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▪ Barium is used for X-ray of alimentary canal
▪ Which of the following pairs is incorrect? Poliomyelitis-monkey
▪ Which of the following statements is correct Pulmonary artery carries impure blood
▪ When sound is reflected from floor, ceiling or a wall , it mixes with the original sound and change its complexion, it is called as Reverberation
▪ The of light in vacuum is about 300 Million kilometers per second
▪ Ice can be changed to water by Changing the motion of the water molecules
▪ The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196°C
▪ Information can be sent over long distances in the form of Light signals through optical fibres
▪ Computers can Add and subtract information only.
▪ IBM stands for International Business Machines
▪ Chemicals used to kill weeds are called as Herbicides
▪ The cytoplasm consists of several types of structures, which are called Organelles
▪ The structure of DNA was elaborated by Watson and Crick in 1953
▪ In a DNA molecules, the rulefor base pairing is Adenine always bound with thymine and cytosine with guanine
▪ As per eating habit, squirrels are Frugivorous
▪ Water loss from leaves through stomata is called as Transpiration
▪ Nervous system in human consists of:
Brain, spinal cord and nerves. (central and peripheral)
▪ In human eye, the light sensitive layer made of specializes nerve cells, rods and cones is called as The retina.
▪ Copper can be converted into gold by Artificial Radioactivity
▪ In winter an iron pipe feel colder than a wooden window . This is because wood is non-Conductor
▪ The echo (reflected sound) will be distinctly heard only at ordinary temperatures if the distance of the reflecting surfaces from the source of sound is at least 56fft