with the exam format and assessment style. Remember, effective study techniques like creating clear notes, forming study groups, and seeking clarification from teachers can significantly enhance your preparation.

Stay Organized and Focused:

Maintaining a well-organized and focused approach is crucial during this crucial period. Create a realistic study schedule, prioritize challenging topics, and allocate ample time for practice questions. Don’t forget to prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Engage in healthy activities, ensure adequate sleep, and manage stress effectively. A calm and composed mind is essential for optimal performance.

Beyond the Examinations:

It’s important to remember that these exams are not the sole measure of your potential. They serve as a stepping stone toward your future aspirations. Regardless of the outcome, maintain a positive attitude and learn from your experiences. Use this time to identify areas for improvement and set new goals for your continued educational journey.

Important Resources and Support:

For all your queries and concerns, refer to the official FBISE website. Utilize the provided contact information to reach out to the board for clarifications or any specific needs. Remember, seeking support from teachers, parents, and peers can be incredibly valuable during this time. Their guidance and encouragement can significantly boost your confidence and motivation.


The announcement of the 2024 Matric Tech (SSC 1) 1st Annual Exam Date Sheet marks the beginning of an exciting and challenging journey. Utilize the remaining time wisely, dedicate yourselves to focused preparation, and remember to believe in your abilities. Embrace this opportunity to demonstrate your acquired skills and knowledge, and step forward with confidence toward your future endeavors. Best of luck to all registered students!