New Current Affairs Solved 200 above MCQs 2017 Top Important Current Affairs/ Pakistan Affairs MCQs Papers by Adspk

Who is currently appointed as adviser to the prime minister on aviation PIA?

A. Zafar Iqbal Jahgra
B. Azam Shigal
C. Tariq Fatmi
D. Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan

The 13th Meeting of the ECO Heads of State/Government on 1st March 2017 will be hosted by__________?

A. Pakistan 
B. Turkey
C. Iran
D. China

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Which team has won blind cricket T-20 world cup-on 12 february 2017 in India?

A. Pakistan
B. Australia
C. India 
D. West Indies

How many countries had participated in conducting international naval exercise ‘Aman-17’ in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Karachi on 10 to 14 February-2017?

A. 21
B. 38
C. 27
D. 17

Bhikki Power Plant, district Sheikhupura has installed capacity of__________?

A. 1180 MW 
B. 1320 MW
C. 480 MW
D. 1480 MW