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26) Noble peace prize decided by—————-Oslo

27) Highest literacy rate among SAARC——————srilanka

28) Highest per capita income among SAARC——————India

29) largest producer of oil in OPEC countries—————–Saudi Arabia

30) Bakhtar news agency of ———————Afghanistan

31) Ariana is Airline of—————Afghanistan

32) Cathy pacific——————is airline

33) ITAR-TASS news agency of—————Russia

34) PPI————–Pakistan press international

35) Share of Punjab in Pakistan—————25.8%

36) Head Quarter of Asian development bank is in—————manila

37) Security council members are——————–15

38) Ibne batuta came in India from——————-morocco

39) SCOUT established by —————–Robert Powall

40) Who presided wavell plan——————–lord wavell