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  1. If you need a text to show vertically in a cell. How will you achieve this?
  1. Choose Vertical on Text alignment in Format Cells dialog box
  2. Choose 90 Degrees in Orientation of Format Cells dialog box
  3. Choose Distributed from the Vertical drop down list of Format Cells dialog box
  4. Choose Center Across Selection from Horizontal combo box in Format Cells dialog box
  1. Can you set 0.5 inch left indentation for a cell in Excel?
  2. Excel does not have indentation feature
  3. You can specify indentation only if you turn the rulers on
  4. Indentation can be set from Format Cells dialog box
  5. The indentation can be specified only when printing
  1. You can automatically adjust the size of text in a cell if they do not fit in width by
  1. Double clicking on the right border of column header
  2. From Format choose Columns and then Autofit Selection
  3. From Format Cells dialog box mark Shrink to fit check box
  4. All of above
  1. Formatting a cell in Currency, you can specify
  1. Decimal Places
  2. Currency Symbol
  3. Both of above
  4. None of above
  1. Formatting a cell in Number format you can’t set
  1. Decimal Places
  2. Use 1000 separator
  3. Negative numbers
  4. Currency Symbol