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▪ The science of study of old age is called Gerontology
▪ The function of the thermostat in a refrigerator is To maintain the temperature
▪ Blotting paper absorbs ink because The action of capillary
▪ Name the vaccine that protects against tuberculosis? BCG
bacillus Calmette-Guérin
▪ Name the disease of the liver that causes a patient to turn yellow? Jaundice
▪ Equinox is the time when the sun appears vertically overhead at noon at the equator.
▪ In the human body, blood-clotting factor is produced by the liver
▪ Human blood is able to carry large amounts of oxygen because of the chemical hemoglobin
▪ The living part of a plant cell is composed of a nucleus and cytoplasm
▪ The front of the eye is covered with a tough transparent material called CORNEA
▪ The smallest branches of an artery lead into tiny blood vessels called CAPPILARIES
▪ Insulin is produced in the human body by the Pancreas
▪ In an animal cell protein is synthesized in the Ribosome
▪ Chemically finger nails are made up of Protein
▪ Muscle stiffness is a symptom caused by the disease Tetanus
▪ The fat in our food is digested by the enzymes lipase
▪ Sound is a form of energy
▪ A fraction of sunlight is refracted as it enters the earth’s atmosphere.
▪ Electric current is measured by an Ammeter.
▪ Light with larger wavelength than that of the red colour is called infrared
▪ Medulla Oblongata connects the small brainwith the spinal chord.
▪ Spinach is a good source of vitamin A, B2 (Riboflavin) and Iron.
▪ Femur is a bone of the leg.
▪ Excessive burning of fossil fuels cause acid rain.
▪ Planet Mars has two moons.
▪ Bauxite is an ore of aluminium