Latest Data Entry Operator / Computer Operator Jobs MCQs Sample Paper 2015-16 Complete Computer Science Syllabus for District and Session Courts Jobs NTS PPSC FPSC SPSC KPPSC Jobs MCQs Paper Must Prepare Now

  1. EEPROM stands for
    A) Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
    B) Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
    C) Easily Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
    D) Easily Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  2. Which of the following is a class of computers based on model?
    A) Digital Computer
    B) Hybrid Computers
    C) Analog Computers
    D) AT Computers
  3. What are the computers called that performs calculations and comparisons usually in the binary numbering system?
    A) Analog Computers
    B) Digital Computers
    C) Hybrid Computers
    D) None of above
  4. ASCII stands for
    A) American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    B) American Scientific Code for International Interchange
    C) American Standard Code for Intelligence Interchange
    D) American Scientific Code for Information Interchange
  5. The data recording format in most of the modern magnetic tape is
    A) 7-bit ASCII
    B) 7-bit EBCDIC
    C) 8-bit ASCII
    D) 8-bit EBCDIC
  6. Why ABC computer is called so?
    A) Because it was developed by Atanasoff and Berry
    B) Because it was thought to be the first computer so named with first alphabets of English
    C) Both of above are the reason to name the computer ABC
    D) None of above are true
  7. Who designed the first electronics computer ? ENIAC/
    A) Von Neumann
    B) Joseph M Jacquard
    C) J. P. Eckert and J. W. Mauchly
    D) All of above
  8. Central Processing Unit is combination of
    A) Control and storage
    B) Control and output unit
    C) Arithmetic logic and input unit
    D) Arithmetic logic and control unit