FPSC One MCQs Paper FIA Inspector AD FIA Top Outstanding Fresh FPSC MCQs Solved Sample Past Test Papers FIA Act 1974 FPSC NTS PPSC PTS OTS ETEA Ground-Breaking Solved Sample Papers Prepare Now

FPSC One MCQs Paper FIA Inspector AD FIA Top Outstanding Fresh FPSC MCQs Solved Sample Past Test Papers FIA Act 1974 FPSC NTS PPSC PTS OTS ETEA Ground-Breaking Solved Sample Papers Prepare Now


FPSC One MCQs Paper FIA Inspector AD FIA Top Outstanding Fresh FPSC MCQs Solved Sample Past Test Papers FIA Act 1974 Download PDF

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One MCQs Papers includes objectives on FIA Act 1974, Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Everyday Science, General Knowledge and Islamiat MCQs are based on Past Papers of FPSC, PPSC, OTS, NTS, PTS, ETEA and their alternative, also in the above Blue Downloadable PDF Link for Download.

FPSC One MCQs Paper FIA Inspector AD FIA Top Outstanding Fresh FPSC MCQs Solved Sample Past Test Papers FIA Act 1974 FPSC NTS PPSC PTS OTS ETEA Ground-Breaking Solved Sample Papers Prepare Now
FPSC One MCQs Paper FIA Inspector AD FIA Top Outstanding Fresh FPSC MCQs Solved Sample Past Test Papers FIA Act 1974 by Adspk.pk


Objective Type Test (MCQs)


English = 20 Marks


General Intelligence/ Professional Test = 80 Marks


Vocabulary, Grammar usage, Sentence Structuring


  • Basic Arithmetic

  • Current Affairs

  • Pakistan Affairs & Islamic Studies

  • Everyday/General Science

  • FIA Act, 1974

Note: Equal Weightage for each topic at Part-II


An Act to provide for the constitution of a Federal Investigation Agency (Gazette of Pakistan, Extra-ordinary, Part-I, 17th January, 1975) Whereas; it is expedient to provide for the constitution of a Federal Investigation Agency for the investigation of certain offences committed in connection with matters concerning the Federal Government, and formatters connected therewith;
It is hereby enacted as follows: –
1. Short title, extent and commencement:
(1) This Act may be called the Federal Investigation Agency Act, 1974.
(2) It extents to the whole of Pakistan and also applied to all citizens of Pakistan
Public Servants, wherever they may be.
(3) It shall come to force at once.
2. Definitions: In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or contest: –
a. “Agency” means the Federal Investigation Agency constituted under section 3
b. “Code” means the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (Act V of 1898)
c. “Director General” means the Director General of Agency
d. “Provincial Police” means the Police constituted by Provincial Government under
e. the Police Act, 1861 (V of 1861)
f. “Public Servant” means a public servant as defined in Section 21 of
the Pakistan Penal Code (Act XL V of 1860), and includes an employee
of any corporation or other body or organization set up controlled or
administered by or under the authority of the Federal Government;
g. “Special Police” means the Pakistan Special Police Establishment
constitution under the Pakistan Special Police Establishment Ordinance
1948, (VII of 1948)
h. “Specified Persons” mean the persons who were appointed to posts
in or under a Provincial Police in pursuance of Article 3 of the Special
Police and Provincial Police (Amalgamation) Order, 1962 (P.O. No. 1 of
1962); and i.“Rules” means rules made under this Act.
3. Constitution of the Agency:
(1) Notwithstanding any thing contained in any other law of the time being in force,
the Federal Government may constitute an Agency to be called the Federal
Investigation Agency for inquiry into, and investigation of the offences specified in
the Schedule, including an attempt or conspiracy to commit, and abetment of, any
such offence.
(2) The Agency shall consist of a Director General to be appointed by the Federal
Government and such number of other officers as the Federal Government may,
from time to time, appoint to be members of the Agency.
4. Superintendence and administration of the Agency:
(1) The Superintendence of the Agency shall vest in the Federal Government.
(2) The administration of the Agency shall vest in the Director General who shall
exercise in respect of the Agency such of the powers of an Inspector General of
Police under the Police Act, 1861 (V of 1861), as may be prescribed by rules.
5. Powers of the members of the Agency:
(1) Subject to any order which the Federal Government may make in this behalf,
the members of the Agency shall, for the purpose of an inquiry or investigation
under this Act, have throughout Pakistan such powers, including powers relating to
search, arrest of persons and seizure of property, and such duties, privileges and
liabilities as the officers of a Provincial Police have in relation to the investigation of
offences under the Code or any other law for the time being in force.
(2) Subject to rules, if any, a member of the Agency not below the rank of a Sub-
Inspector may, for the purposes of any inquiry or investigation under this Act,
exercise any of the powers of an officer-in-charge of a Police Station in any area in
which he is for the time being and, when so exercising such powers, shall be
deemed to be an officer-in-charge of a Police Station discharging his functions as
such within the limits of his station.
(3) Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of the sub-section (1) and
sub-section (2), any member of the Agency not below the rank of Sub-Inspector
authorized by the Director General in this behalf may arrest without warrant any
person who has committed, or against whom a reasonable suspicion exists that he
has committed, any of the offences referred to sub-section (1) of Section 3.
(4) For the purpose of the exercise by the members of the Agency of the powers of
an officer-in-charge of a Police Station,” Police Station” includes any place declared,
generally or specially, by the Federal Government to be a Police Station within the
meaning of the Code.
(5) If, in the opinion of a member of the Agency conducting an investigation, any
property which is the subject-matter of the investigation is likely to be removed,
transferred or otherwise disposed of before an order of the appropriate authority for
its seizure is obtained, such member may, by order in writing, direct the owner or
any person who is, for the time being, possession thereof not to remove, transfer or
otherwise dispose of such property in any manner except with the previous
permission of that member and such order shall be subject to any order made by
the Court having jurisdiction in the matter.
(6) Any contravention of an order made under sub-section (5) shall be punishable with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may be extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.
5-A. Certain Officers of the Agency deemed to be public Prosecutors:
Notwithstanding anything contained in any order law for the time being in force the Assistant Directors (Legal) and the Deputy Directors (Law) of the Agency shall bedeemed to be Public Prosecutors and shall be competent to institute and conduct any proceedings in cases sent up for trial by the Agency in the Special Courts constituted under any law and the courts subordinate to the High Court. (Added
through FIA (Amendment) Ordinance 2002)
6. Power to amend the Schedule:
The Federal Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, amend the
Schedule so as to add any entry thereto or modify or omit any entry therein.
7. Delegation of Powers:
The Director-General may by order in writing, direct that all or any of his powers

