New Current Affairs Solved 200 above MCQs 2017 Top Important Current Affairs/ Pakistan Affairs MCQs Papers by Adspk

____ is appointed as new Foreign Secretary of Pakistan
Tehmina Janjua

India beat Pakistan and win?
T20 Blind Worldcup

Pakistan conducted Naval Exercise ____ with 37 countries.
Aman 17

____ is elected as new president of Haiti?
Jovenel Moise

Which country temporarily ban 7 Muslim countries citizens from entering.
United States

Current United States Vice President is
Mike Pence

____ is going to host 13th Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Summit in March 2017.

PML-N ____ is appointed as new governor of Sindh
Muhammad Zubair 

Security Conference-2017 held in?
Munich, Germany

Who is current and first female secretary to foreign affairs of Pakistan appointed in February-2017
Tehmina Janjua 

Pakistan army launches operation ____ across the country against terrorists
Raad ul Fasaad

Pakistan Super League 2017 final to be held in?

The 6th International Conference in support of “Palestinian Intifada”, in March 2017 will be hosted by?