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  1. “Qtr 1, Qtr 2, Qtr 3” is an example of a
  1. Formula
  2. Function
  3. Series
  4. Syntax
  1. You can edit existing Excel data by pressing the
  1. F1 key
  2. F2 key
  3. F3 key
  4. F4 key
  1. The cell reference for a range of cells that starts in cell B1 and goes over to column G and down to row 10 is ….
  1. G1-G10
  2. B1.G10
  3. B1;G10
  4. B1:G10
  1. A user wishes to remove a spreadsheet from a workbook. Which is the correct sequence of events that will do this?
  1. Go to File-Save As – Save As Type – Excel worksheet
  2. Right click on the spreadsheet tab and select DELETE
  3. Right click on the spreadsheet and select Insert – Entire Column
  4. None of above
  1. What feature enables you to adjust or back solve the value in a cell to reach a desired outcome in a formula?
  1. Goal Seek
  2. Scenario Summary report
  3. Forecasting
  4. Trend line