under this Act or the rules shall, subject to such conditions, if any, as may be
specified in the order, be exercisable also by any member of the Agency so
8. Indemnity:
No suit, prosecution or other legal proceeding shall lie against the Federal
Government, any member of the Agency or any other person exercising any power
or performing any function under this Act or the rules for any thing which is in good
faith done or intended to be done under this Act or the rules.
9. Power to make rules:
(1) The Federal Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, make rules
for carrying out the purposes of this Act.
(2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the fore-going power,
such rules may provide for all or any of the following matters, namely: –
a. The terms and conditions of service of the Director General and other members of the Agency and the qualifications for recruitment to various posts.
b. The powers and functions of the members of the Agency in
relation to the conduct of inquiries and investigations;
c. The nature and extent of the assistance with the Agency may
provide to Provincial investigating agencies;
d. The powers of the Inspector General of Police under the Police
Act, 1861 (V of 1861), which shall be exercisable by the Director
General and
e. The manner in which rewards may be given to the members of the Agency or of the public for rendering commendable services.
10. Repeal:
(1) The Pakistan Special Police Establishment, 1948 (VII of 1948), and the Special
Police and Provincial Police (Amalgamation) Order, 1962 (P.O. No.1 of 1962),
hereinafter referred to respectively as the said Ordinance and the said Order, are
hereby repealed.
(2) Upon the repeal of the said Ordinance: –
a) All persons who were members of the Special Police immediately
before such repeal, including the specified persons shall stand
transferred to the Agency and shall, subject to sub-section (5), be
entitled to the same terms and conditions to which they were entitled
immediately before such repeal; and
b) Any inquiry or investigation pending with the Special Police
immediately before such repeal shall continue to be conducted by the
(3) Notwithstanding the repeal of the said order, but subject to sub-section (4),
every specified person shall continue to be appointed in or under the Provincial
Police in or under which he was holding a post immediately before the
commencement of this Act.
(4) On the recommendation of the Director General and with the concurrence of the
Provincial Government concerned, the Federal Government, may direct that such of
the specified persons referred to sub-section (3) as may, within thirty days of the
commencement of this Act, express their willingness to serve in or under the
Agency shall be appointed to posts in or under the Agency.
(5) A specified person referred to in clause (a) of sub-section (2) and a person in
respect of whom a direction is issued under sub-section (4) shall, upon the repeal
of the said ordinance or, as the case may be, the issue of such direction, cease to
hold a post in or under the Provincial Police concerned and shall be entitled to the
same terms and conditions of service to which he was entitled immediately before
such repeal or the issue of such directions.
1. Offences punishable under sections k [120-B, 121,122, 123, 123-A, 124, 124
A,161,162,163,164,165-A,b[201], 217, 218,245,255,256,257,258,259,260,261,263
k[300,301, 302, 324, 332,333,334,335,336,337, 337-A, 337-B, 337-C,337-
D,337-E,337-F], 353 k[365-A] 366-B, 402-A,402-B, 402-C,403,404, b[406,407,408], b[411,418,419,], a[420], 435, 436, 440, 467], a[468,471], b[472], 477-A, 489-A, 489-B, 489-C, 489-D,489-E g[489-F] of the Pakistan Penal Code (Act XLV of 1860) [Total = 64]
2) Offences punishable under the Explosive Substance Act, 1908 (VI of 1908)
3) Offences punishable under the Official Secret Act. 1923 (XIX of 1923)
4) Offences punishable under the Foreigners Act, 1946 (XXXI of 1946)
5) Offences punishable under the Prevention of Corruption Act. 1947 (II of 1947)
6) Offences punishable under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act. 1947
7) Offences punishable under the Import and Export (Control) Act. 1950 (XXXIX of 1950)
8) Offences punishable under Banking Companies Ordinance, 1962 (LVII of 1962)
9) Offences punishable under the Pakistan Arms Ordinance, 1965 (W.P. Ord XX of 1965)
10) Offences punishable under section the 156 of the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969)
11) Offences punishable under the Foreign Exchange Repatriation Regulation, 1972.
12) Offences punishable under the Foreign Assets (Declaration) Regulation 1972.
13) (Omitted)
14) Offences punishable under the High Treason (Punishment) Act, 1973 (LXVIII of 1973)
15) Offences punishable under the Prevention of Anti-National Activities Act, 1974 (VII of 1974)
16) Offences punishable under the Banks (Nationalization) Act, 1974 (XIX of 1974)
17) Offences punishable under the Passport Act, 1974 (XX of 1974)
18) Offences punishable under the Drugs Act, 1976 (XXXI of 1976)
19) Offences punishable under Emigration Ordinance, 1979 (XVIII of 1979)
20) Offences punishable under the Exit from Pakistan (Control) Ordinance, 1981(XLVI of 1981)
c[21] Offences punishable under the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997(XXVII of 1997) to the extent of dealing with cases which: –
(a) have Inter-provincial scope, or
(b) are entrusted to the Agency by the Federal Government
d[22] Offences punishable under the Prevention & Control of Human Trafficking
Ordinance 2002.
e[23] Offences punishable under the Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganization)
1996 (XVII of 1996)
f[24] Offences punishable under the National Database and Registration
Authority Ordinance, 2002.
h[25] Offences punishable under Section 36 & 37 of the Electronic
Transmission Ordinance, 2002 (L1 of 2002)
l[26] Offences punishable under the Copyright Ordinance, 1962 (XXXIV of
a. SRO (1)/98 dated 10-04-1998
b. SRO (1)/2002 dated 16-02-2002
c. SRO 157 (1)/2002 dated 18-3-2003
d. 741 (1)/2002 dated 24-10-2002
e. SRO 853(1)/2002 dated 28-11-2002
f. SRO 549(1)/2003 dated 11-6-2003
g. Gazette Notification SRO No.977 (I) /2003 dated 8 October 2003
h. Gazette Notification SRO No. 1050 (1) / 2003 dated 15.11.2003
i. Omitted Vide notification No. 4/34/2002-Estt (FIA) dated 16.8.2004
j. Inserted vide notification SRO 704 (1)/ 2004 dated 18.8.2004
k. Inserted vide notification SRO 321(1)/ 2005 dated 16.4.2005


