How to Prepare FPSC CSS 2018 Exam within 30 Days Ground-Breaking Syllabus Preparation Guide Complete Review for CSS Exam 2018 Preparation

How to Prepare FPSC CSS 2018 Exam within 30 Days Ground-Breaking Syllabus Preparation Guide Complete Review for CSS Exam 2018 Preparation

You can prepared for CSS Exams in less than a month (with average 10 hours/ day study), and you feel that anyone can prepare and pass CSS with preparation of 30 days maximum. Any time more than 30 days is an absolute wastage of time and resources.

Also in short, the idea behind this whole ‘Within 30 day’s preparation’ is the view that “You can do it” and that you just have to have belief in yourself. DO NOT listen to anyone who says you can’t prepare for CSS in X time period or that XYZ who was a topper failed after preparing for a year. Your attitude should be that you are sharpest and most intelligent amongst all and that everyone else will never be able to match you. Off-course it goes without saying that there is a very fine line between overconfidence and confidence. The second backbone of this strategy is smart work instead of hard work. Now that we are done with the basics lets get to the fine details:


1)You have good command over written and spoken English. You did your O and A levels and scored a minimum of B in O levels English. You have or currently do read English books such as novels/magazines etc

2)You are generally a sharp/intelligent student (Do note that I am not talking about hard-work). You have a decent memory

3)You are confident and can speak on any occasion with anyone. You also have regularly debated on current issues with your friends or family


English Essay

The most vital part here is Outline preparation. Once you have developed a strong outline, lets say with around 20 points, it shouldn’t be hard for you to write 3000 words on it. Write and develop a few outlines on hot topics (Pakistan’s economic issues, women, Islam as a religion, global warming, politics/ democracy) and ensure you prepare only a maximum of 5 outlines. With each outline, prepare appropriate quotes and events. There is no need to write an essay however if you are not confident about your speed, you may practice 1/2 essays. All this shouldn’t take more than 2 days. Internet should be your best friend

English Precis & Composition

This is probably the easiest paper. Just prepare antonyms, synonyms, proverbs and idioms from any book of your choice. 

You don’t need to prepare composition as you have already done it extensively in O levels. Trust me, in CSS its much easier than O levels

As far as precis is concerned, it is quite easy, contrary to what people say. You have to summarize in easy words in 1/3 the word count. Once again consult any book for solved precis of past papers which should give you an idea and you are all set to go

For short notes, once again the quotes and events are your gateway to success. You do not need to prepare for this because writing 300 words shouldn’t be difficult for you especially when coupled with quotes and events which alone would take up at least 100 words

This paper therefore shouldn’t take more than 2 days to prepare too.

Everyday Science EDS

The most scoring subject which you should ace.

All you need to do is read Everyday Science book of Kashmiri. 1 reading shouldn’t take more than 2 days. Revise at least 3-4 times whenever you feel like. Also get solved papers of last 10 years and you are all set to go. No need to do anything else.

Current Affairs

There is no need for you to read Dawn daily! Yes, no need to read any newspaper! Reading dawn takes atleast 1-2 hours daily and main time consuming activity of all other CSS aspirants. You on the other hand do not need to read it except on weekends. For CA prep, get the following

1)Quarterly Journal (4 editions come in a year)
2)Jahangir World Times magazine (all 12)

Go through these a couple of times and you are all set to go. Off-course, here my earlier assumption also comes into play that you have debated in life previously and therefore have analytical skills. You also have good English etc. If needed or if you feel like, you may read Opinion/ Encounter of Dawn on a daily basis. 

Thus preparing for Current Affairs should take max 1 week

Pakistan Affairs

Ikram Rabbani: That’s it! Read this book only till Zia-ul-Haq era and no more. Prepare your own pointers from the internet on agriculture, manufacturing, education and water crisis in Pakistan. Go through this book a couple of times as it contains everything you need to pass in Pakistan Affairs.

Do get solved past papers and give special attentions to MCQs and topics like Sir Syed, Shah Walli Ullah, Pakistan movement, Ideology of Pakistan etc Max time 4-5 days


Solve Islamiat in English because you are good at it (earlier assumption). Get the following books

1) Islamiat by Dogar Sons
2) Jahangir Exam Cram series

Go through both these books and repeat if necessary. Also important here is that you look at Friday Feature of Dawn. No need to buy a dawn on Friday though or even look at it each Friday for the next 4 weeks. You can search on Google and get articles from any period. Once again, last 10 years solved papers are important.

Give a full week to Islamiat prep as it is a difficult subject and questions are generally contemporary in nature.


Sarfaraz Bajwa: That’s it! Your paper A should be complete within 3 days max
for paper 2 get latest edition De Blij and read up on population/migration/urbanization. Also get Jahangir Exam study series and prepare paper 2 from it. When you are done with it, take a look at past papers and search for important figures from the net and note them down.

For both papers, once again last 10 years solved papers are indispensable.

Prep time for both subjects shouldn’t take more than 5 days


Journalism by Mehdi Hassan and Exam Cram series: Both books should not take more than 2 days max


Masood A A Qureshi (Book 1 only): That’s it! 

Indopak History/British History

This wasn’t my subject in 2011 papers (Accounting was) so I can’t really guide you but Exam Cram series should be your friend and practice diagram drawing (for British History). Hopefully I will write an update for these subjects in a couple of days.
Basically, the crux of whole preparation is on hard work and 1/2 books max. If you add up the number of days, it hardly takes around 40 days. You should spend rest of the time revising. It is imperative that you follow this strategy just before exams to ensure maximum possible retention. Whatever strategy you follow, do not let anyone else tell you that you can not do it or that it isn’t possible.

Also do not rely on academy notes. The underlying concept behind my assumptions, mentioned at the top, was that you can think critically and analyze yourself. Utilize your skills.

How to Prepare FPSC CSS 2018 Exam within 30 Days Ground-Breaking Syllabus Preparation Guide Complete Review for CSS Exam 2018 Preparation