Latest Data Entry Operator / Computer Operator Jobs MCQs Sample Paper 2015-16 Complete Computer Science Syllabus for District and Session Courts Jobs NTS PPSC FPSC SPSC KPPSC Jobs MCQs Paper Must Prepare Now

  1. When creating a vertical page break
  1. The active cell must be A1
  2. The active cell can be anywhere in the worksheet
  3. The active cell must be in row 1
  4. The active cell must be in column A
  1. to activate the previous cell in a pre-selected range, press
  1. the Alt key
  2. the Tab key
  3. the Enter key
  4. none of above
  1. When the formula bar is activated, you can see
  1. The Edit Formula button
  2. The Cancel button
  3. The Enter button
  4. All of above
  1. In a worksheet you can select
  1. The entire worksheet
  2. Rows
  3. Columns
  4. a, b, and c
  1. when you print preview a worksheet
  1. the entire worksheet is displayed
  2. the selected range is displayed
  3. the active portion of the worksheet is displayed
  4. a, b and c
  1. You can group noncontiguous worksheets with
  1. The group button on the standard toolbar
  2. The shift key and the mouse
  3. The ctrl key and mouse
  4. The alt+enter key
  1. Weight refers to
  1. The print density of characters
  2. The height of the printed character
  3. Upright or slanted shape
  4. The design and appearance of characters