Quantitative & Intelligence
1) If P is husband of Q and R is the mother of S and Q, what is relation R to P? Mother –in- law
2) A man walks 3km to his east then turns left and walk 3km towards north then turns left and walks 3 km towards west indicate the correct direction in which he is in relation to his starting point: West
3) At the end of a conference then 10 people present all shake hands with each others once. How many hand shakes will there be altogether? (9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1)= 45
4) [1/4+5/8]÷[1/2+3/4]
= (2+5)/8 ÷ (2+3)/4 = 7/8÷5/4 = 7/8 × 4/5 = 7/10
5) When you divide 0.7 by 10 you will get? = 0.07
6) A can type 10 pages in 5 minutes. B can type 5 pages in 10 minutes. Working together, how many pages can they type in 30 minutes? 75
A types pages in 30 mints = 10*6 = 60 (because 5 * 6 = 30 mints)
B types pages in 30 mints = 5*3 = 15 (because 10 *3 = 30 mints)
A & B altogether types pages in 30 mints 60 + 15 = 75 pages
7) 2+2-2*2/2 = 2
8) In a flight of 600 km, an aircraft was slowed down due to bad weather. Its average speed for the trip was reduced by 200 km/hr and the time of flight increased by 30 minutes. The duration of the flight is: 1 hour
Solution: Let the duration of the flight be x hours.
Then, 600/x – 600/[x + 1/2] = 200
600/x – 1200/ [2x + 1]= 200
x(2x + 1) = 3
2x^2 + x – 3 = 0
(2x + 3)(x – 1) = 0
x = 1 hr. [neglecting the -ve value of x]
9) What comes in the series:3 ..5 ..10 ..12 .. 24 .. 26..? 52 (the pattern is + 2 and next number × 2 )
10) What comes in the series:4 ..11 ..7 ..14 .. 10 .. 17.. ? 13
11) What comes in the series: 2 ..6 ..12 ..20 .. 30 .. 42..? 56
Computer Science
12) Founder of Microsoft? Bill Gates (but actually it is founder by Childhood friends Paul Allen and Bill Gates both)
13) Data communication system within a building, campus, or between nearby buildings: WAN
14) Who co-founded Hotmail in 1996 and then sold the company to Microsoft? Sabeer Bhatia
15) The JPG file extension is used for : image format
16) To bold text in Microsoft office which command is used ? Ctrl+B
17) founder of Wiki-Leaks? Julian Assange
18) World Wide Web was publicly introduced for first time by computer scientist and English engineer named? Sir Tim Berners Lee
19) Which tools to trim and remove unwanted portions of pictures? cropping
20) which one the following a spreadsheet software : Excel
21) Computer contains of : Hardware and Software both
Everyday Science
22) Galvanizing is the process of coating iron with : Zinc
23) What Causes Hypothermia? Cold exposure
24) Trachoma disease is related to? Eyes
25) A treatment, typically using ultrasound shockwaves, by which a kidney stone or other calculus is broken into small particles that can be passed out by the body: Lithotripsy
26) Cholesterol is not found in? White Egg
27) Philately is study of? is the study of stamps and postal history
Islamic Studies
28) MIQAT: one of the points at which pilgrims on the Hajj
29) Zakat payable on: Sheep
30) “And You see people are entering into religion in multitudes” this translated verse belong to which Surah? Nsar
31) Barzakh: time period between death and Day of Judgment.
32) First Wahi revealed on? 17 Ramadan
Pakistan Studies
33) Pleatue range soan & Haro rivers located: Potohar Pleatue
34) Gillgit to Chitral connects: Shadar pass
35) First constitution assembly held on: 11 August 1947
36) Yaum-e-Takbeer: 28 May 1998
37) Balochistan was given the status of province in : 1970
38) First round table conference in = 1930
39) Who was Viceroy of India from 1943-1947: Lord Wavell
40) The Faraizi Movement founded by Haji Shariatullah. It was started in: East Bengal
41) Bicameral federal legislature in Pakistan was adopted in which constitution? 1973
42) When Quaid resigned from the Imperial Legislative Council? 1919
43) Muslim and Hindus agreed for Separate Electorate for Muslims? Lucknow Pact
44) when Pakistan become the member of atomic club? 28 May 1998
45) Islamia College for women, Cooper road, Lahore was started in? 1938
46) which article of 1973 constitution declares Urdu as national language? 251
47) Syed Ahmad Shaheed Barelvi died at? Balakot
48) To whom Quaid-e-Azam called his “Right Hand and True lieutenant”? Liaquat Ali Khan
General Knowledge
49) Fleet street is famous for: Office of the newspapers and press agencies.
50) Shadow Cabinet is: A specialized group of critics formed by the opposition party.
51) Ibne Batuta came from: Morocco
52) The statue of Liberty was a gift to the American: France
53) History of the Saracens was written by: Syed Ameer Ali
54) Parliament of Norway: Storting
55) 19 December 2016, Assassination of Andrei Karlov the Russian Ambassador has been shot dead belongs to which country? Ankara( Capital of Turkey )
56) Barack Obama was the president of America : 44th
57) Current president of India : Ram Nath Kovind
58) To be, or not to be is the opening phrase of a soliloquy spoken by William Shakespeare’s play: Hamlet
59) An isthmus? a narrow strip of land with sea on either side, forming a link between two larger areas of land.
60) Altaf Hussain Hali wrote Hayat-e-Javed on: A biography of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
61) The term ‘Butterfly Stroke’ is associated with: Swimming 
62) Co-founder of the Hamas: Sheik Ahmed Yassin
63) Capital of Bosnia herzogova? Sarajevo
64) Human rights organization in New York? Human Rights Watch (HRW)
65) The Magna Carta was signed by King John in: 1215
66) The word curriculum vitae is derived from? Latin word
67) Abdullah Yusuf Ali was? Principal of the Islamia College, Lahore.
68) Roger Federer is player of? Tennis
69) Schengon is in: Luxemburg
70) Otto von Bismarck was ? the architecture of German unification
71) Who provides basic rights ? Supreme Court
72) The disease which is spread over large area is called? Epidemic
73) The Government of Pakistan has ratified ILO core Conventions related to? All of these. I think (d) is option right
74) What is contraband? Articles banned by a government
75) Addis ababa is the headquarter f : AU (African Union)
76) Current state secretary of USA “Rex W. Tillerson” was the chairman and CEO of which company ? Exxon Mobil Corporation
77) How many Muslim countries are in ASEAN? 3 (Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia)
English Language & Comprehension
78) Devilish synonyms : Satanic
79) Cheeky synonyms : impudent
80) Infinitesimal synonym : Tiny, minute
81) Pacific Antonym : aggressive
82) inert antonym : Active
83) Group of—— is called School? Fish
84) Correct spelling is: Superintendent
85) Rebate synonym: [B] Discount [/ 6) Obdurate Synonyms? Stubborn
87) What is me by “sine die”? Without fixing a date
88) There is a limit ———- everything in life. To
89) Convert Direct into indirect sentence. Tariq said, “I do not eat mangoes”.
Tariq said that he did not eat mangoes

FIA Solved MCQs Papers

1. Iranian revolution-1979 The American Revolutionary War 1775 French 1789 Russian 1917
2. President of china Xi Jingping 
9. Poisonous gas-Carbon Monoxide 
10. Guardian of SAW-Abu Talib 
14. one side of triangle is 90. 
15. A straight line from center is to circumference-Radius 
16. Hardest Element-Carbon 
The first migration to Absinya in A.D. 615. Second in 616 . Shab e abi talib 617-619
18. Right angle is-90
20. Qaid’s 14 points in-1929
21. Now or Never written by-Ch Rehmat 1933
23. Tashkent agreement between-Indopak Jan 10 1966
24. Durand line-Pak-Afghan 1893 Afhan ameer Abdu Rehman
25. Morroco-Rabat
PTV Founded on 26 November 1964
27. Normal temp-37 degree 98.6
29. Magnetic poles are N+S=2
30. Storage of Energy in-Capacitor 
31. No of Human bones-206 longest and strongest Femur, Shortest Stapes
33. 1 km is 1000 M and 1M is 100 Cm
35. Manufacturing of Medicine is-Pharmacy 
37. Quran was translated into Persian by-Shah Walilluah
38. Basic Beliefs in Islam-5
39. Muslim League The resolution was passed by All India Educational Conference on 30th December 1906 by Nawab SalimUllah Khan In Dhaka
second governor general of Pakistan Khwaja Nazimudin
40. 1st President of Pak-Iskandar Mirza 12th Manoon current NA is 14th
41. last Governor General of Pak-Iskandar Mirza
43. 1st Martial law was imposed on 7 Oct 1958 by President Skindar Mirza
44. Indus treaty was signed on 19 september 1960 by WB
45. Zia died on-17th Aug, 1988
46. Suez Canal is near to-Egypt construction 1859 completed 1869 Red & Mediteranian sea
47. 1st Hajj leaded by-Abu Bakar 7 Hijri
50. Babri mosque in Ayodah city, Ferozbad District, UP, demolished in-16 dec, 1992
51. Gwadar enclave from Oman for $3 million on 8 September 1958
52.CPEC will run about 3,000 km from Gwadar to Kashgar.
53. Russian attacked Afghan in-DEC 25 1979 TO Feb. 15 1989
54. The distance around a circle is called the circumference.
The distance across a circle through the center is called the diameter
a straight line from the centre to the circumference is called radius
57.RCD 1964 ended in 1979
Founding members of ECO-Pak+Iran+Turkey founded in 1985 in Tehran. Its secretariat and cultural bureau at Tehran. economic at turkey and scientific at Islamabad
58. Straight line motion-Linear 
59. Gomal Pass-Pak Afghan
Khojak Pass Qila Abdullah, Chaman
Khunjerab Pass Gilgit-Baltistan, China Border
Khyber Pass Afghan Border, Landi Kotal
Shandur Chitral, Gilgit
M1 Pesh to Isb M2 ISB to LHR M3 Pindibhatiyan to FSD
M4 FSD to MTN M5 Khi Mtn Lhr M6 DGK to Ratodero
60. 2nd Summit OIC-Lahore, Pak 22-24 feb 1974
1st summit of OIC Rabat Moroco 22-25 sept 1969 12th 6-7 Feb Egypt 2013
1st sec Gen Abdul Rehman Malysia 10th Madni Saudia Arabia 
61. Electron has-Negative Charge 
62. Mangla Dam in-AJK, Mirpur 
smallest part of matter Quarks
No of plugs in a fuse-2
Madrassah Suffa was established at which mosque Al-Masjid an-Nabawi mosque. Hazrat ‘Ubada bin Samit was appointed there by Hazrat Muhammad as teacher 
Geneva accord was signed on 14 April 1988 situation relating to the Afghanistan
20. Author of Loyal Muhammadans of India. (Sir Syed Ahmed Khan) October 17, 1817 – March 27,1898)
• Opened school in murdabad in 1859

