Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar MCQs Syllabus Sample Papers PPSC BPSC KPPSC

Tehsildar Naib Tehsildar MCQs Syllabus Sample Papers PPSC BPSC KPPSC


Paper-I (English General) = 100 Marks

(i) Essay Writing 50 Marks

(ii) Precis Writing 25 Marks

(iii) Translation from Urdu to English & English into Urdu. 25 Marks.

Paper-II (General Knowledge)=100 Marks

(i) General Knowledge 50 Marks

(ii) Pakistan Studies 50 Marks

The syllabus, format, and difficulty level can differ significantly.

However, I can offer some general guidance and resources that might be helpful for your preparation:

1. Understand the Exam Pattern:

  • Start by researching the specific exam you are preparing for. The official website of the conducting body should have detailed information about the exam pattern, syllabus, and marking scheme. This will give you a clear understanding of what to expect in the exam.

2. Focus on the Relevant Subjects:

  • The Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar exam usually covers a wide range of subjects, including Indian Constitution, Law, General Administration, Revenue Administration, Disaster Management, Computer Skills, and General Knowledge. However, the weightage given to each subject can vary depending on the exam. Focus on studying the subjects that carry more weightage and have a good understanding of the core concepts.

3. Practice with MCQs:

  • Solving MCQs is an essential part of your preparation. Look for previous year’s papers, sample papers, and MCQ books specific to the Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar exam. This will help you get familiar with the type of questions asked and improve your speed and accuracy.

4. Online Resources:

  • Several online resources can be helpful for your preparation. You can find websites, YouTube channels, and blogs that offer study materials, practice questions, and tips for cracking the Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar exam.

Here are some specific resources that you might find helpful:

Remember, consistent preparation and practice are key to success in any competitive exam. Good luck with your studies!