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Who said “Man is a social animal”?


Who called sociology “Social Physics”?

a)Auguste Comte
c)Herbert Spencer

3)Bourgeois type of society was introduced by?

Karl Marx

4)When cultural traits spread from one society to another,the process is called?


5)An ascribed status is one that is;

endowed at birth

6)Ethnocentrism means

superiority of ones own culture

7)A system in which one husband is married to many women is called;


8)Levirate means;

a)Marriage of a man with the widow of his deceased brother
b)Marriage of a man with the sister of his deceased wife
c)None of these.

9)Joint family may be preferred because it has;

a)greater financial security
b)Division of labour
c)workable as a cooperative
d)all of these

10)Which of the following is not a major feature of capitalism?