• founded scientific society in Ghazipore in 1863.
• Opened school in ghazipore in 1864
• Set up Muhammadan Anglo Oriental school in Aligarh on 24 May 1875
• Set up Muhammadan educational conferences in 1866 to raise the standards of education
21. ILO formed 1919 pak joined 1947
Pak joined FAO 7 sept 1947 IAEA 1957 Interpol 1952
Joined IMF 1950 NAM 1977 OIC 1969
Pak joined ADB in 1966 Commonwealth 1947 left 1972 rejoined 1989
Shenghai five founded in 1966 after inclusion of Uzbek renamed SCO in 2011
Pak and india admitted to SCO on july 10 2015 and expected to join in 2016
Sco Currently 8 members:China,Russia, 4 central asian except Turk and indo pak
UN 30 sept 1947 UNESCO 14 sept 1947 UNHR 1976
Seato 8 sep 1954 -1977. total 8 members Cento 1955-1979 cento 5 members

23. 2nd C In C of pak army. (Gracy). 1st Frank Messervy 3rd Ayyub 16 jan 1951-26 oct 1958
24. 2nd PM of pak. (Kh. Nazimud-din) 3rd Bogra 18th elected Nawaz
First CJ of Pakistan Abdul Rashid 24th Anwar Zaheer Jamali
25. Name of F.M in Interim Govt. of 1946 ( Mumtaz Doltana) or Nehru?
Office Name Party 1946 Cabinet
Commerce Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar
All-India Muslim League

Education C. Rajagopalachari
Indian National Congress

Finance Liaquat Ali Khan
All-India Muslim League

Health Ghazanfar Ali Khan
All-India Muslim League

Law Jogendra Nath Mandal
All-India Muslim League

Posts and Air Abdur Rab Nishtar
All-India Muslim League

26. Who dissolved first constituent assembly. (Ghulam Muhammad) oct 24 1954
NWFP created on 1901 First Chief minister Abdul Qayum khan 1947 Khatak 22nd
First governor NWFP 1947 George Cunningham current Mehtab Ahmed Khan Abbasi
The One Unit policy was announced by Prime Minister Muhammad Ali Bogra on 22 November 1954. On 5 October 1955 Iskander Mirza (Acting Governor General of Pakistan) passed it
27. Who became cm west Pakistan in 1955.Khan Abdul Jabar Khan (Dr. Khan) and Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani was first governor
First CM of Punjab in 47 Iftikhar Hussain Khan and governor Sir Francis Mudie
Sindh became a separate province in 1935 1st governor in 47 Shaikh G.H. Hidayatullah
First Cm of Sindh Muhammad Ayub Khuhro 47
First CM Balochistan in 1972 Nawab Ataullah Mengal
Ghulam Ali Khetran First governor Balochistan 1970. Current Muhammad Khan Achakzai

FATA Area: 27,220 km² Population: 3.176 million (1998)
The Federally Administered Tribal Areas consist of two types of areas i.e. Agencies (Tribal Districts) and FRs (Frontier Regions), there are seven Tribal Agencies and six FRs. 
Gilgit-Baltistan is administratively divided into two divisions which, in turn, are divided into ten districts, consisting of the four Baltistan districts and the six Gilgit districts 

Sr. No. Subdivision Districts
1 Balochistan

2 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

3 Punjab

4 Sindh

5 Islamabad Capital Territory
6 Federally Administered Tribal Areas
7 tribal agencies and 6 frontier regions
7 Azad Jammu & Kashmir
8 Gilgit Baltistan

36. Pak-China connection pass. (Khunjerab Pass)
Ayub Khan resigned and handed the government over to Gen. Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan on March 25, 1969 who then declared martial law
38. Who imposed 5 July 1977, 3rd Martial Law (Gen. Ziaul Haq)
39. Saudi King (Shah Salman) 7th
42. Strait of Hormuz connects. (Persian gulf & Arabian sea)
43. Jeddah is a seaport on. (Red Sea)
45. 1st President of Pakistan Muslim League. Liaquet
46. Simon Commission Report. (1928)
48. Who dissolved one unit and restored four provinces. (yahya khan) 1 July 70
49. Which one is landlocked country. ( Nepal, )
Africa (2): Lesotho, Swaziland. 
Asia (4): Bhutan, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal.
Europe (6): Andorra, Belarus, Luxembourg, Moldova (if Transnistria is excluded), San Marino, and the State of the Vatican City
55. Vit-D deficiency. (Rickets) vitamin C Scurvy 
62. Gas in electric bulb. (Nitrogen)
63. Between melting and boiling point, a substance is. Liquid?
70. steel is more elastic than rubber
71. Soap is a Base?
75. During Hajj, peebles collection in (Mazdilfah)
76. Zakat, fasting made compulsory in (2nd Hijri) zakat implemented in 9H
Haj 9 Hijri made Farz
7 SAee, Mina 8, 9 At Arfat Khutba, 10 Muzdalfa then Mina hitting Satan and Qurbani then cut hair and open Ihram also this is Eid Day but Haji don’t offer Eid Namaz, 11 and 12 Mina
78. Jannat ul Baqeeh is in (Madinah)
79. Mother of Prophet. (Aaminah bin Wahab)
81. Quran revelation period. (23 years)
82. Books of Ahadith during 200-300 AH. (six)
87. 6 angles. (Hexagon)
Quadrilateral has four-sides, Pentagon 5 angles . 6 angles. (Hexagon)
Heptagon 7 Octagon 8 
Parallelogram: A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides.
Rhombus A quadrilateral having all four sides of equal length.
88. A quadrilateral having 4 equal sides and 4 right angles. (square)
89. A quadrilateral having 4 equal sides and pairs of opposite sides parallel.(rectangle)
90. A triangle whose 2 sides and 2 angles are equal. (Isosceles triangle)
Right triangle: Has one 90 degree angle
Equilateral triangle: All angles are the same (60 degrees)
Scalene triangle: Has all three angles and all three sides different
Obtuse triangle: Has one obtuse angle, greater than 90 degrees
The sum of the degree measures of angles in any triangle equals 180 
96. A number greater than 1 and not prime number. (composite number)
ratio of 1km to 600m……5/3
for survival of species …..reproduction is necessary
circumference divide circle into…..degrees .360
two circle having radius of 3,5 and touching extremely…..center distance between them is 8
Last railway station in KPK (Landikotal)
The Palestine Liberation Organization is an organization founded in 1964 
atom has no charge (neutral)
The coastline of Pakistan extends1,050 km (650 mi), 250 km falling in Sindh province and 800 km in Balochistan
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
13 month 14 August 1947 11 September 1948
(died in office)
Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin
13 November 1948 17 October 1951
Sir Ghulam Muhammad
longest 19 October 1951 7 August 1955
Iskander Mirza
shortest 7 August 1955 23 March 1956

