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429. The number of famous months are: Four
430.Jabal-e-Noor is situated in: ghar –e-hira
431.The number of Haroof e Maktat : 29
432. Roza was made obligatory: 02 Hijra
433.Jang e Badar was fought : 02 Hijri
434. Jang e Motta was fought: 07 Hijri
435.Jang e Ohad was fought: 03 Hijri
436.Jang e Khandak was fought: 05 Hijri
437.Ghazwa a Tabuk was fought: 9Hijri
438. Sulah a Hudabiya in : 06 Hijri
439.Tayumum was made obligatory : 04 Hijri
440. In Islamic mode of interest-free banking: Modarabah
441. Dower is paid to the wife as a:- token of respect
442. The total period of Abbasids caliphate was __ 508 years
443. “Keemya-e-Saadat” is authored by ​Imam Ghazali
444. How many doors are of Masjid-e-Haram? 25
445. How many mosques are discussed in the holy Quran? 4
446. What is Tahleel? Recitation of 1st kalima
447. Name the 8th months of Islamic Calendar__Shaban
448. 9th Zil-Hajja is also called: Yaum-e-Arfat
449. To which tribe did Hazrat Khalid-bin-Waleed (R.A) belong? Banu Makhzoom
450. The word Muhammad (SAW) as a name has been mentioned in Quran only four times
451. Imam-e-Dar-ul-Hijrat was a title of Imam Malik
452. Ameen –ul-Umat is the title of Hazrat Abu-ubaida bin Al jaraah (RA) (d) Abu Saeeed Khuzir (RA)
453. Which one of the following is included amongst the Ushera-e- Mubhashera Saad Bin Abi waqas 454. Masjid Zu Qiblatain is situated in :Madina
455. Had –e- Qazaf (false Accusation) is. 80 Lashes
556. River Neil was declared as Sayed-ul-Anhar by Hazrat: hazrat Umer (RA)
457. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) gave the key of Bait Ullah permanently to Hazrat Usman bin Talha
458. which book is called old testament? injeel