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• Line of control is b/w Azad Kashmir & Occupied Kashmir.
• Mc Mohan line is the boundary line between India and China. It was demarcated in 1914.
• Radcliff line is the boundary between Pakistan and India. It was demarcated in 1947 by Sir Cyril Radcliff.
• 17th parallel line is the boundary line between North Vietnam and the South Vietnam.
• 24th parallel Line lies in Rann of Kutch. It is frontier between Pakistan and India.
• 38th Parallel line is the boundary between North and South Korea.
• 49th Parallel Line is the boundary line between Canada and the USA.
• Durand line is 1300 mile long frontier b/w Pakistan & Afghanistan demarcated in 1893-95. it has over 200 passes.
• Maginot line is French line of fortification built in WWII along the German border form Switzerland to Belgium. It divides France from Germany.
• Maginot line divides France from Germany.
• Mannerheim line was defensive fortification line on the Karelian Isthmus built by Finland against the Soviet Union.
• Oder-neisse Line was boundary b/w Germany & Poland during WWII.

Name Founded Member Headquarter
• ADB- 1966- Headqarter at Philippines(Manila) and total 187 member countries
• Arab League- 1945- 22- Cairo(Eygpt)
• ASEAN- Aug 8, 1967- 10 member countries -Hq Jakarta, founded at Bangkok.
• Colombo Plan- 1st July 1951- Colombo (Srilanka)
• Common Wealth- 1931 HQ London. Total members 54
• D8- 15 June 1997- Founded at Turkey, HQ Turkey.
• ECO- Jan 1985- 8- Tehran.Total members 10
• ICJ- 1951- Hq in Hauge.
• ICRC- 1883- Geneva.
• NAM 1961