2) obtuse angle…. Greater than 90.
3) Geneva Accord…. April 16,1988
14) Turner in …. Balochistan
19) Optic illusion…. Mirage
20) first martial law….7 Oct 1958
23) parallelogram opposite angles…. Equal
24) radius is distance from circumference point to centre.
25) sum of all angles of triangle…180
26)sum of all angles of circle… 360
27) Zia ul Huq… 17 aug 1988
Skeleton supports body
43)Neuron is unit of nervous system.
44) Nervous system disease… Epilepsy
how many angles in a circle 4 right angles Infinite/360
Longitude of a place is sign of time
sun is a star
average blood in human 5to6 liter
most abundant element in universe. hydrogen and in earth crust oxygen
si unit of pressure is Pascal
most densest substance osmium
all are the conductors
camera uses convex lens
1. Tin+Copper=Bronze 
2. Death of SAW, was born in on 571, Makkah, died on June, 632AD at Madina 
the State Bank of Pakistan commenced operation on July 1, 1948
1st governor Zahid Hussain
4. Governor General of SBP-Ashraf mehmood wathra
6. No. of daughter’s of SAW-4
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had four daughters and three sons
7. President of Iraq-Faud Masum
8. US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan is-James Dobbins. 
9. Franc’s President- François Hollande
12. Unit of Current-Ampere 
13. Light year-Distance (none of these)
19. Scalene Triangle: No equal sides, 
20. Minto Morely-1909
21. Carrot source-A
24. Universal donor-O+ve
Type AB-positive blood is called the “universal recipient”
O- can receive only O-
O+ can receive O+, O-
Khadija then accompanied him to her cousin Waraqa bin Naufal, who was a Christian 
29. Chemical to electricity is-Battery 
30. Pak area-79695 km2 
40. Jogendra Nath Mandal was the member of constitution assembly in-1946
45. Salt gets off though-distillation
46. Meteriology-Atmosphare studies 
50. Electrons revolve around-Nucleus

Wood burning emit carbon mono oxide.
Rainbows are formed when sunlight goes into a raindrop, bounces out of it, and refracts into 7
Formula of water soda./carbonic water H2CO3
Kashmir election by UN April 22 1948
UN 24 Oct 1945.
Nimaz istasqa offered for rain.
Fateh a war of khaibar Hazrat Ali A.S .
The literal meaning of Zakat is ‘to cleanse’ or ‘purification
A Rasul was a messenger of Allah who was given a new Shariat (codes of law) from Him. And a Nabi was not given any new Shariat and followed the shariat of earlier Rasul.
Meaning of holy quran. Read.
Tarbela dam on which river? on the Indus River
Mangla Jehlum river
Warsak dam Kabul river
The Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant the Jhelum 
Nandipur Power Project is a 425 MW combined cycle thermal power plant situated at Nandipur near Gujranwala UN 
Quaid took oath as Governor general on which date? 15 august administered by CJ LHC
1 horse power equal to how many watts? 746
literal meaning of Islam? Submission to Allah
literal meaning of sunnat? “road” or “practice.”
which gas helps in burning? oxygen
washing soda? sodium carbonate
Sodium bicarbonate , also known as baking soda
women employment quota…..10 Punjab 15
AfPak policy in…. 2009
marble ….. metamorphic rock composed of re-crystallized carbonate minerals
largest weapon exporter…. US and Importer India
Largest gas reservoir…..country Russia/Iran
Pak Iran joint military exercises? April 8 2014
Nato secretary General… Jens Stoltenberg
NATO founded Treaty which was signed on 4 April 1949 NATO has twenty-eight members
established on 24 October 1945 193 members 
Currently, there are two observer non-member states: the Holy See and Palestine
symbol of iron. FE
Hydrogen is lighter gas.
Saudi raid on Yemen 23 march.
women harassment bill passed in year. March 9 2012
DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid
4.which country send monkey to space in 2013 or 2014? Iran
6.Iran -Pak Peace pipeline also known as
Saarc Secretary General Nepal Arjun Bahadur Thapa
SAARC 19th Summit Pakistan 2016 third time for Pakistan
SCO 2016 Summit in Uzbekistan 
Basic Democracy introduced by Ayyub Khan 1959
number of chambers in frog heart 3
peace Angel military exercise held b/w Pak China 2014
which country recently passed Slavery act UK 26 March 2015
which country is restricted by court of justice from whaling in Antarctic Japan
MI spy agency. country ? UK
Pak Iran joint military exercise is held in…. strait of hormoz
number of countries using euro…….19 Lithuania latest 
main constituent of Marble: of calcite (a crystalline form of calcium carbonate, CaCO3) 
KSA Air strikes in Syria, date 12 October 2014
Number of projects signed between Pak and china in April 2015 13
Number of agreement 51
Pakistan people party formed in year 1967
Benazir income support program launched in? july 2008
Gilgit Baltistan was given provincial status during the tenure of president Zardari
elements of acid rain ? nitrogen and sulpher
particle carry positive charge.- a
rays have negative charge- brays consist of fast moving electrons.  – b
 – rays are no charge.grays are electromagnetic radiations.  – g 
 – rays travel with the velocity of light that is 3 x 108 m/sec.g
 – rays is very largegPenetration power of
Organic Chemistry is the study of Carbon and its compounds
speed of light is 3×10^8
N0kia business bought by Microsoft
study of right triangle is trigonometry
42) what is the function of Car Radiator? Cool engine
44) Which country have no armed forces (ICELAND)
45) on 28-jan-2013 which country send monkey in space__ Iran
Most emitter of CO2-China
Acid rain caused -Nitrogen Oxide
Speed of light formula c = f 
Doping administer drugs to (a racehorse, greyhound, or athlete) in order to inhibit or enhance sporting performance
chloroform was discovered by James Young Simpson
study of right triangle is trigonometry 
He (Allah) has created man from a sperm-drop
higher than hope a biography of nelson Mandela
IP Gas,[2] is a 2,775 km (1,724 mi) long On 11 March 2013, inauguration of the construction works
The smallest planet of solar system is Mercury 
Qamoos’ conquered by Hazrat Ali (R.A) 
2) President Mamnoon addresses assembly… 4 June 15
3) Turkish PM visited Pak on 1 august 
4) China President visited… 20-04-15
5) short sightedness… Distant objects difficult to see.
6)Big bang theory given by??? George lemaitre
8) Pindi metro length… 22.5 km 
Lahore metro 27 km
Multan metro 18.2 km
9) Pindi metro inaugurated by PM… 4 June
11) human beings have system… 6
12) Raheel shareef belongs to… Frontier regiment
13) zarb e azab started.. 15 June 14
14) two generals punished. NLC case
16) motion to deseat PTI withdrawn… 6aug 15
17) NA seats… 272 + 60 women+ religious 10 =342 
18- largest source of electricity generation in Pakistan – thermal
19- work started on western route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor
27) Tarbela dam…. Haripur distt
28) largest state… Bahawalpur
15. Prime minister addressed assembly on 4 June 13.
16. Zarbe Azab was initiated on- 15-June-14
20. 21st amendment by NA on 6-Jan-15
21. Human beings have system… 6
24. MoU signed by china under CPEC… 51 

38. Tribe exiled from Madina –Banu Nuzair
39. Short sightedness… Distant objects difficult to see.
46. Density of water… 1g/cm^3
47. Oldest princely state of Pakistan… Bahawalpur
51. There is no place in world where ALLAH did not sent his— apostle
52. First president of AIML was Sir Agha Khan
53. 206 bones are in a human body
54. Botany is study of plants
55. Skelton which protects brain is Skull
56. Sui Gas was discovered in 1952
57. Pakistan is the 6th largest country in terms of population
58. There are 8 members of SAARC
59. Unit of charge is coulomb
62. Pillars of Islam—5
63. SIM stands for subscriber identity module
64. Police stands for Protection of Life and Investigating Criminals Establishment
Official languages of UNO-6 (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) 
HQ of ADB-Manila
East India coy came in-1600
Who collected Quran Verses in one place-Hazrat Usman
First Muslim expedition sent by-Hajaj bin yusaf
Ahmad shah abdali started early invasions against-Marhatas
First viceroy of India-Lord canning
First governor general warren hasting 
From 1773 to 1858, the British administrative head in India was called Governor General then it merged into viceroy
Last governor general and viceroy was Mountbatten
The first constructed barrage of Pakistan: Sukkur barrage 1932
How many members were there in first constitution assembly 69
Map of country like long shoe is Italy

