Top 5 Coolworks Summer Jobs for College Students 2023

Coolworks Summer Jobs, a job board, features job opportunities in national   parks, resorts, and other outdoor-focused employers across the   United States. College students can find summer jobs such as Park Ranger, Tour Guide, Hospitality Staff, Ranch Work and Outdoor Education Instructor on Coolworks Summer Jobs.

Here are the list of coolworks summer jobs.

Coolworks Summer Jobs

Park Ranger:

A Park Ranger is responsible for ensuring visitor safety, protecting park resources, and providing educational programs and   interpretive tours. Duties include patrolling the park, assisting visitors with park information, enforcing park regulations, conducting search and rescue operations, maintaining park facilities, and performing environmental and wildlife management activities. To become a park ranger, a bachelor’s degree in park management, environmental science, or biology is typically required, along with additional   training in law enforcement or emergency response.

Tour Guide:

A Tour Guide is responsible for leading   groups of people on tours of a specific location, providing   historical, cultural, and natural information about the location. Duties  include planning and organizing   tours, conducting tours, providing directions   and recommendations, monitoring the   group for safety, and providing   commentary during the tour. Excellent communication skills and strong knowledge of the location and its history, culture, and natural features are required to become a tour guide.


Hospitality cool summer jobs involve providing customer   service and support to guests in the lodging, travel, and tourism industries. Duties   may include greeting and checking-in guests, cleaning guest rooms,   serving food and drinks, planning and coordinating events, promoting the property, and repairing   and maintaining the property. Excellent customer   service and communication skills are required for these positions, and a high school diploma or college   degree in hospitality or business may be required.

Ranch Work:

Managing a ranch or farm involves a variety of tasks, such as caring for livestock, maintaining equipment, and managing land and crops. The duties and responsibilities of ranch work include:

  1. Caring for animals: Workers feed, water, and care for livestock, such as horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs. They manage their health, administer medications, and manage breeding programs.
  2. Managing land: Workers maintain and improve the ranch’s land, including managing pastures, irrigation systems, and natural resources. They manage the use of water and other resources, control pests and invasive species, and maintain fences and other infrastructure.
  3. Maintaining equipment: Workers repair and maintain ranch equipment, such as tractors, trucks, and other machinery. They perform routine maintenance tasks, diagnose and repair issues, and manage inventory and supplies.
  4. Managing crops: Workers manage crops and other plant-based resources, including planting, watering, and harvesting. They manage crops such as hay, corn, and wheat, as well as pastures and other grazing areas.
  5. Providing guest services: Workers provide hospitality and guest services, including leading tours, managing lodging and meals, and coordinating events such as weddings and corporate retreats.

Typically, workers in ranching need a high school diploma or equivalent. However, experience with animal care, farming, or ranching is often preferred. Workers should have a strong work ethic, physical stamina, and be comfortable working in all types of weather. Some positions may require a commercial driver’s license or other specialized certifications. Additionally, workers should be comfortable working with animals and have a passion for sustainable agriculture and land management.

Outdoor Education Instructor:

An Outdoor Education Instructor   provides experiential learning opportunities for students in an outdoor   environment, which may involve activities such as camping, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking,   and other outdoor adventures. Duties include planning and preparing outdoor education activities and curriculum,   teaching students about the environment and natural history, instructing   students in outdoor skills, leading experiential   activities, and assessing student learning. A bachelor’s degree in outdoor education, environmental science, or a related   field, along with additional certifications such as Wilderness First Aid and CPR, is typically   required to become an outdoor education instructor. Strong leadership   and communication skills are also necessary for this position.

Coolworks Summer Jobs Pros:

Coolworks Summer Jobs, connects job seekers with seasonal and temporary jobs in unique locations, including national parks, resorts, ranches, and other outdoor and adventure-oriented employers. Here are some advantages of using Coolworks Summer Jobs to find summer jobs:

  1. Coolworks Summer Jobs provides a wide variety of seasonal job opportunities in unique locations across the country. This is beneficial for individuals seeking adventure, as they can work in new places and explore different environments.
  2. Many of the jobs listed on Coolworks Summer Jobs are seasonal, allowing job seekers flexibility to explore other interests or continue their education outside of the summer months.
  3. Some of the summer jobs listed on Coolworks Summer Jobs offer competitive pay and benefits, including housing, meals, and access to outdoor recreation activities. This helps job seekers save money or pay off student loans.
  4. Many of the jobs listed on Coolworks Summer Jobs provide opportunities for skill development, including outdoor leadership, hospitality, event planning, and customer service. These skills are valuable for future employment opportunities and personal growth.
  5. Working in unique locations and industries through Coolworks Summer Jobs can provide networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and make valuable professional connections.

Coolworks Summer Jobs Cons:

Coolworks Summer Jobs also has potential downsides to consider:

  1. Coolworks Summer Jobs can be highly competitive, especially for popular positions in sought-after locations.
  2. Seasonal work is temporary and job seekers must be prepared to find a new job or return to school after the summer season ends.
  3. Some positions listed on Coolworks Summer Jobs do not offer housing or meals, and job seekers may need to find their own accommodations, which can be challenging in remote or expensive areas.
  4. Many of the jobs listed on Coolworks Summer Jobs involve physical labor or outdoor work, requiring job seekers to have any necessary certifications or training.
  5. Some job seekers may find Coolworks Summer Jobs listings limited in terms of diversity, both in terms of job type and location.

Job seekers should carefully consider the pros and cons of finding summer jobs through Coolworks Summer Jobs before applying. Having a clear understanding of the job requirements, compensation, and living arrangements is important before accepting a position.

Summer Jobs FAQ for Coolworks

Following are some of the most typical queries about summer employment with Coolworks Summer Jobs:

What types of summer employment are offered through CoolWorks?

In addition to positions in national parks, resorts, ranches, outdoor and adventure-focused employers, and other unusual locations, CoolWorks also lists a variety of seasonal jobs. These and other occupations include ranch hand, park ranger, tour guide, outdoor education instructor, and more.

Are these positions full- or part-time?

The majority of the jobs available on CoolWorks are seasonal and can be either full- or part-time. A few weeks to several months may pass before the job is finished.

Do these jobs require experience?

Depending on the position, experience requirements can vary, but many jobs don’t call for it. Employers might be on the lookout for people with a strong work ethic, a desire to learn, and a love of the great outdoors.

Are lodging and food offered?

Housing and meals are provided by some of the employers listed on CoolWorks as part of the compensation package. However, this varies based on the position and the employer.

How do I submit an application for a job posted on CoolWorks?

Go to the specific job listing on CoolWorks and follow the employer’s instructions to apply for the position. While some employers might have an online application process, others might ask for a resume and cover letter. For the best chance of being given consideration for the position, it is crucial to carefully read and adhere to all application instructions.