Latest Questions Sample Paper 2015 for (IB) Intelligence Bureau Competitive Examinations 2015 Must Prepare Now

  1. World Bank established in?
  2. Length of Wall of China?
  3. Total Verses in Holy Quran
  4. Shortest Surah of Holy Quran
  5. Sunnah means
  6. Surah without Bismillah
  7. Which Nimaz in Rain
  8. In 1930 Allama Iqbal address at which place..
  9. Pakistan resolution passed in which city….
  10. Who presented Pak resolution in 1940 ..
  11. First PM of Pakistan
  12. Quaid swear as Governor General on which date
  13. Who presented objective resolution?
  14. Who Wrote Pak National Anthem
  15. Muslim league established in which year
  16. Decimal value of 0.2%
  17. Instrument to measure pressure gases
  18. Abdul Salam got noble prize in which year
  19. Bulb is made of
  20. Einstein got Nobel prize in which field…Physics, Biology, Chemistry
  21. Largest continent of the world
  22. Most populous Muslim Country
  23. China is located in which part of Asia
  24. When Kashmir resolution passed in UN
  25. Present constitution passed in which year
  26. Pakistan joined in UN on
  27. Disease due to Vitamin A
  28. Yen is the currency of
  29. Only country who opposed Pakistan making
  30. which colour do not includes in rainbow
  31. Olive is the sign of
  32. Tarbela dam is on which river
  33. State bank established in which year