The Treaty on Accession of the Republic of Crimea to Russia was signed on? 18 March 2014
The Secretary of States of United States is ___________ .John Kerry
The Vice President of United States is ___________ . Joe Biden
Channel Tunnel is an Under Sea Rail Tunnel that linked ___________ .England and France
The Book “Long Walk to Freedom” is written by __________ .Nelson Mandela
The Book “Higher than Hopes” is a biography of __________ . Nelson Mandela
“Northern Cyprus” is a disputed area between __________.Cyprus and Turkey
The official languages of NATO are ___________.English and French
B Croatia has become the 28th member of the EU on 1 July 2013.
C Lithuania has become the 19th member of the Eurozone on 1 January 2015
The Taj Mahal in India, was built by Mughal emperor __________.Shah Jahan
The Sino-Indian War between China and India was occurred in __________.1962
The River Thames is located in __________.England
The Most populous city in the world is __________. Shanghai
The capital of Ukraine is __________ .Kiev
The head of state of the United Kingdom is _________ .Queen Elizabeth II
The headquarter of Transparency International is located in _______Berlin
International Red Cross and Red Crescent founded hunry Durant HQ in Geneva Switzerland
World’s oldest operational space launch facility is located in _______Kazakhstan
The first human who traveled into space was _________ .Yuri Gagarin
In which country It is mandatory for all male citizens aged 18–27 to serve 1 year in Armed Forces? Russia
The headquarter of Human Rights Watch is located in __________ .New York
___________ bought Motorola Mobile business. Google
The lowest temperature ever recorded on the Earth is __________ .-89.2 °C
The lowest temperature was recorded in __________ .Antarctica
The highest temperatures ever recorded on the Earth is ________. 56.7 °C
The highest temperature was recorded in __________ .California
The current director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is John Brennan
On 27 February 2013 Iraq’s state airline, after 20 years, begins flights to __________ .Kuwait

The Treaty on Accession of the Republic of Crimea to Russia was signed on?
18 March 2014

The Secretary of States of United States is ___________ .
John Kerry

The Vice President of United States is ___________ .
Joe Biden

Saudi Arabia began carrying out air strikes in Yemen against Iran-backed rebels on?
25 March 2015

Channel Tunnel is an Under Sea Rail Tunnel that linked
England and France

MI-5 is the secret agency of __________ .
United Kingdom

The largest producer of Uranium is __________ .

The largest emitter of Carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere is China

The Book “Long Walk to Freedom” is written by __________ .
Nelson Mandela

The Book “Higher than Hopes” is a biography of __________ .
Nelson Mandela

Which from the following countries has no armed forces?

Who is Secretary General of NATO?
Jens Stoltenberg

2016 Olympics will held in ________.
Rio de Janeiro

2022 FIFA world cup will held in _________.

European Union has __________ member states.

The Euro currency is used by __________ countries.

“Kashmir” is a disputed area between __________.
India and Pakistan

“Northern Cyprus” is a disputed area between __________.
Cyprus and Turkey

The secretary general of OIC is _________.
Iyad bin Amin Madani

The Taj Mahal in India, was built by Mughal emperor __________.
Shah Jahan

The Sino-Indian War between China and India was occurred in 1962

The 2013 Summer Universidad was held in ________.

In London Olympics 2012, the most medals were won by _________.

The River Thames is located in __________.

In London Olympics 2012, the gold medal, in Men’s Field Hockey was won by __________.

The Most populous city in the world is __________.

US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan is Dan Feldman

The capital of Ukraine is __________ .

The head of state of the United Kingdom is _________ .
Queen Elizabeth II

S special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan is __________ James Dobbins

India has constructed Baglihar Dam on _________ River.

The first Muslim Nobel Laureate was _________ .
Anwar Sadat

Qantas is an airline of __________ .

AFP is a news agency of __________ .

The oldest news agency in the world is _________ .

The headquarter of Transparency International is located in 

NATO is a/an __________ alliance.

The Suez Canal is in __________ .

The Suez Canal connects the __________ .
Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea

World’s oldest operational space launch facility is located in 

The first human who traveled into space was _________ .
Yuri Gagarin

In which country It is mandatory for all male citizens aged 18–27 to serve 1 year in Armed Forces?

Which country is the world’s top supplier of weapons?

Which from the following countries is NOT the member of BRIC?

The President of India is __________ .
Pranab Mukherjee

The headquarter of Human Rights Watch is located in __________ .
New York

North Atlantic Treaty, that formed NATO, was signed in __________ 1949

World War II began by German invasion on __________ .

__________ has the world’s largest natural gas reserves.

Secretary General UNO Ban-Ki-Mon belongs to __________.
South Korea

Currently, there are __________ member states of the United Nations.

Currently, __________ countries hold the status of Observer States in the United Nations.

There are __________ members of SAARC.

Secretary General SAARC Arjun Bahadur Thapa belongs to 

Which from the following countries does NOT yeild veto-power?

Which from the following countries is NOT a non-permanent member of Security Council.

Al-Jazeera TV Channel belongs to ___________.

The newest member of the Eurozone is _______.

The Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline is also called __________.
peace pipeline

On 5 November 2013 __________ launched its first rocket to Mars.

On 1 December 2013 China launched its first __________ rover mission.

On 28 January 2013 __________ sent monkey into space.

Taksim Square is in ___________ .

Taliban opened their political office in ___________ .

The Chelyabinsk Meteor hits __________ on 15 February 2013.

___________ bought Nokia Mobile business.

___________ bought Motorola Mobile business.

Man Booker International Prize 2013 was won by __________ .
Lydia Davis

Due to ammonia leak from a cold storage unit in __________ 15 people were killed.

The fastest person of the world is __________ .
Usain Bolt

The oldest tennis tournament in the world is __________ .

The 2013 Wimbledon Championships Singles (Men) title was won by __________ .
Andy Murray

The 2013 Wimbledon Championships Singles (Women) title was won by __________ .
Marion Bartoli

The fastest century record in ODI of Shahid Afridi was broken by Corey Anderson

The 2010 FIFA World Cup was won by ___________ .

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by __________ .

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by __________ .

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by __________ .

The World Snooker Championship 2013 was won by __________ .
Ronnie O’Sullivan

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 was awarded to ___________ .
Francois Englert & Peter W. Higgs

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is the wife of __________ .
Prince William

The Sinai Peninsula is in __________ .

According to Forbes Magazine the most powerful man on the Earth is ________.
Vladimir Putin

Angela Merkel was elected as Chancellor of Germany for the __________ time.

The President of Iran is __________ .
Hassan Rouhani

The No.1 Tennis Player is __________ .
Serena Williams

The Defence Secretary of United States is __________ .
Chuck Hagel

The Currency of Lativa is __________ .

