Latest KPPSC PMS Screening Test Top 60 MCQs Sample Paper 2016 Must Prepare Now

Latest KPPSC PMS Screening Test Top 60 MCQs Sample Paper 2016 Must Prepare Now

1. The tribe which broke the treaty during battle of trench is 

2. Muslim ladies went to battlefield to nurse the wounded in the battle of 

3. The name of the last Syria was:

4. Hajj Mabroor means:

5. Which Ghazwa is named as Furqan?

6. Who has explained that jihad is not only by sword but also to prevent the tyrants by tongue is also jihad.

7. How many camels are liable for Zakat?

8. The typical way of wearing the dress of hajj is called

9. Fast in the month of Ramadan was made obligatory in?

10. Mention the tribe of Hazrat Umar (RA)

11.In the first ever hajj in Islam, its Ameer was

12.Mohammad (PBUH) was born 3000 years after

13.What order is given for females for Tahleeq?

14.Hazrat Khadija bore all the children of Mohammad (PBUH) except 

15.The first Wahi consisted of how much verses?

16. Who was appointed to write Wahi?

17. What is the lateral meaning of Ijtihad?

18. Analogy is synonym of 

19.The study of heavenly bodies is called

20. The toxic components absorbed through food mainly

21. Which phenomenon is responsible for the formation of rainbow?

22. A person sitting under the fan feels cool. if thermometer is put under the fan. What will be its reading?

23. Glycolysis is the process of 

24. Radio reception is generally better at night because

25. Which one is physical change?

26. Steam is more severe to burn than boiled water. why?

27. Weight put on the pressure cooker increases the pressure inside due to

28. A diabetic is caused by malfunctioning of 

29. Blood cells are placed in distilled water, eventually destroyed due to

30. Universal recipient of blood group is

31. Sea water can be purified by the process of 

32. Ageing in human beings is the result of disappearance of which glands?

33. Mineral that is required in large amount in the food is called

34. Eggshell is composed of 

35. Cell phones receive and send message through

36. Blind person cannot distinguish red from 

37. “Pay Through The Nose” meaning?

38. By leaps and bounds meaning

39. To weather the storm meaning

40. No love lost between meaning

41. UN General Assembly approved CTBT on 

42. Which country gives up nuclear capability after gaining independence

43. South Africans are known as 

44. British relinquished the control on Hong Kong on 

45. Portugal handed over Macao to china on 

46. India consists of how many states

47. Kigali is the capital of 

48. Mention the body whose motto is Global crises-Global responsibilities

49. What are green berets?

50. The congress of USA sits at a place in Washington near white house is called

51. Skopje is the capital of 

52. Arak nuclear power plant is located in 

53. The current premier of china is 

54. The president of India is 

55. The north Atlantic sea route is important because 

56. The current leader of Hezbollah is 

57. India operation eagle was designed against 

58. Guddu, Sukhur and Taunsa are located on which river?

59. The fourteen points were enunciated at 

60. The PM of UK at the time of creation of Pakistan was 

Latest KPPSC PMS Screening Test Top 60 MCQs Sample Paper 2016 Must Prepare Now