One Paper MCQs Solved Preparation Material All in One for PPSC FPSC NTS PTS OTS

20. One of these scientists formulated basic laws of Geometry:
a. Pythagorus
b. Archimedes
c. Aristotle
d. None
21. Phosphorus is an essential component of one of the following biological molecules:
a. Amino acids
b. Nucleic acids
c. Carbohydrates
d. None
22. He was the first scientist to prove that plants move around the sun:
a. Archimedes
b. Galileo Galilei
c. John Kepler
d. None
23. Atom is made up of ………..different kinds of subatomic particles:
a. Three
b. Two
c. Four
d. None
24. Uranium is best used as nuclear fuel in one of the following forms:
a. U 235
b. U 237
c. U 238
d. None
25. The alpha particles are compact clusters of:
a. Electron and Proton
b. Two Protons and two Neutrons
c.Three protons and three Neutrons
26. The Beta particles are fast moving
a. Protons
b. Electrons
c. Neutrons
d. None