Which among the following countries has published the world’s first Modern Slavery Bill, recently

Recently, “Felipe VI” has been sworn in as the new king of

Who among the following has won the FIDE World Rapid Chess championship title, recently
Magnus Carlesen

Who among the following has been chosen as the next United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights by the U.N General Assembly
Prince Zeid al Hussein

Thomas Mueller, who scored the first hat-trick of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, represents which country

In which among the following countries Asia’s first solar-wind power system has been inaugurated recently

King Juan Carlos, who recently decided to abdicate, has been monarch of

Which among the following institutes have gained the top slot in the inaugural “QS University Rankings: BRICS 2014”
Tsinghua University of China

The winner of 20th Senior National Women’s Football Championships is

Recently, India has become the permanent signatory of the Washington Accord. This accord is an international accreditation agreement for which among the following types of educational degrees

Who on 20 April 2014 won the Monte Carlo Masters Tennis
Stanislas Wawrinka

Scientist of which University on 17 April 2014 designed the world’s first floating nuclear plants
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Name the new book of Hillary Clinton that was due to released on 10 June 2014
Hard Choices

What is the name of new Earth-size planet found in the habitable zone on 17 April 2014

In April 2014, India became a net exporter of steel after how many years
6 years

Who won the Whangarei Rally of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship held in New Zealand recently
Gaurav Gill, India

Who won the OUE Singapore Badminton Open 2014 held in the third week of April 2014
Simon Santoso, Indonesia

According to the US Department of Homeland Security report released on 16 April 2014, temporary workers of which community accounted for the largest number of non-immigrants residing in the US in 2012

Scientists of which University created the first 3D model of the malaria parasite genome in April 2014
University of California

What is Bluefin 21 which was deployed on 14 April 2014 to find the remains of the missing Malaysian airplane MH370 in the Indian Ocean
A robot submarine

Who has been appointed as the new Union Finance Secretary on 15 April 2014
Arvind Mayaram

Which Indian agency has set up Sports Integrity Unit on 15 April 2014 to investigate cases related to fraud in sports
Central Bureau of Investigation

Piramal Enterprises Ltd decided on 17 April 2014 to acquire 20 percent stake in which Indian company
Shriram Capital

What is the name of a new software app was developed to help the illiterate farmers
Sandesh Pathak

The world on 18 April 2014 celebrated the World Heritage Day to celebrate the International Day for Monuments and Sites. What is the theme for the year 2014
Heritage of Commemoration

Name the person, who has been appointed as the 22nd Navy Chief of India
Robin K Dhowan

Google on 14 April 2014 bought a firm that is a maker of high-altitude solar-powered drones to bring internet access to the remotest parts of the world and also to solve problems related to it. Name the firm acquired by Google
Titan Aerospace

Name the author of the book Crusader or Conspirator? Coalgate and other Truths
PC Parekh

Name the woman who has been recently appointed as the Next Chief Justice of Delhi High Court
Justice Gorla Rohini

Supreme Court of India on 17 April 2014 said that the national auditor, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) is empowered to audit the revenues of
Private Telecom Companies

Iran is currently in negotiations with the so called P5+1 group over its nuclear program. Which among the following country is denoted here as +1

Recently, Tennis player Maria Sharapova has claimed her second French Open title in 2014. Maria Sharapova is from

A pacific island country has recently sued nine nuclear weapon states (including India in the International Court of Justice) over failure to disarm. Identify the country from the given options
Marshall Islands

World’s largest polluter country has recently decided that for the first time it will impose an absolute limit on its carbon emissions. This country is

Recently, Japanese firm Softbank has unveiled a robot which can read human emotions. The robot has been named as

Recently, United States has unveiled a clean energy policy to cut carbon emission from existing power plants by 30 per cent by the year

Who among the following has won the Ceat International Cricketer of the year award for 2013-14
Virat Kohli

Irish author Elimear McBride won the 2014 Bailey’s women’s prize for fiction for her novel
A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing

Indian Railways launched a portal on 15 April 2014 with an aim to improve energy efficiency in Indian Railways, which will facilitate railways in saving energy up to 15 percent by the year 2020. Name the portal

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on 14 April 2014 released the Trends in world military expenditure, 2013. According to this the world military expenditure in real terms has declined since 2012 by
1.9 percent

India born poet Vijay Seshadri on 14 April 2014 won the prestigious 2014 Pulitzer Prize in the poetry category for his collection of poems published in 2013. Name the collection of the poems for which he was awarded
3 Sections

Supreme Court of India in its landmark judgment of 15 April 2014 recognized transgender as the third category of sex. In its judgment the Apex Court claimed transgenders as socially and economically backward. The decision came while hearing PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in which case
National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) Vs Union of India & Ors

Who won the Women’s Champion Fiberlass Texas Open squash tournament held at Houston, United States on 14 April 2014
Nour El Sherbini

Along which coast of India a 45-day long ban on fishing was imposed from the midnight on 14 April 2014
East Coast

A state Government has refused to repatriate all the Bru refugees lodged in six Tripura relief camps within three months. Name the state that has refused to repatriate the Bru Refugees within 3 months

Name the report released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which has highlighted that Arab countries will have to come up with bold economic policy reforms for economic stability and job creation
Towards New Horizons-Arab Economic Transformation amid Political Transitions

Who won the Millennium Technology Prize 2014 given in the second week of April 2014
Physicist Stuart Parkin

Name the renowned cinematographer and Dada Saheb Phalke awardee, who died on 7 April 2014 at his residence in Shankarapuram
V K Murthy

Which country won the T20 Women Cricket World Cup 2014

Recently Iran and Pakistan conducted a Joint Military Exercise to promote the military cooperation between Tehran and Islamabad. Where was the exercise held
Strait of Hormuz

Who won the Singapore Open 2014 of badminton on 13 April 2014
Simon Santoso, Indonesia

Which Indian industrialist on 10 April 2014 was appointed as a member of the Board of Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)
Ratan Tata

Who has been re-elected as the Prime Minister of Hungary on 8 April 2014 for a consecutive second term
Viktor Orban

Ernesto Gainza on 7 April 2014 set a new Guinness record for skydiving using the world’s smallest parachute. He belongs to which country

What is the name of the battery unveiled by an Israeli startup on 8 April 2014 that charges a smartphone in less than 30 seconds

Name the first Indian cricketer, who has featured on the cover page of the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack published in London
Sachin Tendulkar

World Bank on 9 April 2014 projected that the economic growth rate of India for the fiscal year 2014-2015 will be

The lawmakers of Spain on 8 April 2014 voted to reject the request by the authorities of a region to hold a referendum on independence on 9 November 2014. Name the region whose authorities have sent the Catalonia

Name the city which on 7 April 2014 received its first passenger train
Itanagar the capital of Arunachal Pradesh

Name the novel of Indian American novelist, Jhumpa Lahiri’s that has been shortlisted for the 2014 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction on 8 April 2014

Iwao Hakamada, the Japanese boxer was recently awarded with an honorary championship belt by World Boxing Council (WBC). Hakamada was freed from death row on 27 March 2014 after how many years in prison following a murder conviction

Name the team that won the 4th Hockey India Junior Men National Championship 2014 (Division A) by defeating Odisha 6-2 in the finals at Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Who was recently crowned as the fbb Femina Miss India 2014
Koyal Rana

India was defeated by Sri Lanka in the ICC Twenty World Cup 2014 final match at Shere Bangla stadium of Mirpur, Dhaka. Who captained the Sri Lankan side in the final
Lasith Malinga

Sri Lanka on 6 April 2014 won the ICC Twenty World Cup 2014 title after defeating India by six wickets in the final match at Shere Bangla stadium of Mirpur, Dhaka. Who was adjudged as the Man of the series of the tournament
Virant Kohli

Who won the Bahrain Grand Prix on 7 April 2014
Lewis Hamilton

Ebola detected recently in Guinea of African Continent is caused by

Who discovered the non-insulin drug candidate for diabetic patients in the second week of April 2014
Arnab De

