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Computer Dictionary Abbreviations Must Learn

VDU stands for Visual Display Unit
One kilobyte is approximately 1000 bytes
DOS stands for Disk Operating System
WORD STAR is a popular Word processing programme
WORD STAR was developed by Micro pro Company
PC stands for Personal Computer
ALU stands for Arithmetic Logic Unit
The VDU and Keyboard together form a TERMINAL
The speed of the dot matrix printers is measured by CPS which stands for characters per second
The speed of the line printers is measured by LPM which stands for Lines per second
DBMS stands for Database Management System
IBM is a famous computer company.IBM stands for International Business Machines Corporation
ROM stands for Read Only Memory
The actual machine of the computer is commonly known as Hardware
The programs run on the computer are commonly known as Software
All the output which is printed on paper is called Hard Copy
The number of pixels on a computer screen determines a screes’s Resolution
A processor’s speed is measured in Megahertz
A software that assists the computer in performing instructions,is called as system software
CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing
DPI stands for Dots per Inch
DTP stands for Desk Top Publishing
EPROM stands for erasable and Programmable Read only Memory
A magnetic storage disk made out of a thin piece of plastic is called Floppy Disk
A pictorial representation of the step by step sequence for solving a problem is known as a Flow Chart