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VTVM stands for Vacuum Tube Volt Meter
A circuit which maintains a constant voltage is called Voltage Stabilizer
SCR stands for Silicon Controlled Rectifier
A device used to increase or decrease electric voltageis called a Transformer
A magnetic tape that records both audio and video signals is called a Video Tape
The first electronic calculator was manufactured in 1963 by Bell Punch Company,USA
MASER stands for Microwave Amplification by stimulated Emission of Radiation
A computer which can handle a large volume of numbers is called a Number cruncher
POST stands for Power on Self Test
POST is a test carried out just after the computer has been Switched on
An index of the files stored on a disk is called Directory
CP/M stands for Control program for Microcomputers
CP/M was developed by digital Research Inc.,USA
MVS stands for Multiple Virtual Storage Operating System
MVS is used in Mainframe computers
The process of starting a computer is called Booting
A group of four binary digits is called a NIBBLE
BPI stands for Bit per Inch
A smart card is a multifunctional microprocessor
LIPS stands for Logical Inferences Per Second
A computerized machine is normally called a Robot
A robot is a machine directed by a Computer
A robot which resembles a human being is called an Android
PL/1 stands for Programme Language-1
The language PL/1 has combined features of COBOL and FORTRAN
BASIC stands for Begineers All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
COBOL stands for Common Busines Oriented Language
ALGOL stands for Algorithmic Language
ALGOL was developed in the early 1960s in Europe
COBOL was first introduced in the year 1961
FORTRAN stands for Formula Translation