Name the footballer who was named as the Professional Footballers Association Player of the Year at an award ceremony on 28 April 2014 in London
Luis Suarez of Liverpool

Name the recipient of the 2014 Canada India Foundation Chachalani Global Indian Award
NR Narayana Murthy

Supreme Court of India on 29 April 2014 rule designated an authority person to record statement of rape victims within 24 hours instead of police officials. Name the authority
Judicial Magistrate

National Basketball Association (NBA) on 1 May 2014 banned Los Angeles Clippers owner for life and fined him 2.5 million dollars over an alleged racist remark on African-American spectators in the stand. Name the owner
Donald Sterling

Name the Indian-American whose name was confirmed by US Senate as the federal judge in Illinois
Manish Shah

Name the city that on 1 May 2014 agreed to allow construction of a place of worship in form of a full-fledged Gurudwara in the city

Which film got the highest awards in different categories in the IIFA Awards 2014
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

The US Green Building Council released the list of LEED outside United States, what is the rank of India
Rank 3

Who is the President and CEO of the Nokia
Rajeev Suri

Who won the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2014
Adhiban of India

Sania and Cara Black of Zimbabwe together how many titles they won along with WTA Portugal Open 2014
3 titles

Who won the women’s doubles title at the WTA Portugal Open 2014 held in Portugal on 3 May 2014
Sania Mirza of India and Cara Black of Zimbabwe

Name the Indian veteran trap shooter who on 2 May 2014 jumped to the third spot in the world rankings. He achieved the rank after winning gold at the ISSF World Cup in Tucson, USA, in March 2014
Manavjit Singh Sandhu

President of India on 2 May 2014 conferred Gallantry Awards on 55 personnel for their distinguished service and bravery at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. Who of the following is not the recipient of Kriti Chakras
Balwinder Singh

Archaeologists have discovered a granary with walls of mud-bricks during just-concluded excavation at a Harappan civilization site. The excavation work was done from January to April 2014. Name the place where the granary was discovered

Name the African country that will use India-made Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in the countries Presidential Election, scheduled in November 2014

Name the person who stepped down from his role as UN’s Messenger of Peace amid the reports of his engagement with a human Rights lawyer
George Clooney

Name the sports authority that on 29 April 2014 announced an increase of 10.8 percent in the total prize amount for the year

Name the Indian who on 28 April 2014 won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for the year 2014 that is commonly called as the Green Nobel
Ramesh Agrawal

Name the company that on 26 April 2014 completed the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile handset business
Microsoft based in the US

Name the former American middleweight boxer, who died on 20 April 2014 following a battle with prostate cancer
Rubin Hurricane Carter

Name the publisher that will publish a book Hard Choices of Hillary Rodham Clinton
Simon & Shuster

The Supreme Court of India has directed that woman employee of the central government can get an uninterrupted leave for ________ years for childcare and it includes needs like examination and sickness

Hero MotoCorp on 21 April 2014 announced that it has entered Bangladesh in two wheeler segment through a joint venture of 55:45 with a Bangladesh firm. Name it
Nitol Niloy

The Chariman of Rajya Sabha, Hamid Ansari in April 2014 administered oath to four members as Rajya Sabha member on four vacant seats of Odisha in his Chamber in Parliament House. One of the four members who took the oath of the Upper House of the Parliament is also a Chairman of IPL, name him
Ranjib Biswal

Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on 23 April 2014 asked private telecom company to immediately withdraw its controversial advertisement on Pashmina Shawls. Name the company who has been asked
Idea Cellular

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) on 22 April 2014 launched the AIFF Academy Certification to set a standard of youth development in the country, through certification model. Which of the following is not a part of the Criteria of certification under which the academies will be assessed and certified

What is the theme of the 2014 International Mother Earth Day
Green Cities

Gabriel Garcia Marquez died on 17 April 2014 in Mexico. In which field he received noble price in 1982

Who won inaugural Richmond Open 2014 of Squash
Joshna Chinappa

Recently, European Parliament on 15 April 2014 approved the Banking Union reforms. The banking reforms will provide a set of rules to supervise the eurozone banks and deal with any future failures. What was the name given to the set of the rules
Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM)

Asian Bowling Federation 2014 was held on 19 April 2014. Who won the women’s title
Kritsanakorn Sangaroon

BMW Malaysian Open 2014 held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 20 April 2014. Who won the title
Donna Vekic of Croatia

World Malaria Day 2014 was celebrated on which day
25 April 2014

Who was appointed as India’s first Ambassador to the separate Indian Mission to Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) & East Asia Summit
Suresh Kumar Reddy

Who won the Asian Continental Chess Championship 2014
Adhiban of India

A professor of Indian origin was named as one of the ten Solar Champions of Change on 19 April 2014 for solar deployment across America by the White House. What is the name of the professor
Rajendra Singh

A company of US has developed a life-sized Atlas Anthropomorphic robot called Atlas as a part of a challenge to create a robot that could go at the places, which are dangerous to humans. Name the company that has developed the robot
Boston Dynamics

The biennial conference of the 21-member Western Pacific Naval Symposium from 21 April to 25 April was held in which country

Name the first US male athlete to win the Boston Marathon in three decades (since 1983)
Meb Keflezighi

Name the team that replaced India from the top position in the rankings of ICC Twenty20 rankings released on 8 April 2014
Sri Lanka

According to the latest available data as of June 2014, what was India’s economic growth in 2013-14

Who among the following is the current (June 2014) Prime Minister of Bhutan
Tshering Tobgay

Recently, which country has announced it would start an anti-terrorism partnership fund, which will be used to help train other countries to take on rising extremism

What is the name of NASA’s Spectrograph launched recently to study birthplace of stars

The 23rd World Economic Forum on East Asia was recently concluded in

Recently, which two countries have settled a maritime border dispute after 20 years of negotiations
Philippines and Indonesia

Which among the following project has been awarded the 2014 United Nations Public Service award, recently
Mobile Seva project

Which among the following countries has won the AFC Women’s Asian Football Cup 2014

As per the latest data which country has replaced Mauritius as the top source of foreign direct investment into India

Which among the following countries has won the 2014-Uber Cup tournament

Madhav Mantri, who passed away recently, was India’s oldest

Which among the following countries is hosting the 2014 Men’s Hockey World Cup tournament

Which among the following countries has won the South Asian Basketball Association Championship-2014

Recently, which among the following countries has released postage stamps to commemorate the 100 years of India Cinema

Recently, the World-Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has banned inhalation of which gases after deciding it could be used to enhance athletics performance

Which city will host the 2015 European Games the inaugural edition of the European Games

Recently, the first multilateral talk on Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LARs) or Killer robots was held at

What is the name of world’s first electric aircraft which has successfully completed its maiden voyage, recently

Which among the following countries has topped the list of World Mothers Index-2014

Who among the following has been named World Snooker Player of the Year
Ronnie O’Sullivan

Who among the following has won the Spanish Grand Prix-2014
Lewis Hamilton

Recently, World Health Organization has declared which disease as a public health emergency of international concern

Which among the following parties has won the national election of South Africa held recently
African National Congress

Recently, United Nations has voted to establish a Medal for exceptional courage in the name of an unarmed UN peacemaker from Senegal
Mbaye Diagne

Recently, which among the following countries has imposed ban on import of chilli pepper from India
Saudi Arabia

Who among the following has won men’s single Mandrid Master title-2014
Rafael Nadal

Recently, Tata Trust and which of the following banks signed a pact to work together for poverty alleviation and rural development
State Bank of India

The new protocol “Declaration on Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters” on tax data exchanges has been signed Paris

Among the European Union Countries, the largest investment currently comes to India from

Which among the following countries will chair ASEAN for 2014 for the first time

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