Latest Data Entry Operator / Computer Operator Jobs MCQs Sample Paper 2015-16 Complete Computer Science Syllabus for District and Session Courts Jobs NTS PPSC FPSC SPSC KPPSC Jobs MCQs Paper Must Prepare Now

  1. A computer consists of
    A) A central processing unit
    B) A memory
    C) Input and output unit
    D) All of the above
  2. Why are vacuum tubes also called valves?
    A) Because they can amplify the weak signals and make them strong
    B) Because they can stop or allow the flow of current
    C) Both of above
    D) None of above
  3. John Napier invented Logarithm in
    A) 1614
    B) 1617
    C) 1620
    D) None of above
  4. An integrated circuit is
    A) A complicated circuit
    B) An integrating device
    C) Much costlier than a single transistor
    D) Fabricated on a tiny silicon chip
  5. What type of control pins are needed in a microprocessor to regulate traffic on the bus, in order to prevent two devices from trying to use it at the same time?
    A) Bus control
    B) Interrupts
    C) Bus arbitration
    D) Status
  6. Where as a computer mouse moves over the table surface, the trackball is
    A) Stationary
    B) Difficult to move
    C) Dragged
    D) Moved in small steps
  7. Which of the following is used as a primary storage device?
    A) Magnetic drum
    B) Hard Disks
    C) Floppy
    D) All of above
  8. Multi user systems provided cost savings for small business because they use a single processing unit to link several
    A) Personal computers
    B) Workstations
    C) Dumb terminals
    D) Mainframes
  9. What are the three decisions making operations performed by the ALU of a computer?
    A) Grater than
    B) Less than
    C) Equal to
    D) All of the above