One Paper MCQs Solved Preparation Material All in One for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

107. Who is the greatest angel according to the teachings of Islam? Hazrat Jibrael (A.S)
108. The angel is created out of? Noor
109. What is the meaning of Noor? Divine light
110. Who acts as Allah’s agent? Angels
111. By how many angels each human individual is attended permanently? Two
112. In which category Iblees lies? Jinn
113. Who is referred in the Quran as Rooh-ul-Ameen/Ar-Rooh/Rooh-al-Qudus? Hazrat Jibrael (A.S)
114. Who is the in charge of rain? Hazrat Mekael (A.S)
115. Who is the in charge of provisions?
Hazrat Mekael (A.S)
116. Who is called as Malk-ul-Moot? Hazrat Izraeel (A.S)
117. How many Holy Books are there? Four
118. What is the most important subject of the Holy Books? Human beings
119. The Torat (the old testament) was revealed on………..Hazrat Moosa (A.S)
120. The Zaboor (Psalm) was revealed on…………..Hazrat David (A.S)
121. The Injeel or Bible (New Testament) was revealed on…………….Hazrat Issa (A.S)
122. The Holy Quran was revealed on………….
Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)
123. Of the Holy Book, which is superior? Holy Quran
124. Of the Holy Books Allah takes responsibility for the everlasting preservation? Quran
125. What are those people called who do not believe in Islam? Kafirs (disbelievers)
126. Who is known as “Apostate”? A person who has read the Kalima of Isam, even then, he speaks ill of Islam and does not see harm in his ill speaking of Islam. He is called “Apostate”.
127. Who is called “Hypocrite”? A person who reads the Kalima of Islam verbally and calls himself Muslim but disbelieves it heartily is called a “Hypocrite” (Munafiq).
128. What is the alternative name of Islamic Qaeda/Belief? Eman-e-Mufassal
129. What is the basic Aqeeda of Islam?
Eman on Allah, Eman on Angels, Eman on Prophets, Eman on holy Books, Eman on Day of Judgement Day
130. Which word is opposite to Islam? Kufr